This takes place after the events of the season 11 episode Cold Blooded. I just watched the episode, and the Love just was so strong in it! I don't remember much about the surrounding episodes but this only deals with the actual episode.

I don't normally write CSI, not to say I haven't but I needed a little break from the PucKurt and the Snarry and everything else that was floating around in my brain.


Cold Blooded

A knock on the door had Nick looking up from the paper work in front of him.

'How you doing?' Greg asked as he offered Nick the already opened beer.

He sighed and rubbed his face in exhaustion.

'I have no idea,' Nick replied.

Setting both sweating bottles onto the desk, and spinning the chair around, Greg crouched in front of Nick.

'Look at me,' he commanded softly, gently pulling Nick's hands away from his face.

Nick was bleary eyed but Greg thought that was more from being up for 4 days and getting all of 5 hours of sleep than anything else.

'You did everything you could do when this case was fresh. You caught the bad guy, and did everything you could to find the girls. But they were already dead before you even know they were missing.'

Nick's eyes fell closed in defeat, and Greg gave his hands a squeeze and carried on, 'You did your absolute best, I know I watched you. And now, finding those girls, telling one mother where her daughter was. Giving her a chance to finally say goodbye, to lay her daughter to rest, that's more than we can give to a lot of other people in this job. '

Nick sighed, but didn't say anything.

'Come on, have a drink,' he reached across Nick and grabbed one of the beers.

'Greg,' Nick started, though he wasn't really sure what he was going to say.

'It's late, you've been up for like a week, have a drink, unwind a little. Get a full night's sleep. You have the next 48 hours off; you can do this tomorrow, in the light of day when you can see straight and there's only one of me,' he finished with a small smile.

Nick sighed but let Greg pull him from their office, they both collapsed on the couch with a beer in hand. They stopped on some animated movie and Greg leaned on Nick.

It didn't take long before Nick was snoring softly.

Greg gave a soft chuckle as he took the half empty beer from Nick's limp hand and emptied it into the sink before curling into Nick again with the blanket over them. Letting the animated characters lull him into the first real sleep in about a week.