Author's Note

This first chapter was written as a one-shot entry for the 2011 TwiFicDataBase's Fornicatin' Father's Day Contest. It was the First Place Fan Favorite Winner! It also was awarded the Host's Choice and Best Lemon!

With much encouragement from my readers, the story has become a multi-chapter fic as of September 15, 2011.

Summary of the one-shot: What if Carlisle and Esme were granted the one wish that was always out of reach? The Cullen's learn that Renesmee isn't the only type of miracle that exists in the world. This Father's Day, Carlisle has a new reason to celebrate, and revels in the delights of the changes in his wife.

Carlisle's POV

There was a gentle hum of conversation and video games as I walked through the front door, happy to be home after a long and busy night at the hospital. I set down my medical bag by the stairs before popping into the living room to greet my children.

"Happy Father's Day, Carlisle," Alice said before I was even fully into the room. I grinned at her inflection.

"Thank you, Alice," I said, not making any attempt to hide my pride.

A round of the same call came from Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Bella. I looked around for the other members of our family. It must have been too early.

"She's sleeping, Carlisle," Edward spoke quietly from across the living room on the couch with Bella at his side.

Emmett's eyes never left the screen as he challenged Jasper to some fighting video game, their wives watching their every move. Alice's face reflected every next move before it happened.

"She's resting up, Dad," Emmett said with a chuckle. "She wants to make sure you have a great Father's Day."

"Emmett, shut up," Jasper said, as he tossed the controller to his wife. She was expecting it and caught it, knocking out Emmett's character with few flicks of the buttons.

"That's not fair!" Emmett whined as Jasper approached me and Edward jumped up to speak to me as well. I turned to exit back out into the foyer with my two sons at my heel. We crossed the hall into the office.

"Do you have anything to report? Is she okay?" I asked anxiously.

Edward grinned. "She's fine, Dad. Jasper just wanted to give Emmett a well-deserved hard time."

"She's emitting nothing but happiness. No bad dreams tonight," Jasper confirmed.

"Definitely not. When I've peeked in on her dreams there has been nothing but mirth," said Edward.

"That's a relief to hear," I said as I felt calmer without Jasper's assistance.

"I think it was just a phase, Carlisle. She had a bout of worry and it manifested itself in her dreams. She's been feeling fantastic for several weeks," assured Jasper.

"Renesmee is going to be up soon, so Bella and I are heading out."

"And the rest of us will give you and Esme some space this morning," added Jasper.

"Thank you. If there's nothing else, then I'm going to head upstairs."

I followed them out into the hall and stopped Edward. "Happy Father's Day, Son."

He grinned and gave me a hug. "Thanks, Dad, and same to you. Just wait until next year."

"I'm pretty happy and blessed this year and have been for many years," I assured him.

Edward chuckled. "Go see Mom. She'll be waking up soon."

I nodded and headed for the stairs. For more than ninety years the only Cullens to ever sleep were Bella Cullen when she first joined this family, and then my unique granddaughter who actually required it. How strange it was that after all this time, my wife now required rest.

Renesmee had been a miracle that was beyond our wildest imaginations. The thought of her being able to exist, that such a creature could be created, had not crossed my mind or my path in more than three hundred sixty years of existence. She bewildered us all and seemed, in many ways, to restore the idea of faith to different degrees in my children and my wife. This latest miracle not only further instilled that faith, but was a confirmation of things way beyond our realm of understanding.

We knew from our friend Nahuel that very few hybrids existed, and other than Renesmee, Nahuel and his sisters were the only ones. We didn't expect there to be an evolutionary step beyond these few beings. What did we know?

Earlier this year we had ventured to South America to visit our friends. Renesmee had been excited to spend time with Nahuel. There was a special bond between them formed by their rareness. Nahuel and Huilen had not been alone when we found them. Senna, Zafrina, and Kachiri had been there to greet us as well, along with Nahuel's half-sister Maysun, whom we had not met before. Maysun was cautious at first, but as all do, she quickly warmed up to our granddaughter. It was only then that she was willing to share with us her secret, and it was one that confounded us all.

Maysun had a daughter. Unbeknownst to Joham or Nahuel, Maysun had mated with a male vampire named Chisisi and had become pregnant sixty years ago. She didn't understand at first why her body was changing, but she and Chisisi quickly realized that the only explanation was that she was with child. Her pregnancy was rather human like, and she carried the child for nine months. From the moment her daughter, Khalida, entered this world Maysun knew she was special, and soon realized she had powers beyond anything Maysun or Chisisi had ever seen. Maysun was frightened for how Joham would react to Khalida and sent her away with Chisisi for her own protection. Only recently had the three been reunited, and she brought them both to South America to meet her half-brother, the family that she seemed to trust more than her father. Khalida had taken nearly twenty years to mature. She may be the most powerful creature I have ever met.

The only word I can use to describe Khalida is magical. She's three-quarters vampire and one quarter human, and her gifts are supernatural. She is beautiful, warm and kind. She has a grace and calmness about her, and she was drawn immediately to my wife. More than any other member of my family, it was Esme that she befriended and was most curious about.

I wasn't privy to all their conversations, but from what Esme has told me, one night Khalida asked her what she would wish for if she could have one wish come true. There had always been one thing she desired that I could not give her: a child. She said the conversation ended with Esme telling Khalida that she accepted that having a child was not possible. Khalida's response was that she was granting her the gift of what she most desired and wished her a good evening.

The conversation left Esme a bit bewildered. She wondered if something was slightly off in Khalida's mind. The next day, Esme and I left our family to head to Isle Esme for a week before returning to Forks. We spoke in length about our interactions with our friends on the first part of the trip, but she did not tell me about Khalida's wish granting because by then she had decided it was nonsense.

Within a few weeks of returning home, something was off with Esme. She just didn't seem herself. One afternoon she went up the stairs with a load of freshly laundered bedding. An hour later I was reading the newspaper. Bella was working with Renesmee on improving their Portuguese language skills with Jacob napping nearby on the couch. Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Alice had gone to the movies. Edward was tinkering at the piano, when he started laughing.

"What's so funny?" Bella called out in Portuguese before I could ask the question.

"I'm sorry. It's Esme. Her mind is wandering in a very strange fashion." He looked over at me. "Has she said anything about trying her hand at caricatures?"

"No, although I'm sure she would be very good at it."

"She's thinking about animated versions of the family. It's quite peculiar, and she seems to be focused on that and nothing else."

I folded up the paper. "I think I'll go find out why she's making cartoon characters out of us."

I called her name gently as I approached our room, but received no response. The door was open, and I was surprised when I found her lying on our bed in the middle of the afternoon.

"Esme, Edward said you are having some very animated thoughts, and I came to see why you are thinking about us in terms of cartoons." There was no response. The piano playing downstairs stopped. "Esme?" She didn't move. I rushed to the bed, calling her name again. Edward entered the room. Her eyes were closed and her mouth hung loose. I shook her shoulder gently as I would to rouse a patient. Her eyes slowly blinked open, and she looked surprised to see me.

"Honey, are you sneaking up on me?"

"No, I called your name several times." What was wrong with her?

"Carlisle, she was asleep," Edward said gravely.

"That's not possible," I hissed. He knew vampires could never sleep.

"Edward, what are you talking about?" Esme asked. She tried to justify herself. "I just lay down for a moment. I just felt a little weary."

"You were dreaming for several minutes." Edward's phone alerted him that he had a text message. He looked annoyed as he grabbed it to check it. His expression changed to one of surprise. "Alice says stay calm. Carlisle, don't freak out. Esme is going to be more than fine. She's on her way home."

"She was asleep," I said in disbelief as I took my wife's hand. "We can't sleep."

Edward's phone beeped again. "Alice says she's running home. Carlisle, no freaking out."

Esme was looking at me with a puzzled expression. She wanted an answer, and I couldn't give her one. The only time I had seen vampires appear to lose consciousness was when dealt a deadly blow, and even then, it was thought that their minds were still coherent. She was asleep.

Bella appeared in the doorway. It was obvious that she had heard the commotion.

"Esme, are you alright?" she asked, pushing past Edward to get to us.

"I…" She didn't know what to say. "I feel mostly normal. I've felt weary recently, but that happens sometimes, right? Edward says I was dreaming…" She looked to me again. I didn't know what to say.

We heard the front door bang, and Alice flew into the room, slamming to a stop, grinning from ear to ear. "Khalida is coming!" she declared.

"What does that have to do with Esme?" I yelled much louder than I would have liked, but it did nothing to change Alice's mood.

"It has everything to do with Esme's condition," she practically sang. "I can tell you the condition, but Khalida is going to explain to you how it came to be."

"What condition?" How could any condition Esme was suffering make Alice so thrilled?

I looked to Edward who already knew what was in Alice's mind. He appeared to be in shock.

"Edward? Alice?" I pleaded.

Alice giggled and bit her lip. "Usually it's the doctor that says this."

My patience was gone. "Alice!"

She took a deep breath and smiled. "Khalida will have to explain the how, but Dr. Cullen, Mrs. Cullen, you are having a baby."

"Alice! That's not funny!" Esme yelled. The tension and worry had sunk in for her. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

"Mom, I'm not joking," she said, finally serious. "I wouldn't do that to you. I know it's what you want more than anything. I wouldn't joke about such a thing. You're pregnant, and Khalida had something to do with making it possible. She's on her way to explain."

In a move every mother makes upon finding out she is pregnant, Esme's hand fell to her abdomen. She looked at me, still searching. I was the only doctor she knew that ever treated a woman impregnated by a vampire, but a female vampire impregnated by a male vampire was not possible.

"Alice isn't lying, Carlisle," Edward verified. "What she sees is Esme pregnant."

Esme looked like she would burst into tears if she could. She didn't know whether to rejoice or yell.

I looked in her eyes and calmly asked, "Esme, my love, did Khalida do anything to you?"

"I gave her a gift." No one had heard her approach. Edward and Alice even looked surprised. Khalida stood outside the door to our room. "It was actually for both of you," she said as she stepped into our room. Her countenance was peaceful and happy. "Carlisle, I spoke to your wife at length. You are both so good and have so much, but the one thing your wife desired more than anything was to bring your child into this world."

"It's not possible," I stated again.

"No, it's not," she said with a smirk. "Until it is. Six years ago it was impossible to you that any vampires could become biological parents, but your granddaughter proved that it was possible."

"But there was some logic to that. Bella was still menstruating and was human. She could have children."

Khalida pressed on. "You have seen all kind of gifts over the centuries, Dr. Cullen. Shields, mind readers, mood manipulators, vampires who see the future, cause pain, blindness, and so much more."

"Yes, but nothing that changes the physiology of another being."

"Call me the next evolutionary step. My gift is to make the impossible happen. In a way it's magic, but there is no illusion. What I make happen is real. If I will it to happen, it does, but I find that what I grant once it does not seem possible for me to bestow a second time. Esme will be the only one ever to receive this gift."

"Why me?" Esme asked, her voice shaking with emotion.

"As I told you that night, you have a great heart, Esme Cullen, one of the best I have ever seen, regardless of our kind. And your husband may be the best of our kind of all time. I have never met one such as he, and doubt I will meet one like him ever again. He is all good and compassion and care for his fellow creatures. He loves everyone, but his family more and you above all. You two deserve happiness and peace always. I told you I was giving you what you desired most.

"I touched you and focused on your womb and gave life back to it. You'll bring a baby into this world as women have always done. It will be a nine-month experience. You are still a vampire, but you'll require rest now for the sake of your child. Your body will grow and change as your baby grows inside you. For twelve months, your body will be able to sustain your child, and then it will go back to how it has been since 1921."

"I'm really pregnant?" Esme whispered.

"Yes, you are," Khalida whispered back with an impish grin on her face. Esme was gone from beside me and embracing Khalida.

"I don't know why you think we deserved this above all others of our kind, but I will never be able to thank you enough." She tearlessly sobbed.

"Shhh," Khalida said as she took my wife's cheeks in between her palms. "I told you before. You and your husband have no equal when it comes to family and love. No one else will value this gift as you do and will. I'm happy to give it to you above all others."

I approached Esme's side and as Khalida let her go, I too embraced Khalida. "Thank you for this miracle."

I took Esme into my arms next and just held her, oblivious to everyone else in the room for a moment before Edward asked, "Khalida, thank you for being so generous to Carlisle and Esme. It truly is something that they have longed for always. I do have one question though, what will this child be?"

"That's a reasonable question, Edward. He or she will live their formative years as a human with a few upgrades, and when he or she comes of age, another wish will be granted. At that time you can decide as a family what the future for your child will be. And now I leave you to process this and tell the rest of your family. I will not leave you alone though. I know more questions will arise. I will check in throughout the pregnancy. Carlisle, you are a doctor. Treat your wife no differently that you would treat a human pregnant woman. This experience will be nothing like Bella's. I assure you, it will be as normal as it can be for her."

I looked up to thank her again, but she was already gone, and the children fled right behind her, leaving Esme and me alone. I looked down into her sparkling eyes and was overwhelmed by her emotions and my own.

"Carlisle," she whispered, "you're going to be a daddy."

I adored our children, and I worshipped my wife. At times I felt that I couldn't be more blessed or feel more love, but with those words, I felt my heart expanding.

All of our children were supportive in their own way.

No child could be luckier than to have you two for parents, and no one is more deserving of this than you. I can't wait to meet my baby brother or sister.

You both took such good care of me during my pregnancy. I want to help you any way I can. Edward and I will even babysit.

I never had the calling to be a mom. It's just not who I am, but I love being an aunt, and I'm sure I'll enjoy being a big sister. Esme, we have some shopping to do.

There've been moments when you two have radiated happiness, but this is something completely different. I can't help but be happy for you. This child is truly blessed.

I'm happy for you. I really am. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't envious. I know you will be great parents as you already are, but I won't deny that it hurts.

Alright! Another rugrat! If he or she is anywhere near as fun as Nessie, I'm all for it.

And of course Ness had her own spin.

Someone younger than me! Although it will be a bit strange to have an aunt or uncle who's in diapers.

Esme didn't stir as I opened and closed our bedroom door. The early morning light peeked around the curtains.

I removed my coat and tie, placing them on the chair before walking over to the side of the bed to look at my goddess, and what a goddess she was. A glow practically radiated from her pale cheek from the happiness she felt.

She was lying on her left side with her cheek resting on the pillow that my head usually lay on. Her nose was angled slightly down toward the pillowcase. She had been breathing in my scent. Her right palm lay flat on the pillow in a position similar to how she often rested her hand and her head against my chest.

Even with the sheet pulled up over her, I could tell that her other palm was resting against her swelling abdomen. Every time I looked at her now, I was overwhelmed by the unbelievable sight — the most beautiful and incredible woman in existence growing round with our child. Our wish. Our miracle.

I sat down gently on the edge of the bed. Assuming that she became pregnant the first time we were together after Khalida granted her wish, she was around eighteen weeks — nearly halfway there — and she was gorgeous. I recently began to understand Edward's obsession with watching Bella sleep when she was still a human.

I resisted the temptation to touch her. I didn't want to wake her, but a moment later her eyelids started to flutter. She yawned, and her golden eyes met mine. She smiled and said, "Happy Father's Day. I'm sorry, I didn't get you a present."

"I think you are giving me the best present I will have ever received in about five months."

"That's why I knew you would forgive me," she said with a shrug and a bigger grin.

I leaned over and kissed her lips. "How are you feeling?"

She wrinkled her nose. "Sleepy. Hungry. And a new feeling, slightly crampy."

"Do you want to hunt?" I asked out of concern for her well being.

She laughed. "Did the kids leave?"

"They said they were heading out and leaving the place to us this morning."

"Then no, I don't want to hunt right now."

"Esme, if you…" She cut me off with wide eyes and a palm signaling me to wait. Her other hand rested on her belly again and then she beamed at me.

In a swift motion she pulled off the sheet revealing the adorable violet baby doll nightie she was wearing. She grabbed the hem, pulling it up revealing matching panties that my eyes couldn't look away from, until she grabbed my hand and held it against the bare skin of her swelling stomach.

"Do you feel that?" she whispered. I didn't feel anything, but then a moment later I did. It was barely a flutter that most likely wouldn't be perceptible to humans, but I could feel it. Our baby was moving inside her. She beamed at me as I'm sure she saw my face react. "He or she is wishing her daddy a happy Father's Day, too."

"Now that's the best present I've ever received," I said. I felt movement again, and from her tiny gasp I knew Esme did too. I moved down the bed and kissed her skin right by where my hand rested. "Hello, little one," I said gently. "It's your daddy. Thank you for saying hi. Your mother and I can't wait to meet you." I felt another movement. "I love you so much." There was one more little quiver, and then it stopped.

I kissed Esme's stomach again and rubbed my nose against her soft flesh. Her scent was changing, or maybe evolving was the better word. What was always there was still there, but something new had been added to it, and it kept getting stronger with time. When I breathed it in it made me feel very protective of her — more so than usual.

"What are you thinking?" she asked as her hand lightly ran over my hair, my face still at her stomach. She teased, "Are you thinking about how fat I'm going to get?"

I grinned as I lifted myself to look down at her, my eyes trailing up and down her body, observing the changes in her physique. She was always perfect — a woman in every way with curves to her hips and thighs, perfect swell of her breasts, and the face of an angel that God had sent to me. There were slight augmentations to all those areas now that human eyes would barely notice, but I, who knew her so well, delighted in. It only enhanced her beauty. The swell of her belly was the most beautiful part of all.

I looked down at her sparkling eyes, her hair fanned out over the pillow under her head, and her lips that I longed to kiss, and said, "I don't know how any man could think of a woman pregnant with their child as anything less than the most gorgeous creature he has ever seen. Your beauty humbles me, Esme. The glow about you and watching you grow with the life we've created; I can't begin to understand what I have ever done to deserve you and this." I gently stroked her abdomen again. I knew the look that she gave me. It was the one when tears would be falling if she could release them. I kissed where they would have fallen. "I love you so much."

"I love you, too," she whispered, lifting her head so her lips met mine. She was my heaven.

I reached for where the nightgown was bunched up under her breasts and pulled it up and off of her and began trailing kisses down her body.

She purred and asked, "Shouldn't I be the one lavishing you with attention? After all, it's your day."

"Making you happy makes me very happy, my love," I said as I kissed in between her breasts and slid my hands down her side, coming to rest on her hips. "Besides, carrying our baby is more than I can ever repay you for."

"There's nothing to repay. I'm so happy, Carlisle," she said as she lovingly stroked my cheek. "We are sharing this. As you just said, this is our baby. We created this life together, and we will raise him or her together."

"I love you," I said again before moving my mouth to her inviting breasts. I ran my tongue over her flesh before sucking on an engorged nipple, which elicited a resounding moan of approval from my lovely wife. My tongue rolled over her sensitive skin before moving to her other breasts. Her hand rested on the back of my neck, slowly tracing circles over the skin behind my collar.

After suckling each nipple thoroughly I continued down her body until I was facing her round belly once more. There had been no more movement from within. Everything was still except for my fingertips massaging over her skin as I stared at her stomach. "What are you thinking?" she asked me again.

I chuckled. "That Edward is going to have to tell us if he starts hearing this baby's thoughts like he did with Renesmee."

"He's already assured me that he will, but you do realize if that does happen all intimacy will cease until after this child is born."

I kissed her stomach and teased, "I don't have to deal with the birds and the bees discussion for at least a decade. I especially don't want to have it while he or she is still in your womb."

"Does that mean you are taking on that responsibility?" she said as she ruffled my hair.

"Sure, if you take every dirty diaper and feeding."

"Gladly," she happily sighed, and I knew she meant it too. She was going to enjoy every single moment of motherhood with our baby.

"I take that back then because I want to handle smelly diapers, too. If it's a girl you get to have the talk, and if it's a boy, I'll do it." I compromised.

"It's a deal," she said with a laugh.

I slid off the bed to start removing my clothes. As I began to unbutton my shirt, she sat up a little and called to me sweetly, "Do you want some help with that?"

"No, my love. Just relax." She required rest now. She couldn't make love for hours on end like before. Honestly, before we never had to stop, and there were times on her island when we had marathon sessions that lasted for days. I could never get enough of her, but now our time had to be limited. Her energy needed to be reserved. "Save your strength," I teased with a wink as I finished undressing.

She rolled her eyes at me, crossed her arms, bent her knees and pulled them up, and attempted to suppress a smirk. In a complete state of undress, I crawled from the end of the bed toward her knees and rested my chin on them and looked at her adorable face. She pressed her lips together, trying to suppress a laugh. Her attempt to look put out was very charming. I kissed both her knee caps, which must have been the secret password, because she slowly began to separate them. As her legs moved apart I trailed kisses down in between them until I reached those purple panties.

I slipped a finger in the waistband and gently rubbed her skin. I looked at her face and her eyes were lustful. She swallowed and nodded her permission. I grasped the waistband and pulled them down. She lifted her legs to help and once it passed over her feet, I tossed them aside and returned to in between her thighs. That new scent was stronger there, and I had to pause to let my brain process these new feelings and emotions. It was a long enough pause that she took notice.

"Carlisle, honey, what is it?" she said, her concern audible. I closed my eyes and collected my thoughts. I felt a growl building in my chest and I suppressed it. Her hand touched my cheek. "Carlisle?" she asked again. I turned my mouth and nose toward her palm, focusing on the slightly less potent scent. It was another moment before I could speak.

"I'm sorry, Esme. Your scent is changing, and it's making me feel more protective of you than usual, but also is making me feel more possessive and aggressive. It's almost akin to a rush of adrenaline."

The look on her face was one of understanding. She rationalized right away what I was feeling, but what I was too foolish to piece together. "You've always been protective of me, and now that I'm carrying your child, well, I'm sure that's what's causing the scent. You have twice as much to possess in one package. Of course it is overwhelming to you. Is your aggression toward me?"

"No, of course not. Never," I said quickly.

"So you're not worried about me harming the little one. You are worried about others," she rationalized.

"I don't know that it is necessarily worry. It's…" I trailed off. I didn't know what it was.

"You're a man that will do anything to protect your mate and your offspring. Carlisle; it's nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, I'm flattered, and it's kind of sexy," she said with a wink. "Just channel it into a positive. As you can see, I'm not putting up any resistance." Her thighs moved even farther apart and her hands fell open to her sides. I moved quickly to kiss her luscious lips before returning to kissing the inside of her thigh and moving over to give her the pleasure she deserved.

The moment my tongue touched her folds she moaned my name. It sounded so good that way. That new flavor to her flesh was there and in the nectar from her. I decided to take her suggestion and channel that aggression. I wanted her to feel my emotions and desires. I dove in.

I licked and sucked at her delicate flesh. I plunged my tongue inside, lapping up every bit of liquid that poured out of her. I teased my fingers over her thighs and then her aroused bud. She was grasping the sheets below her and between her groans, calling out my name with mixed tones of praise. I loved every moment of it. I loved her.

One of her hands reached down and grabbed the back of my head, holding me to her. It was an unnecessary gesture; I wasn't going anywhere. I slid my tongue in and out, my nose rubbing against her clit. Her hips started bucking, and I knew she was almost there. I could have teased her more. I could have slowed down, but for the woman carrying my baby, I would have given her anything she wanted, and at that moment she wanted her release. I added my fingers to the mix, stroking the spot that I knew would make her start shaking.

She clutched my head with both hands and cried out as her orgasm peaked. I kept drinking from her until the quivering stopped and her hands loosened on my head to stroke my hair. I kissed her thighs and wiped my face with my hand, then licked it clean, not wanting to miss any bit of her. When I looked at her I saw my very content bride with her head against a pillow, propped up against the headboard. Her eyes were hooded and a satisfied smile was on her lips. Her satisfaction and her happiness I would do anything for.

I moved up alongside her and before I could kiss her, she had wrapped her arms around my neck and was kissing me. It was fierce, but yet slightly gentler than usual. I could only contribute it to her decrease in stamina. I held her to me as she released my lips and snuggled against my side. I slid a hand over her belly.

"Any movement or is the little one sleeping?" I asked.

"The little one must be fast asleep. Hopefully he or she will sleep through anything like Ness does." That has always been a blessing.

"I'm sure he or she will except when it comes to 1 AM and 4 AM feedings."

"But it's 8:30 AM and the baby is asleep." I cocked an eyebrow at her in confusion, before she poked me in the ribs and teased, "Oh, you were talking about the baby's eating schedule, not daddy's."

I laughed at her mischievous expression. "Esme Cullen, you naughty, naughty—"

"MILF?" The look on her face was truly arousing and spectacularly wicked. She was enjoying every second of her naughtiness. No one outside of our bed even suspected she was capable of thinking or saying such things.

"I was going to say minx, but MILF is appropriate too."

"Right now?" she asked with a sultry tone as she ran her hand down my stomach. I had been erect and wanting her since the moment I saw those violet panties.

"Right now and always," I said as I pulled her closer against me.

"Even when I'm fat?" She rolled her eyes, knowing it was a silly question at this point.

"You will still put every other woman to shame with your beauty. I told you, I love seeing you like this. Whether you are joking or not, you are a glowing and stunning mother-to-be, and my desire for you certainly hasn't waned. You are always the sexiest MILF and the only one I ever want."

"And I want you too," she said, then slithered her tongue over my lips. "Right now," she whispered. Her palms pushed my shoulders back as she gracefully climbed on top of me. Her eyes met mine as she hovered over my erection, teasing me by sliding her wetness against the tip. She was trying to get an audible reaction out of me, and she did as I groaned her beloved name and placed my hands at her waist. Her eyes rolled back slightly as she impaled herself on my length, making us one.

Her movements were refined as she glided up and down. Her hands rested on my shoulder, and mine moved to her hips to give her a little encouragement. I noticed a change. It was still glorious because it was my Esme, but again there was slightly less strength in her actions. I didn't let it deter me or her. I released her hips and floated my hands to her shoulders. From there I cupped her breasts, teasing her nipples with my thumbs, making her throw back her head and growl. She increased her pace, and I thrust up to meet her. I wouldn't last much longer and when her head rolled forward again, I could see in her face that she wouldn't either.

Her muscles began contracting, and I knew a well placed finger would push her over the edge. I knew her so well. With one hand returning to her waist, I saw her eyes pass over the other one with anticipation as I moved it toward where we were joined. With a few strokes she was lost. Her muscles clenched and vibrated, and a moment later I found my release, our cries blending together in a perfect harmony.

I pulled her chest toward me as her body separated from mine. I always felt a twinge of sadness at that instant that we came apart. The closest I ever felt to perfection was when I was entangled with her. The sadness never lasted long, for she always was still there and still mine.

She lay on her back, and I nestled her in my arms. I could see in her eyes that she was sleepy again. As contented as she was, she was also a bit worn out, and I couldn't help but laugh when she subdued a yawn.

"Did I bore you?" I mocked.

"Never," she insisted. "I'm sorry. I wish I had more energy, but getting tired and worn out seems to be a side effect of this needing sleep thing. That was wonderful," she said and placed a kiss against my neck, then rested her head on my arm, her eyes halfway closed.

"You're going to leave me for dreamland?" I said with a dramatic sigh.

"Dreamland two nights ago is what inspired the purple panties," she mumbled.

I perked up. "Oh, really? What do you dream about?"

"I dream about the dream that came true. You."

Her eyes peeked up toward my face through her long eyelashes, expressing her admiration with that look. I kissed her forehead. "You're too good to me, love, but what happened with the purple panties in your dream?"

The mischievous grin was back. "You ripped them off. I woke up wanting to engage you immediately, but I knew we were going to have the place to ourselves this morning, so I held off."

"You are a little minx."

"MILF," she corrected.

"That comes without saying, but I think at the moment you need some rest."

"I'm sorry, but you've worn me out," she said contentedly.

"Thank you for my Father's Day present," I said with another kiss and a brush of my hand over her belly.

"You're welcome." She didn't stifle the yawn this time. "You don't have to stay with me."

"Nonsense, where else would I rather be than with you resting in my arms?" I said gently. It was true. There was nowhere I would ever rather be than with her.

"But it must be so boring for you," she groaned.

"On the contrary, your movements and facial expressions are fascinating."

She quietly laughed, "Always the curious one."

"It's in my nature."

"And I wouldn't have you any other way." And with that she dozed off.

Bella once told me that the first time she saw Esme she conjured up thoughts of Snow White in the flesh. As I looked down at her, a sleeping and enchanted princess seemed like the most appropriate description. Sleeping Beauty would have worked too. I was the prince who longed to kiss her awake, but I resisted.

She didn't move much, but at one moment her subconscious self turned into me and pressed her body against mine with her round stomach just touching my abdomen. She settled again, and I went back to admiring her magnificence.

It was nearly an hour later that I felt the movement in her belly where it pressed against mine. It was slightly more significant than before, but she remained asleep. I slipped my arm out from under her angelic head, replacing it with my pillow so I could shift down to face her stomach again. I touched my fingers to it and felt the movement within. I reverently kissed just above her navel.

"I love you," I whispered close to her skin. "We have wanted you for so long, and you are so loved, not just by your mom and dad, but by your brothers and sisters and niece, too. We can't wait to meet you in a few months. You are our miracle." I pressed my lips to her again and felt another swift movement. I smiled, then disciplined the miracle for the first time. "By the way, I'm your daddy, and I'm ordering you not to wake your mommy." There was a lighter response and then no more for the moment. "Your daddy thanks you for listening."

I returned to my former position of holding Esme in my arms. As much as I loved watching her blissfully experiencing the joy of pregnancy, I longed for the day she would give birth and we would meet this miracle that had been so long in coming. I had been father, dad, and grandpa, but never before had I been daddy. I loved the sound of it. Daddy had the potential to be the greatest challenge yet, but also the potential for more joy than I could even begin to fathom. And side by side with mommy and a supporting cast of siblings, I knew there would be love, laughter, adventure and proof that wishes do come true.

I hope you enjoyed Carlisle's Father's Day.

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