AN: Here is some fluff. It's very random and came to me on a very hot summer day. Enjoy!

Blaine hated summer. It was hot, it was sticky and he got bored fast. Blaine's hated summer since he was a kid. He'd always want to do something but either the heat or the lack of friends always held him back. This summer would be different though, and it would be different for one, sole reason. Kurt.

Blaine slowly walked up the stairs leading to the Hummel-Hudson house. Today was one of those extremely hot, I-am-going-to-kill-myself-then-die-from-heat-stroke kind of days and Blaine Anderson was hating it.

Blaine reached the door and gently tapped on it. Burt had told Blaine a few days ago that there was no need to knock at their house anymore, after all, Blaine only came around when Kurt was here. Blaine's politesse kicked in every time though, so he still knocked.

Blaine stood on the stoop for several moments. Kurt was home, he knew it. He had been talking to him several moments ago. A bead of sweat trickled down Blaine's face. He really hated the heat. Blaine wiped his forehead and knocked again, this time slightly louder. He heard no footsteps rushing to the door. Instead, he heard a real loud, whiny, groan. A Kurt groan.

"Kurt?" Blaine asked, cautiously opening the door. Blaine's protective side started to take over, as he rushed into the house. Blaine stopped once he reached the living room, barely believing the scene.

Lying on the floor, shirtless, shorts falling down, was Finn. His eyes were shut and his face was wet with sweat. Beside him on the couch lied Kurt. He had one leg thrown across the top of the couch and one arm drooping down to the floor, the other flung across his eyes. He was wearing a white sleeveless shirt and rather short shorts. His mouth was slightly opened and his hair was plastered to his forehead.

Blaine was staring. He knew he was staring. Staring was rude. He should stop. But that didn't mean he was going to.

Finn opened an eye and spotted Blaine. "Oh, hey there, Blaine."

Kurt moved his arm and opened his eyes slowly, taking in the sight of his boyfriend. "Blaaaaaaaine," he whined.


"It's sooo hot."

It was, Blaine noticed. It almost as hot in here as it was outside. "Don't you have air conditioning?"

"It's broken," Finn muttered.

"Finn broke it," Kurt clarified. Kurt lifted himself slightly upwards. Blaine noticed Kurt's shirt was sliding down, revealing his perfectly sculpted shoulder and a bit of his chest. Oh God…

"Blaine?" Kurt's lips turned upwards in a soft smile. "C'mere."

Blaine walked forward slowly, eyes never moving from Kurt. Kurt didn't know it, but even in this blasted heat, he looked so damn beautiful. Everything about Kurt was beautiful, Blaine thought. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this perfect human being.

Blaine reached Kurt and Kurt reached out and snatched Blaine's hand. He placed it on his cheek and sighed.

"You're so cold, Blaine. So cold and perfect and mine." Woah. Okay. That didn't usually happen. It was the first time Kurt had showed any possessiveness towards Blaine since they started dating over a month ago. Blaine had to admit, he kind of liked it.

"Uh, Kurt, is something wrong?" Blaine reluctantly asked. As much as he loved Kurt's actions, something felt wrong.

"Nooo!" Kurt moaned, throwing Blaine's hand aside. "I'm sooo damn hot!" Finn grumbled something in return.

"Maybe, Kurt, we should go over to my house? The air's on there."

Kurt perked up a bit as he sat up on his elbows. "Really?"


"But that requires moving and walking." Kurt slumped back down.

Blaine stood there, staring at Kurt. Maybe Kurt was being whiney, and maybe he was being rude, but at that moment, all Blaine could see was how purely adorable his boyfriend is.

Kurt looked over and noticed Blaine watching him. He lifted his arms, which made a gross slch noise as they were lifted off the leather couch and reached towards his lover.

"Come cuddle."

That was it. Blaine had lost it. He wanted to jump over Finn and kiss his boyfriend until he couldn't breathe anymore. Then he wanted to go into Kurt's bedroom and do unthinkable things to him.

But it was too hot for that. Screw you, summer.

"Kurt, it's too hot to cuddle."

Kurt groaned and Blaine awkwardly shifted. "But I loooove yoooou! And I wanna cuddle with you." Kurt slowly blinked and it drove Blaine insane.

Oh my God, Kurt. You need to stop. Now.

"I love you too and I want to cuddle but, it's too hot. We'll melt together and never be able to come apart," Blaine replied, a slight smile touching his face.

"And that would be a bad thing?" Kurt had a point.

Blaine reached Kurt and started wiping his hair off of his boyfriend's forehead. Kurt looked cute, Blaine thought. He always looks cute. Kurt smiled up at Blaine, grabbed his hand and gently kissed each of Blaine's fingers. Finn moaned from the ground.

"You guys are too sweet for this heat. I'm getting out of here." Finn tried to awkwardly get up and leave the room, but he almost fell twice. Both the boys were oblivious to this, as they were wrapped up in each other's eyes.

"I'm hot, Blaine," Kurt mumbled. "It's too hot to move."

"I know it is, baby, I know," Blaine soothed. Blaine hated the heat, but he could at least tolerate it. Kurt, it seemed, could not.

"I still wanna cuddle," Kurt mumbled again, almost all of it being lost in a mumblejumble.

"I do too," Blaine whispered. Dammit Kurt, he thought. Why do you do this to me? Blaine absolutely hated having to say no to the best thing in his life.

"Hey! I have an idea!" Blaine suddenly said, causing Kurt to eye Blaine suspiciously. "What do you say to popsicles, Kurt?"

Kurt instantly perked up. "Popsicles?"

"Mhm. Come on." Blaine offered his hand to Kurt, who gladly took it and Blaine pulled Kurt off the couch. Kurt collapsed against Blaine as soon as his feet hit the ground. Blaine laughed and held Kurt close. Kurt wound his arms around Blaine's neck and Blaine breathed in Kurt's scent. Even in the heat, Kurt still remained to smell amazing, of some type of flower Blaine could never quite identify.

They headed to the kitchen, Kurt sliding behind Blaine, placing his head against Blaine's neck and holding him around the waist the whole time. Blaine loved this—being able to freely touch and hold each other all the time. As far as Blaine was concerned, that was one of the only good things about the summer.

Blaine pulled open the freezer and peered in. Kurt sighed as the coolness touched his skin. Blaine could feel Kurt's whole body shiver in content at the cold air rushing out. Blaine smiled and started pulling boxes of food out, looking for the desired treat.

"'Kashi Ranchero Beans'? Really?" He mumbled pulling out a box.

"Don't knock it 'til you try it," Kurt muttered.

Blaine let out a victory cry as he pulled a box of long, single popsicles out of the freezer. Kurt pulled himself off of Blaine and reached for them.

"Nuh uh." Blaine teased, turning around and reaching out behind him, placing the box out of Kurt's grasp. "What's the magic word?"

"Gimme a popsicle or else I'll never love you again?" Kurt sarcastically replied, jumping towards the box. Blaine grinned and was glad Kurt was back to normal.

"Touché!" Blaine yelled, throwing the box at Kurt. "I'm hurt. I thought our love was stronger than that! Oh dearest Kurt, you have wounded me and my soul!" Blaine dramatically threw an arm to his forehead.

Kurt laughed and kissed Blaine quickly on the cheek. "You know our love is worth more than a popsicle."

Blaine returned the kiss, this time on the lips, and leaned his sweaty forehead against Kurt's. "I know."

"Now, a jumbo freezie? I'm not so sure about that." Kurt grabbed a popsicle and threw the box at Blaine, who in turn grabbed one and placed the box back in the freezer. He went to go shut the freezer door but he was stopped by Kurt.

"Don't. It's cold."

"Kurt, I have to. We're wasting your parent's money." Kurt let out a loud whine but let Blaine shut the door.

They headed back to the living room, which appeared to be the coolest in the house. Finn had returned and was in the exact same position as before. He lifted his head as the boys entered the room.

"Popsicles! What! Why didn't you guys get me one?" Kurt shrugged, unwrapped the treat and threw the wrapper at Finn's head.

"You can have that instead." Finn muttered something, but neither boy paid attention to him.

The boys collapsed on the couch. The air was heavy and Blaine hated it. His clothes were sticking to his body and he felt disgusting. The only good thing was Kurt. Kurt and his popsicle.

Blaine delicately opened the thing and, following Kurt, crumpled up the wrapper and threw it on Finn. Finn didn't even seem to notice. Blaine took a lick of the popsicle. It was cold and strawberry flavoured and it felt nice. He turned his head slightly to look at Kurt and—

Oh dear GOD.

Kurt was licking the popsicle. He was licking the popsicle nicely. Very nicely. Kurt's tongue was working its way around the popsicle with skill. It was wrapping around it and picking up every little drop. Then Kurt stuck it all in his mouth and started gently moving it and OH GOD.

Blaine watched eagerly, his mouth falling open. He licked his own lips, watching intensely. When Kurt started moving the popsicle in his mouth, Blaine let out a small gasp and awkwardly crossed his legs. Why did his boyfriend have to be so damn hot while licking a popsicle?

Kurt heard Blaine's gasp and carefully looked over, his eyes half way shut with exhaustion from the heat. Kurt pulled the popsicle out of his mouth with a pop and eyed Blaine, who was getting more and more red by the second. Blaine watched Kurt as he leaned over and started licking Blaine's dripping popsicle. Kurt's tongue would occasionally trace over Blaine's fingers, sending a shiver through Blaine.

Does he know what the hell he's doing to me?

Kurt looked up, his tongue still licking the popsicle and grinned. Oh, he does. And he's being evil.

"You're such a tease," Blaine stated, his voice coming out much lower than he imagined.

Kurt pulled away and moved closer to Blaine. "I'm not doing anything, Blaine," he innocently whispered in Blaine's ear.

Blaine pressed his lips against Kurt's, unable to not touch him for any longer. Kurt swiped his tongue along Blaine's lips, asking for entrance, which Blaine gladly gave him. The kiss quickly deepened and the popsicles as well as Finn were forgotten.

Blaine loved this. He loved Kurt. He loved the kissing, the touching, the feelings, the love. There was nothing Blaine didn't love about Kurt and he was positive Kurt felt the same.

Kurt pulled away, gasping for air. "You're right. It's too hot for this."

Blaine laughed but he had to agree. It was way too hot and he was sweating much too much. Kurt pushed Blaine down, so he was lying on his back and crawled on top on him. He tucked his head under Blaine's chin and Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt. Blaine thought he noticed the popsicles had melted between them, but he didn't care. All Blaine saw was Kurt.

It was too hot to cuddle too, but neither of them complained. This was it. This was all Blaine wanted forever. This was all Kurt wanted forever. Maybe he could do without the heat, but this moment was perfect. Just Blaine and Kurt.

Maybe summer wasn't so bad after all.

AN: I hope you liked it! The way Kurt acts is based on how I act on hot summer days. I hate it. The hot days I mean. Summer itself is fine but the heat and humidity... no thank you.

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