A/N: Hi to all who have stumbled across this new fic. It's my first time writing a House fic, so please hang in there with me as I try to capture the characters. Like many of you, I was so disappointed with the turn the season took after Bombshells. I've often wondered, "What if…?" So I decided to write my own answer to that question. Not sure where this is going, but figured I'd take a shot at it. I've been so entertained by countless writers on here so I wanted to add my own contribution! Thanks for reading. :) -Katie

Cuddy answered her alarm's early morning chirping with a slight groan as she reached to turn it off. The mornings seemed to come earlier and earlier these days. It probably had to do with House keeping her up later and later - not that she minded, but he certainly didn't need to be aware of that little fact. His ego was unbearable enough as it was.

House. Even in her morning grogginess, she couldn't help but smile as she thought of him. He drove her insane 90% of the time, but the other 10% he made her so euphoric that she barely cared about his antics. In fact, they almost made her love him even more. He was one of a kind - and he was hers. With a deep sigh, Cuddy reached over to wake the man in question but was surprised to find his side of the bed lacking not only a body, but the warmth caused by someone recently being there. "House?" she questioned, waking up with more ease now. Where was he? He wouldn't have left in the middle of the night - and he'd obviously been out of the bed for awhile, so it wasn't likely he was just in the bathroom. "House?" she called again, when she received no answer.

Definitely time to get up, she sighed to herself. Slowly she pulled her tired - she'd felt abnormally tired for days now, even forgoing her usual yoga routine for a few extra minutes of rest - body up and stretched. She didn't have time for exhaustion though. There was breakfast to prepare for Rachel, she had to get ready and dressed for a full day of meetings at PPTH herself - and now she had a boyfriend to find. Finally, she stood, ready to make her way to the restroom before she started on her many quests. And with only one step, she was able to cross one of her tasks off her things-to-do list.

"Oh!" Cuddy yelped as something - or rather, someone - grabbed her foot.

Before she had time to decide whether to be scared or annoyed, House's head popped out from under her bed. "Gotcha!" he grinned. Decision made: annoyed.

"Seriously?" Cuddy replied, shaking her foot loose and wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. House couldn't help but grin even broader. He loved watching her wake up and thanks to her insane love of 5am, it was something he rarely had the chance to do. She looked so young and innocent - and had non of her normal Cuddy-walls up that she'd have momentarily as she prepared to face her day. Her exasperated sigh made him refocus his thoughts. "Seriously, House? Did you wake up early just to scare the crap out of me?"

He grinned again. On a scale of 1-10, he only gave her a three when it came to annoyance levels. "I set an alarm and everything."

And there it was. Another one of his crazy antics that should drive her mad, but all she could do was roll her eyes and smile herself. House was a powerful drug; she'd realized that early on. "It's like dating a 10-year-old," she said. He was obviously proud of himself - and she found it adorable… and maybe even a little sexy.

"God, I hope not," House quipped, indeed proud of himself as he watched her lower her sublime body to the floor and wrap her arms around him.

For a moment, Cuddy got lost in the heated kisses they were sharing on the floor. Sure, it wasn't the most comfortable position in the world - and he'd surely hate himself later when his leg yelled at him for this little stunt - but this was one of the things she loved most about him. The passion they shared was always spontaneous, always unpredictable, and, simply put, always there. They fit together so perfectly - in so many way. She'd never kissed another man that fit as well in her mouth as House did. She'd never been held by another man that fit beside her as well as he did. And she had certainly never had sex with anyone who fit so perfectly inside of her. Lisa Cuddy didn't believe in fate or love-at-first-sight, but even she had to admit, so many things about her relationship with Greg House just seemed…right.

"Since we're already down here, what do you say we…"

She wanted nothing more than to take their make-out session to a steamier level, but she couldn't ignore her screaming bladder any longer. Cuddy pulled away from House with an apologetic kiss on the nose. "Hold that thought," she requested.

"Seriously?" he groaned as he watched her stand up.

"I have to pee!"

It was House's turn to roll his eyes as she made her way up completely and started to run in the direction of the bathroom. Before he had a chance to form his next smart ass remark, however, he heard a sound he'd hear echoed in his mind over and over for months to come.

Cuddy immediately stopped in her tracks when the intense pain hit her. She cried out in agony as she folded at the waist. Neither one of them would ever be able to figure out how House - bum leg and all - managed to extract himself from under the bed and get to his feet as quickly as he did, but within seconds he was up and at her side. Cuddy flinched as he wrapped his arm around her - a move House made more for her stability than comfort - and instant tears slipped down her cheeks. He could count the times on one hand he'd seen Cuddy cry, and never had it been due to physical pain. "Something's wrong…" she choked out, folding even further as the pain worsened. "Oh, God…"

House was a world-famous Diagnostician. He'd never in his entire life been at a loss for words - especially when it came to a medical situation. But seeing Cuddy - his Cuddy - in such obvious and unexplained pain had cut him to his core. And when he glanced down, he became even more frozen with fear.