Almost Normal


Based upon Stargate: Continuum

- . - - - . -

Jack shoved Daniel through the wormhole and followed him as quick as he could. The first thing he realized as he hit the other side was that it was cold. It kind of felt like the first time he had gone through the stargate, but he was still on his feet. He crashed into Daniel on the other side, who had apparently crashed into Sam on his way through as well.

They all stood on a 2x8 metal plank that extended out from the stargate. Then it went dark. The 'gate disengaged and they stood in total darkness.

Damn. He knew he should have been carrying a weapon. At least the P90s had headlights on them. Daniel and Sam must have been thinking the same thing because they switched on their beacons and looked around.

"Sir!" came Sam's panicked voice before she turned around and saw him, relief spreading over her face.

He knew what she was thinking. The last time they came through a stargate to Earth and landed in a freezing enclosed space that was certainly not the 'gateroom, he had a broken leg and they almost died of hypothermia. Well, it was much colder here, but at least his leg wasn't broken and his uniform was still dry.

He did, for a second, consider the fact that Mitchell was dead while he was alive. When Teal'c disappeared, Jack moved to grab Ba'al, but Mitchell beat him to the punch. The needle that pierced Mitchell's heart could have easily pierced his own. He wasn't going to forget that.

"Dorothy," he said, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

"Really?" Daniel asked in an irritated voice. "What gave you that idea?"

Well isn't he in a sour mood? Jack commented to himself before turning around. "Well, unless no one paid the electric bill, this isn't the 'gateroom. That, and the stargate's in a box."

"Is it getting colder in here?" Daniel asked, looking at Sam.

"Yeah, the wormhole must have warmed up the compartment a little, but the temperature's dropping fast," she explained.

"Warmed it up?" Jack repeated. "Come on," he jumped down from the plank they had all been standing on. "Let's get the hell out of here."

- . - - - . -