Hello! I realize it has been several centuries since I last updated, so I apologize for that and thank all of you who have stuck with me regardless. Once school ends in just over a week I'll hopefully be posting more regularly! Anyway, I sort of had writer's block but then the hair gel storyline happened and was the best thing ever and I was inspired. So here you go! It's pretty short but very dirty, so hopefully you'll enjoy!


"You really don't mind it?" Blaine says nervously, fixing his arms around Kurt's waist as they sway to the music.

"I love it," Kurt assures, running a hand (with some difficulty) through the untamed mess on Blaine's head. "It's just - it's you."

Blaine gives a sigh of relief and tugs him closer, resting his chin on Kurt's shoulder.

Two hours later the king and queen have been crowned, Quinn has moved everyone to tears, and at least half of the senior class (and possibly Coach Sylvester) is drunk courtesy of Puck and Becky. Blaine's hair has also expanded considerably.

Kurt is half undressed and straddling Blaine in the back seat of his car, breathing heavily as Blaine bites at the underside of his jaw. He has his fingers sunk deep in thick curls that he's liking more and more with each passing moment. Blaine has his sunk deep inside Kurt.

Neither of them is entirely sure how they wound up in this situation. Saying goodbye outside of Blaine's house had turned into making out against Kurt's car, which in turn had led to an offhanded comment about Blaine's curly hair giving Kurt "something to hold on to" followed by a growl from Blaine and a rather unceremonious tumbling into the backseat.

Pants and ties and jackets discarded, bodies pressed together, and at some point Kurt's curfew passes but Burt is just going to have to deal.

And now -

"Okay?" Blaine asks roughly, biting back a moan as he feels Kurt's muscles clench around his fingers.

"Mm," Kurt manages. His whole body is coiled so tightly he feels like he might just explode any second now.

"Can I?" Blaine says, his breath moist against Kurt's neck.

"God, yes."

Blaine nods and kisses him messily, fumbling around for the lube and a condom because he's 17 and far too awkward to carry this off smoothly. The air is hot and heavy around them, a faint orangey light from a street lamp filtering in through the window. For a second Kurt can't believe they're actually having sex in the backseat of a car on prom night.

How cliche.

Except for they're gay and in love and not virgins.

Blaine gets the condom on and then his cock is pressing at Kurt's ass, at where he's spread and stretched and waiting. He goes as slow as he can, pushing in tentatively until Kurt gets impatient and sinks down quickly enough to leave them both gasping. Sweat-damp hands land on Kurt's hips and Blaine fucks upward recklessly into tight, hot perfection.

Kurt's fingers twist tighter into Blaine's curls with each thrust against his prostate and fuck, he was right, it is nice to have something to hold on to. He likes having an anchor as he teeters on the brink of oblivion.

Blaine licks at his collarbone, tongue slick and soothing until he loses control just a little bit more and bites down on the smooth, sloping curve of Kurt's shoulder. He rocks upward again, movements more erratic now, grunting and huffing as Kurt whines above him.

"Come on," Kurt pleads, mouth half open against Blaine's forehead. His cock is trapped between them, rubbing against sweaty skin and leaking pre-come on to both of their stomachs. Jesus, he's so close.

He works himself up to his knees and drops down, crying out as Blaine's cock hits his prostate again and the air seems to explode around them. He swears and Blaine yelps out "Kurt" and then he's spilling himself across both their bodies as Blaine convulses and comes inside of him.

Kurt presses a kiss to Blaine's forehead and then flops on to the seat beside him, thoroughly sated. He watches idly as Blaine pulls the condom off and ties it.

"I wish I didn't have to go home tonight," he says wistfully.

"Don't," Blaine replies, cuddling up to Kurt's side and kissing him. "Stay here with me."

"And have my father ground me for the entire summer?" Kurt says. "It would almost be worth it if it didn't mean I wouldn't get to see you."

Blaine sighs and nods, resting his cheek on Kurt's shoulder. He tries not to get too caught up in fantasies, but he can't help daydreaming about a time when they won't have to say goodbye at the end of the night.

Kurt reaches up and tugs on a curl, still a little bit stunned by this transformation his boyfriend. He likes it, though. In a weird way, it makes him feel closer to Blaine.

"Wear your hair like this sometimes, yeah?"

"Not to school," Blaine says, shaking his head. "For you, though. Maybe over the summer. Or when I visit you in New York."

"Okay," Kurts nods. "Deal."

Months later, Blaine shows up at Kurt's dorm with a curly, ungelled head and a slightly anxious look on his face.

Kurt smiles, pulls him through the door, and kisses the anxiety away.