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This is it. There's only one week left. One week until I have to say goodbye to this.

It was a thought that had been circulating around Blaine's head for the past few days. It was the end of August and summer vacation was almost over. It had been a hot one and Blaine had complained but that didn't mean he wanted it to end. Ending would mean the end of this: Of Kurt and Blaine, together at all times. Doing whatever; watching movies, making cookies, cruising the mall, lying peacefully under the sun…

Or not so peacefully in the blazing heat, as they found themselves doing today.

It was one of the last days of summer and, of course, it had to be one of the hottest. Blaine's shirt was soaked from sweat, and Kurt had started moaning again. They had run out of things to do to avoid the heat. They'd done everything and nothing was working. Blaine supposed it might be better to go inside, where there was air conditioning, but he knew that both Burt and Carole had heard enough of Kurt's whining and complaints about the heat to last a lifetime.

Blaine thought he was being considerate. Kurt thought Blaine was being cruel.

"Can't we puh-lease just go inside?" Kurt whined into his boyfriend's chest.

"Kurt, we've been through this."

"I know, but it's too hot! I'm melting…" Kurt droned out the word 'melting' and it sounded like he actually might have been.

"Oh come on, you're not Elphaba," Blaine replied with a smirk.

"She melted because of water not heat. And in case you haven't noticed, there's no water anywhere." Kurt made an elaborate hand movement, motioning to the empty back yard. Kurt continued muttering about the heat and how Elphaba didn't really melt, but Blaine wasn't listening. He was tired of Kurt's whining and was honestly starting to think that Kurt was melting into him, due to the heat.

Come on, Blaine, there has to be a way to cool off.

Too hot for the beach, too old for a pool. They had already done the sprinkler thing and the Hummel-Hudson's were out of popsicles. What else was there to do? What do people do when it's too hot outside to move?

It hit Blaine suddenly and he almost laughed at the thought. No way would Kurt be up for that. It was ridiculous. But then… what if Kurt agreed? The heat was clearly driving both of them mad and, well, it would be a quick way to cool down. Blaine weighed the options and decided that it was worth suggesting it to Kurt. The worst that could happen was Kurt could say no, right?

"Kurt, baby?"

"Hm?" Kurt looked up at Blaine and Blaine's heart fluttered. Even in the heat, with Kurt's hair plastered to his face and sweat dripping down, this boy's beauty was unmistakable.

"I think—I think I know a way we can cool down." Kurt's face lit up and he rolled off of Blaine.

"Yea? Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go go go!" Kurt piped up. Blaine laughed. It was the most energy he had seen out of Kurt all day.

"You sure? You don't want to know what it is?"

"Blaine, I don't care. It's 100 degrees outside and I think my blood is starting to boil. I am going to break out because of all the sweat on my face. My shirt is literally ruined because of all my sweat. I will do anything to cool down." Kurt stood up and placed his hands on his hips, in an 'I'm waiting' fashion.

"Anything?" Blaine darkly replied, looking up and Kurt. Kurt didn't seem to hear, or he ignored Blaine, as he attempted to pull Blaine to his feet.

"Jesus, you're going to break my arm! Wait a second, Kurt!" Blaine stood up, dusted off his ass, which he was sure was covered with grass, and grabbed Kurt's outstretched hand.

"So, where we going? Paris? Canada? The south pole?" Kurt anxiously asked.

"Nope. Inside."

"My house?" Kurt seemed disgusted by the very idea.

"Yes." Blaine opened the door and both boys sighed at the blast of cool air. They quickly rushed in where they were greeted by Burt.

"Now, I don't want any whining, you hear?" Burt warned Kurt upon entering the house.

"I don't whine," Kurt mumbled.

"Me and Carole are going out. We won't be long, but don't you two do anything you wouldn't do if we were here."

"We won't," Kurt quickly replied, although Blaine was unsure if that would be a promise kept. "Where are you going?"

"To the store," Carole sighed. "We want to see if we can get another fan." There were already about a dozen fans placed around the house.

"Is Finn still here?" Blaine politely asked.

"Yea, I think he's in his room," Burt replied. Duly noted, Blaine thought.

"Have fun, boys," Carole said, opening the door and dragging her reluctant husband outside. As soon as the door shut, Blaine rushed to the stairs.

"Well, come on, Kurt!" Blaine cried a sharp glint in his eyes. "I don't know how much time we have and I really would prefer not to rush it."

Kurt reached the stairs and look upwards to Blaine, eye brows raised. "What exactly are we doing?"

"Oh, you'll see." Blaine's voice was dark and heavy and it ran shivers down Kurt's spine.

Blaine rushed into Kurt's room. Kurt went to go flop down onto his bed, but stopped when he noticed Blaine was standing in the doorframe of his on-suite bathroom. Blaine had one elbow propped up against the door frame and his eyebrows raised. What on Earth- And suddenly it hit Kurt.

Kurt shook his head with a slight smile. "No way."

"Yes, way!" Blaine exclaimed, practically dancing in front of Kurt. "Come on, you said you wanted to cool down and, well…"

"A cold shower is honestly the best thing you could come up with?"

Blaine sheepishly grinned and slowly made his way over to Kurt. Kurt dropped down onto the bed and Blaine followed him. "I thought it was a good idea," he whispered, gently tracing the outline of Kurt's face.

"Well, you're wrong." Blaine's hand froze and his face fell. "It's a wonderful idea. Come on."

Kurt jumped up and skipped into the bathroom. Blaine sat on the bed, jaw slack. Did Kurt really just agree to this? This wasn't just some crazy sex dream that was going to wake him up in a cold sweat and the urge to call Kurt?

Kurt popped his head out of the bathroom. "Well? What are you waiting for?" Blaine could feel a foolish grin spread across his face as he quite literally ran into the bathroom.

Like everything Kurt, his bathroom was nice, proper and expensive looking. There was a light pink hue coming from the sun shining through a glazed window. The towels were a crisp white and the sinks seemed to gleam. The shower, Blaine noted, was definitely big enough for two.

Blaine walked over to the shower and started to turn on the water. While the idea for a hot, steamy shower was much more appealing, Blaine knew that a cold shower would be a better choice. With the water running, Blaine slowly took off his clothes. He took off his shirt first, and couldn't help but notice Kurt greedily watching him. Next, off came his socks… then his pants…

And then Blaine stopped.

"Blaine, sweetie, is something the matter?" Kurt's voice was unusually high and his breathing was uneven.

"No," he responded, clearly confused on why something would be the matter.

Kurt walked over to Blaine, pushing their bodies together. Kurt trailed his hand down Blaine's chest and gently slid a finger under the elastic of Blaine's boxers.

"You know," Kurt whispered directly into Blaine's ear. "You don't need to keep these on."

"Are-are you sure?" Blaine noticed a light stutter in his own voice.

Kurt nodded. "It's alright."

And with that, Blaine carefully removed his boxers. Kurt kept eye contact with Blaine as he slowly removed his own clothes. He hesitated when he reached his boxers as well, but with a slight nod from Blaine, he removed them.

Standing perfectly close together, both breathing heavily, they slowly slid their way into the shower. Kurt let out a shriek of joy when the cold water hit him and Blaine smiled. Kurt carefully pulled away from Blaine and stood right underneath the beam of water, letting it soak his head and the rest of his body. Blaine watched Kurt, his eyes slowly drifting downwards. Suddenly, Kurt pulled Blaine up against him, and kissed him gently, the cold water dripping down their faces.

It was wonderful. Everything was wonderful: the cold water dripping down their bodies, which were closely placed together, and their lips crashing, hips gently grinding. Blaine had thought the idea of a shower together was a good one, but he didn't realize how brilliant it truly was. He had heard of shower sex but this, this was different. Blaine was 100% content with how innocent their actions were.

That was, until Kurt started taking it further.

Kurt's lips broke away from Blaine's and started to trail their way down Blaine's jaw line, straight to his neck. Blaine gasped as Kurt sucked just above his collar bone. Kurt kept moving downwards and downwards and before Blaine knew it, Kurt was on his knees, grinning up at him naughtily.

"Kurt, baby, you don't have to," Blaine whispered, reaching out and smoothing down Kurt's hair. The water from the shower was hitting Blaine's chest and he could barely see Kurt through it.

"But I want to," Kurt whispered, equally as quiet.

Blaine hesitated. It wasn't as if they hadn't done stuff together before-they had yet to go 'all the way' but they had gone pretty far-but there was just something about the idea of shower sex that just screamed… well, kinky.

Before Blaine could say anything though, Kurt had wrapped his lips around the tip of Blaine's cock. Blaine let out a small gasp. The feeling was insane. The cold water bouncing off him and the warmth of Kurt's mouth created such a contrast. The gasp seemed to urge Kurt to continue as he slowly moved forward, encircling more of Blaine's dick. Kurt pulled out and Blaine groaned as Kurt licked the full of his cock.

Kurt innocently smiled up at Blaine, right before swallowing him whole. It was too much for Blaine, who let out a moderately loud gasp and dug his hand into Kurt's hair. Kurt, with urges from Blaine, slowly started moving forward and back, enveloping Blaine's cock in a wave of heat, and then coolness from the shower. Blaine could feel he was close, so he tapped Kurt's shoulder, who just kept on moving, eyes shut in concentration.

"Kurt—I—I—KURT!" Blaine screamed, coming hot and fast straight down his boyfriend's throat. Kurt kept sucking until Blaine was dry and his cock hung limp. Blaine was still muttering Kurt's name and various versions of 'I love you' as Kurt stood up and let the water wash over him. Kurt pressed his lips against Blaine, and let his tongue slip into Blaine's mouth. Blaine could taste himself on Kurt, which was something Blaine was sure he would never get use to. Still a bit weak in the knees, Blaine let his hand trail down Kurt's side, gliding over his hips and straight to his cock. Blaine could feel Kurt shudder, and he gently started caressing it, slowly feeling it rise.

"Blaine, you don't—" Kurt began but Blaine's shushed him with a kiss.

"It's alright." Blaine dropped down to his knees slowly, kissing Kurt's stomach all the way down. Blaine licked the head before pulling Kurt's cock into his mouth. Kurt groaned and weaved his hands through Blaine's hair, something he always seemed to do and something Blaine would never get tired of. Slowly moving down Kurt's cock, Blaine heard Kurt moan sweet nothings. Blaine rubbed the underside, before slowly starting to move in and out. Blaine kept moving faster and faster, Kurt's grip in his hair getting stronger and stronger. Kurt let out a little shriek and Blaine moved faster. It took everything Kurt had not to thrust into his boyfriend. Kurt felt that familiar winding in his stomach and he knew his release was soon. He tapped Blaine, who moved even faster, his hands wrapped around the part of Kurt's cock he couldn't fit in his mouth. Kurt groaned and leaned against the wall. It was coming… it was coming soon…

"Hey Kurt, is everything okay?" came a voice from the door, followed by a knock.

"Finn, SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Kurt growled at his step-brother. Blaine stopped momentarily, before Kurt pulled Blaine's head forward, encouraging to keep going.

"Woah, hey! No need to get rude about it!" Finn cried. Kurt loved his brother, he really did, but did he really have to bother him at a time like this?

"WHAT PART OF GO AWAY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?" Kurt screamed. He was close. His stomach knotted and he was only a pump or two away…

"Jeez Kurt, I heard you screaming. I just wanted to make sure you're fine!"

"I'm perfectly fi-." Kurt cut himself off. He looked down at Blaine and that was all he needed. Kurt was coming hard and fast down Blaine's throat. He bit his lip to attempt to hold back a scream but it was no use. Kurt screamed out his boyfriend's name, knowing full well that Finn could now hear everything, but not giving a fuck anyhow.

Kurt felt himself get dizzy, and his knees buckled. He started to fall, but Blaine caught him, having just pulled off of Kurt. He stood Kurt up, smiled and gave him a kiss, letting Kurt's tongue explore his mouth. Finn continued banging on the door, demanding Kurt open it 'right this instant.' Taking their precious time, Blaine reluctantly pulled away from Kurt and turned off the shower, a wave of heat instantly hitting them. Kurt jumped out, pulling his bathrobe off the back of the door and sliding it on. He grabbed a towel for his hair, quickly kissed Blaine and told him to wait in the shower.

"What, the hell, do you want?" Kurt asked in his bitchiest tone while opening the door. Finn stood there, hand up as if about to knock.

"I heard you scream and, er, I just wanted to make sure…"

"Do I look like I fell down and smacked my head or some creep crawled in through the window?"

"Er… no…"

"Then why on Earth would you think something is wrong? Did you not hear me screaming at you to GO AWAY?"

Finn opened his mouth to reply but his eyes trailed away to something behind Kurt. Kurt spun around and noticed the shower curtain slightly swaying.

"Is that Bl-?"

"You better go and you better go now Finn Hudson," Kurt warned in a low voice, pushing Finn out the door. "If you say one word to mom or dad, I swear to God, I will tell them where you really were last weekend."

"So it is Blaine in there?"

"GET OUT!" Kurt screamed, slamming his bedroom door. Kurt knew he would have to deal with Finn later, but for now, all he could think about was Blaine. Kurt rushed back to the bathroom, where Blaine was drying himself off with a towel. He had already put his boxers back on.

"Sorry about that," Kurt mumbled, watching the muscles in Blaine's arms and torso work. "It's Finn. He's… special."

Blaine laughed and threw the towel aside. "It's alright. It'll make for a great story."

"Oh yea, right." Kurt rolled his eyes. "Hey Blaine, remember that one time my brother cockblocked us while we were attempting shower sex?"

Blaine let out a loud laugh and pulled Kurt close. "Hopefully there aren't worst stories to come."

"With Finn around? Of course there are." Kurt walked backwards slowly, taking Blaine with him towards the bed. "Eugh, I'm already starting to sweat."

"It is bloody hot," Blaine agreed.

"Bloody? Are you suddenly British?"

"Do you want me to be?" Kurt toppled back onto the bed, Blaine following.

"You know, I have always admired accents," Kurt mumbled, wrapping his arms around Blaine and pulling their chest together.

"Anything for you, my love," Blaine replied in a rather excellent accent. "So, shall we continue?" Blaine pressed a kiss to Kurt's nose and Kurt met up and kissed Blaine's lips. Kurt's hand carefully trailed along Blaine's chest. Before they could get much further, there was a call from downstairs.

"Boys?" yelled Carole. "We brought ice cream!" Blaine and Kurt looked at each other, the same question in both their eyes: make out, or ice cream?

With only a second hesitation, both boys jumped up, threw on some clothes and raced down the stairs, not even for a moment regretting their decision.

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