Hey everyone! Thank you so much for reading my old stories!

I just want to let you all know that I'm still actively writing, but on an original project called "The Men of Ramshire". You can follow the links in my profile to go read it free at a few locations.

Here's the little blurb for Season 1 (which is completed):

The Men of Ramshire" is a gay romance soap opera based on the lives and loves of the men in the fictional city of Ramshire.

Ramshire is a small, quaint, but modern city. People have cell phones, computers, and relatively normal jobs you would recognize.

But there are just a few things you should know…

There are only men. There are supernatural creatures. And there is always drama.

In Season 1…

Rafe Desjardins' quiet, sheltered life is turned upside down when Paris Romero, "The Beast of Ramshire", storms into his website design class covered in blood from his latest hunt and is drawn to the mystery of Rafe's strange scars.

Marius Amberwood, also known as the "Ice King" of the Gardenia Theatre, isn't one to get involved in the affairs of others. However, when Ezra Scarlett, the theatre's "Golden Boy", is announced to play the charismatic villain in their new play – and looks completely overwhelmed in a very bad way – Marius feels compelled to help despite the fact that he's hurt the man in the past.

Simon Kane is aware that he's a very lucky young man. Ever since he was a baby he has been surrounded by the love and support of his family – an environment that many men never get the opportunity to experience. Which is why he can't let his one sinful secret ever to come light lest he lose it all: He's in love with his twin brother.