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"Hero? No sorry I'm no hero."-Human Speak

"But I can say I am the chosen how's that?" Human thought

"Hey smartass your joining us or not?" Demon, Hell-spawn, demonic speak

"Mommy said she doesn't like you so I'm going to kill you" Jason, Demon, Hell-spawn thought

(I don't want to hate. Make it stop.) –Speaking in tongue or Japanese,

Chapter IV-Water Love part I

Gaining a new ally to help them escape Hell Kayako Saeki was the new member of the group who desire to escape Hell. The group entered the Cave of Guilt a place in Hell where the deepest of Guilt comes, be it betrayal, selfish trust or those unworthy of being trusted by life itself.

Freddy stopped while the group was walking through the Cave of Guilt. Naruto looked back at Freddy to wonder why the Dream Demon stop? Freddy had angry look on his face.

"What's holding you back?" Naruto asked.

Freddy looked back at the entertain where they came from "I can…damn it."

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked.

Freddy explain to the young soul "Their coming they know I'm trying to escape again. We better hurry up or we'll get caught and trust me kid you DON'T want to get caught especially by them."

Well let's hurry or they will find us." Naruto told Freddy.

Freddy smirk "Not so easy little shit. Each level of hell or a part of hell is guardian or is home to a level of hell. You have encounter three which is the three of us. It won't be easy each time we meet a resident of hell it's gonna get tougher."

Naruto rolled his eyes "Just great. Do you know who rule this level of hell?"

"Nope, it's not like we have a hell meeting every year." Freddy glared at Naruto, Naruto facepalm while sighing.

'Kit we best get past this level quick. I don't like this one bit.' Kyuubi told Naruto.

"Yeah I know fox, I'm trying to hurry the best I can." Naruto looked to see everyone staring at him funny.

"What?" He asked.

"Who are you talking too?" Freddy asked.

"My inner demon, to cut the long story short as a baby my soul was fuse with the spirit of a demon. The demon name is called the Kyuubi a nine tailed fox. It gives me a healing factor, unbelievable power but…there always a price for using its power. I know you don't hate but I had a tough childhood a shitty one but enough of the past. Time to move on," Naruto turned his back as Freddy, Jason and Kayako frown for a moment.

"What?" Naruto asked as he looked over his right shoulder.

"Something tells us the next person to join us is gonna have a shitty childhood like the rest of us." Freddy frowned.

"Guess Hell love screwing kids with fucked up childhood and turn them into killer?" Naruto didn't care at the moment and looked away.

"Ever wonder how you're childhood would be if you were in my shoes?" Freddy grew a big grin.

"About them?" He asked.

"This is going to take a few seconds." Freddy said. Freddy place his left hand on Naruto's head as the background swift as Naruto, Freddy, Kayako and her son watched as the what if scene plays.

"What's going on?" Naruto asked.

"Shut up and watch." Freddy told him.

Scene Begins:

Darkness nothing but darkness compete empty black abyss.

'Once again I'm alone…again I always been alone why do I never get use to it? I thought I had everything set I thought everything was going pretty well even for me. But once again…life isn't meant for me.' Standing alone in the darkness was a young boy with blonde spiky hair.

The blonde haired boy just stood there. His clothes were torn and burn. He didn't look so well at all. His eyes were red his skin was half burn. He looked tired most of all. Blood was dripping from his right hand.

"I'm so tired…all I want is to sleep…sleep yeah that's just what I need…but…"

"You can't sleep. You can't sleep." A dark voice spoke to the young boy.

"Who's there?" he asked.

There was silence just for a moment.

"You can't sleep if you do you'll die. And you don't want to die do you?"


"I can help you I can keep you alive. If you trust me I can give you sleep without you dying. You look so tired my boy. Come on what ya say let me help you. Let me give you your beauty sleep everyone needs it. But you'll die without my help but I can keep you alive. You can sleep Naruto you can sleep without dying."

The blonde hair boy name was Naruto Uzumaki a young boy who just became a Genin as Naruto wasn't sure to trust this dark voice. Yet Naruto felt somewhat kindness coming from this dark voice. Something about it made him feel he can trust it.

"Come on Naruto. You can trust me. You can trust me…I trust you."

"But what about the others if I won't wake up everyone would forget about me I'll be asleep and I don't want to die but I'm really tired really tired." Naruto felt him nodding off slowly but the voice kept him awake.

"I can help you Naruto. Come on let me help you. We can get back at Mizuki for what he did to you."

"Mizuki," Naruto frown as he thought back what happen to him few minutes ago.

Flash Back:

Naruto went on to take the Genin exams…he tried his best, and fail for the third time. His hope and dreams becoming Hokage was far from a long shot he wish for everyone to respect him he wish everyone would be nice to him become his friends or even adopted him into a family.

But that was just a fool dreams…for now.

"Naruto you can do I believe in you." Mizuki told him as this brought hope to the young ninja.

"But how can I surpass the Genin test I can't even make a real shadow clone." Naruto sighed

"There's a way you can do I can tell you Naruto wanna know a way?" Mizuki said this draw Naruto's attention as the young boy turn looking at the short silver haired Jounin.

Later that night:

"Lord Hokage Naruto he has stolen the secret scrolls!" Mizuki inform Sarutobi.

"What! That can't be!" Sarutobi was surprise to hear this.

Sarutobi had send out numbness ninjas out there to find Naruto and the hidden secret scrolls of Konoha.

The Hidden Forest:

"So that's how you summons shadow clone the right way? A little tricky but I think I can do it oh what this unlock lock seals what does that mean well better it out." Naruto did five hand seal however Naruto wasn't able to finish the last hand seal after hearing voices.

"You think can protect him but you can't Iruka." Mizuki told him.

"Naruto is a ninja of Konoha there is no reason for him to use the scroll to harm anyone of the village. You know that Naruto is a sweet kind kid." Iruka said while Mizuki laughed.

Naruto peek from behind a tree to see Iruka and Mizuki having a fight as the two started to battle one another for the sake of the village and Naruto "Ha! I see you know my plan to leave this weak village with the scroll in my hands. Naruto is nothing more than a scared child who's nothing he's nothing without that strength within you knows why everyone fears him."

"Mizuki don't you know it forbidden!" he yelled

"Because that dumbass Naruto Uzumaki is the NINE TAILED FOX WHO NEARLY KONOHA TWELVE YEARS AGO, How can you protect him he is the nine tailed fox that took away your family from you your mother and father!" Mizuki was right of Iruka's past but Iruka saw Naruto as a person.

"You're wrong! Naruto is a human being he's not a monster and I will protect him with my life!"

"Then die then Iruka!" Mizuki came Iruka stabbed him in the stomach with a kunai.

"NO!" Naruto cried as he showed himself to them however it was too late Mizuki stabbed Iruka in the stomach as Iruka was bleeding to death "Naruto run!" Iruka told him.

"Finally you've show yourself weak excuse for a ninja." Mizuki draw his kunai from Iruka's stomach and smiled at the young boy. This anger Naruto seeing the one man who became his friend and was his teacher get hurt because of him was enough to trigger something inside Naruto's mind.

Naruto came rushing at Mizuki. Naruto was quick on his feet for Mizuki. Naruto drop kicked Mizuki in the face but Mizuki quickly got up and toss dirt at Naruto's face trying to blind the boy. Naruto rubbed his eyes trying to get the dirt out from his eyes.

Mizuki trust his kunai at Naruto. Naruto caught on and grab Mizuki kunai right before it strikes him. Naruto head butted Mizuki. But Mizuki took out a second kunai and stab Naruto in the throat. Naruto spit up blood in Mizuki's face.

Mizuki backhand Naruto away from him. Naruto was holding his throat trying to stop the bleeding. Naruto feeling weak he had to save Iruka that's all that was on his mind. Mizuki walked over to Naruto and stomp his right foot down on Naruto's stomach.

Mizuki grin with delight he and now was his big chance his big chance at ending Naruto's life here and now.

Iruka watched in horror as he tried to help Naruto but the bleeding kept him from helping Naruto. Iruka toss a kunai at Mizuki but Mizuki dodge it and was about to go ahead and finish Naruto off. Naruto didn't care if he was to die by blood lost he was going to save Iruka and stop Mizuki.

Naruto jumped on Mizuki and start beating down Mizuki with his fists. Mizuki grab Naruto by his bleeding throat and threw him aside. Naruto rolled over on the ground until he hit a tree.

"Time to end this!" Mizuki toss a Kunai at Naruto but the kunai missed Naruto by an inch. Naruto sighed it would seem Mizuki aiming was really off.

"NARUTO RUN!" Iruka shouted.

Naruto looked confuse at first until he saw to his left where Mizuki toss the kunai. It wasn't just a kunai it was a kunai with a fire-tag on it. Naruto didn't move at all, all he did was just stared at the Kunai as the tag light up.

Naruto closed his eyes he knew this was going to hurt a lot.



End of flash back

Naruto couldn't keep up now. He felt his eyes closing.

"Don't you want to make him pay for what he did? He has to be punish don't you agree?"

"Yes. He hurt Iruka-sensei and he hurt me."

"He did a lot more than just hurt you Naruto. He cut you he burn you."

Naruto fell down on his knees as he fell down. His head fell down on someone's lap. The person's lap was soft and very warm "Revenge can wait all I want to do is sleep."

"Very well then Naruto. Sleep my little one sleep and have wonderful dreams my dear child."

Naruto closed his eyes as he slowly transform into an infant. The unknown person looked down at the infant Naruto. Taking him into its arms as the person rocked Naruto slowly left and right.

"Dream my little Naruto. When you wake up the world of dreams shall become your worlds and your alone my dear boy." The unknown person had an evil smile which turned into a big grin. As the darkness swift into a room there was a small crib in front of the person which turned out to be a long red hair woman.

The woman was naked as she rocked Naruto to sleep.

"You shall be something then just an immortal. I promise you that my dear little Naruto."

Ten Years Later: Konoha Prison

Ten years has been since Mizuki set Naruto Uzumaki on fire that day. Paying his crime for burning the boy as Mizuki's plan for stealing the scroll was stop after Mizuki set Naruto on Jounin and few Chunin found them.

Mizuki grew tired of his days in prison he plan his escape. Tomorrow would be the day he escaped from Konoha prison. Mizuki closed his eyes getting some shuteye before the big day comes.

Mizuki closed his eyes right away he heard a small laughter. Mizuki open his eyes to find himself somewhere he was no longer in Konoha prison but the hidden forest. Mizuki smiled and cheered he was free he was free he shout over and over again.

But however Mizuki heard the sound of someone laughing from behind. Mizuki turned around and saw there was nobody there. Mizuki decide to annoy the laughter and walked through the forest. Mizuki took his time walking through the forest it's been a while since he was in the hidden forest.

Mizuki started to notice there was something familiar about this forest. The sound of fire was in the air. Mizuki didn't like the smell but he smiled as he it reminded him how he set Naruto on fire that day.

Mizuki stop when he looked to his right and saw something on the ground. It was a small piece of paper. Mizuki picked up the small piece of paper and read what it said. Mizuki drop the piece of paper.

"What the hell?"

"Remember me Mizuki-sensei? I didn't forget you." Is what the piece of paper was written on it, Mizuki grew little more worry what was going on here. Suddenly Mizuki heard someone quickly running behind him, Mizuki quickly looked back to see nothing.

When Mizuki looked back.


Mizuki got slap in the face by someone. Mizuki fell on his butt after being slapped down by the unknown person. Mizuki's face was hurting. Blood was dripping down his face as he groaned in pain. Three marks claws were implanted on his face.

Mizuki was now down on his knees "What the hell was that?"

Soon Mizuki heard someone chuckle all around him. Mizuki felt fear running inside his heart. Mizuki got up and started to run away from whoever it was.

Mizuki ran with everything he got. But sadly Mizuki found himself back at the very same place he found the note paper. Mizuki was out of breath "Where am I? What is this?"

"My world." A voice spoke from behind Mizuki. The voice made Mizuki jump with fear he knew who voice that was. He knew who was behind him. Mizuki slowly got up standing on his two feet standing still.

"How ya been Mizuki-sensei? How has it been…four years? No five years? No ten years ah yes ten years since you burn me…I see your enjoying your time in prison." The voice chuckle lightly.

"Who are you?" Mizuki asked.

"Who am I? Oh please Mizuki-sensei you know who I am, don't play dumb with me. You remember me you hadn't forgotten about me. Good because I didn't forget about you either. You remember me tells me good news and now it's time for me to return the favor." The voice chuckle evilly.

Mizuki quickly turned around to punch the person in the face. The only thing Mizuki punch was nothing but air.

"Hey I'm over here." The voice laugh behind Mizuki.

Mizuki was now afraid which made things from bad to worst "What do you want from me?"

"Hmm I don't know Mizuki tell me do you know what it feels like to have almost every limb every flesh of your body being set on fire? Hmm do you? DO YOU ANSWER ME?" The voice shouted at Mizuki.

"No-No I don't."

"I didn't fucking think so!" Mizuki felt the person touched his right shoulder. Mizuki looked at the person's left hand. The left hand was burned there wasn't much skin left only bone and muscles that remain. The person left hand also felt hot very hot.

The person patted Mizuki's right shoulder after the third pat. Mizuki's right shoulder was set on fire. Mizuki scream in pain as he tried to put out the fire.

The unknown person watched in delight of seeing Mizuki being set on fire.

While in the real world:

Mizuki was on fire his right arm was now on fire. Mizuki's scream caught the attention of the guards. As they open the cell to get Mizuki out and put out the fire. Lucky for Mizuki the fire was easily put on and he was rush to the medic room.

Back in the dream world:

Mizuki was on the ground his right arm was burn not badly burn but still burn. Mizuki groan in pain as the unknown person walked over to Mizuki. Mizuki lookup at the person as the person's eyes were crystal blue colored he had a wide grin on his face.

He wore a torn and burn orange colored jacket. His right hand was claw right with four long nails that looked like knives. The person lends down to get a better look at Mizuki.

"Did that hurt Mizuki-sensei?" The person shortly laughs afterwards.

Mizuki spit in the person's face. Which cause the person to kick Mizuki in the face very hard. Mizuki rolled over coughing up blood from his mouth. His nose was now broken as Mizuki felt few of his front teeth were now a bit loose.

The person turn Mizuki over on his back "Now you listen Mizuki. I have a few questions for you. If you answer them I'll give you a quick and painless death. Can you do that?"

Mizuki slowly nod his head "Question one why did you try to steal the scrolls from me?"

"To give to me my master Orochimaru he promises me power and a spot for me to help destroy Konoha." Mizuki answer the first question. The person smiled after getting his first answer.

"Good see that wasn't so hard now was it? Question two did anyone miss me?"

Mizuki wanted to laugh at first but seeing the spot he was in laughing wasn't the right answer.

"I don't know maybe a few. I don't know Iruka and the third Hokage could be the few."

"Good I have a people on my list to visit. You were on my number one list. Now my final question did you enjoy setting me on fire? Did it bother you to set a young child on fire?"

Mizuki knew this last question would decide the end Mizuki laugh at first he didn't care how he was going to die "Yes I did enjoy it! I fucking love it I WISH I COULD DO IT AGAIN YOU DEMON SHIT!"

Mizuki felt like he just mock Death right in the face. The person grabbed Mizuki by the neck of his shirt as he was held up high in the air. Mizuki couldn't believe the strength of the demon before him.

"And they call me a demon?"

Mizuki screamed loudly. There was a long pause after Mizuki scream his heart out. The person brought Mizuki to face with him.

"Why you screaming I hadn't even cut you yet." The person laugh evilly as Mizuki's eyes widen in fear.

"What do you want? I told you what you need to know."

"I'm just getting started."

In the real world:

Doctors and nurse were working on Mizuki has wounds appeared on his body. The broken nose the loose teeth, burn marks on his right arm.

"Doctor what's happening to him?" The nurse were shock and horrific to see these wounds appearing quickly upon Mizuki's body. Mizuki let out a loud scream of agony. While screaming Mizuki's stomach and chest bust open covering the doctor and the nurses in blood as the medic room was covered in Mizuki's blood.

Back in the dream world:

Mizuki was being hung from the large thick looking tree. His feet were tie together as he hanged upside down. The person walked up to Mizuki looking at the wound in Mizuki's chest as Mizuki was slowly dying he was dead in the real world.

"How can you…still be alive?" Mizuki asked.

"Oh I didn't die after you burn me…that why I'm here. I came back to find the one who murder me. You had a part in my death Mizuki. It was nice to see you again Mizuki. But I can't talk much after all your dying." The person chuckle.

The person before Mizuki the one who was causing him and who just now killed him was no other then Naruto Uzumaki the boy who was set on fire that day the Kyuubi host.

Ten years it has been since Naruto met Mizuki ten long years he met a human being. He died as a child. He grew up in the realm of dreams.

"Did you know after the heart stops beating the brain still functions for over seven minutes huh? We have six more minutes to play…Hehhehheh." A sick grin appeared on Naruto's face of the thing he can do to Mizuki within six minutes.

End of What if Scene:

The scene ending with Mizuki screaming as the Background swift back to the cave of guilt, Naruto was bit shock of what he could have become. If he would have ever become the Freddy of his time.

"Hell kid you would have turned out to be a fine student for me." Freddy laughed.

"But he's better off being himself and not one else especially someone like you Freddy." Jason's thoughts were. Freddy snapped a glare at the tall killer.

"Enough time let get going-" Before Naruto could say anything a large hole open up taking Naruto, Kayako and her son. Naruto quickly grab on to the edge while Kayako and her son was holding on to Naruto's legs.

Jason grab Naruto's right shoulder as Freddy helped Jason pulled Naruto and Kayako and her son up saving them from falling into the large hole.

After saving their new allies the hole that tried to consume them disappear.

"Ok what the hell was that?" Naruto asked.

"It would the one who rulers this level doesn't seem to be enjoying our company. We better watch our ass the next one we won't be so lucky." Freddy said.

"You sure do know a lot about the levels of Hell?" Naruto stared at Freddy.

"I've been to Hell many times. And be carefully next time we might not save your ass." Freddy warned him.

"Let's get going than."

Next Time-Water Love Part II

Well everyone here the new chapter and well, a little twist of what if Naruto became the Freddy of his world. But the little hell trip isn't over yet the next chapter we meet Sadako and the rest of the those who join the group.

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