A Story of Rogue: Inspired by Save Me by Shinedown

A girl sat with her with her back against a cold concrete wall with her arms wrapped around her knees. Her cheek was pressed hard against her arm as she stared off into a corner with no expression on her face, yet with tears running silently down her cheeks. A long curtain of dirty brown hair hung about her shoulders; a stripe of platinum breaking up the dark monotone.

The room itself was all concrete, in one dull shade. It was small with barely anything in it except for a pallet on the floor and a chair. The girl knew that it was exactly nine steps long and five steps wide. The only thing that broke up the concrete was the one wall that was facing a hall. That side had no wall, but was enclosed by titanium and steel bars that had no visible opening.

Across the hall other rooms or cages could be seen; each holding a person inside. Some were sleeping, other were walking. Most were quiet, but others made such a racket that it could barely be ignored.

Suddenly, footsteps were heard echoing through the building and everyone in the cages stopped and backed away from the bars. All except the stupid ones, but those ones never stayed long. They either were sold, or they disappeared in the night.

The girl didn't even blink. She had been here longer than she could remember. Eventually everything slows down until it seems like time is standing still. When that happens, nothing is important.

Soon the footsteps were accompanied by voices.

''Where is the one that you were going to show me?" a voice demanded.

Another voice quickly placated the first saying, "Just a bit more down the hall. We're almost there. 2031, 2033, 2035, and here it is, 2037."

Three men stopped in front of the girl's cage. One was obviously a security guard, while the other two were dressed in finer clothes. On was wearing a cape with a funky looking metal helmet on his head. Even with the helmet blocking his face you could see his smile was quite smug; like someone pleased that he had the most valuable object.

The final man was dressed in a suit and looked in curiously trying to get a good look at the girl. He had a grudgingly impressed look on his face. He finally turned towards the other two.

"Now tell me her stats again."

The guard looked at the man in the cape. He regally nodded his approval. The guard puffed out his chest, straining the buttons on his white shirt dangerously and calmly recited.

" Name: Rogue. Age: about 24. She's been with us here for about five years. She is capable of assimilating any known mutation and psyche. So far her mutation has only been partially put under control by use of suppression pills taken every four hours. Right now she is known to have, other than her own natural mutation, ability of flight, a small healing mutation, and can shape and move malleable metals. The more of the mutation she takes from another, the longer and better she is able to control the mutations."

The man in the suit nodded appreciatively. "Are you sure you won't sell her to me, Magneto?"

The man in the helmet chuckled humourlessly. "No, she is of my own private collection, Andrew. However, if you would like to see some who are for sale. Please come this way. I know how much you enjoy the entertaining types. I think I have some that are a bit better suited to your purpose than a fundamentally untouchable girl. "

"Ah, I suppose that is very true. However, I like to collect some of the more unusual ones too. You know just the other week…"

The men started walking and soon they were out of sight, their voices fading off into the distance. A collective sigh of relief was heard as all of the mutants in that section realized that they had escaped hell, for the moment at least and when you were living from day to day anyways each moment counted.

The girl was still looking at the wall, not having heard a word of what the men had been saying. She was lost in memories that were so far from her current reality that they were more like dreams. Sometimes she wasn't sure if they really were memories, not dreams.

'So, what kind of name is Rogue?'

She looks at the man that had basically just saved her life. She paused with her hand halfway to her mouth full of pieces of jerky he had given to her. Without another moment of hesitation she replied back to him with a large southern drawl and more than a little bit of sass.

'I don't know. What kind of name is Wolverine?'

He looks at her from the corner of his eye. One of his eyebrows rose at her question and a corner of his mouth lifted in a small smirk.

'My name is Logan.'

'Marie,' she whispers.

When a loud alarm sounded Rogue sat straight up with a look of pure terror came across her face. Her already pale face went several shaded lighter as she caught sight of two big men come into her cage by walking through the bars.

"No," she whispers harshly. "NO!"

The men ignore her protests and her attempts to get away as they walk closer and closer.

She screams and fights with all her strength; using every fighting technique she had ever learned.

"Let me go, you useless pieces of shit!"

She twisted out of one's grasp and kicked the kneecap of the other sending his down to the floor groaning in pain. Without even a second of hesitation she kicks the other square in the chest sending him flying into the wall with a dull thud.

Rogue gives her head a shake as she feels the effects of her last does of suppression pills wear off. She runs towards the bars of the cage.

Remember to run fast. Don't hesitate.

The girl smiled as she heard the voice of her best friend giving her advice.

'Don't worry, Logan. I always listen to ya.'

She was just grasping the bars when she felt something grab her ankle. With a surprised gasp she looked down and saw one of her tormentors had crawled after her.

Rogue felt steely determination run through her veins.

"I hope you suffer," she screamed as she kicked with all her might. However, all her might wasn't enough. She was weak from years of being kept in a tiny cage and being denied food. Her "nurses" were chosen for their brute strength.

With a twist of his large hand, Rogue fell on her back, still struggling.

"Mick, hurry," the dark haired man that had her ankle gasped as her other foot found a resting place on his solar plexus.

Seconds later her arms were roughly grabbed and yanked behind her back.

"No. NO. NO!"

The other man, Mick, hauled her up like her kicking and wriggling was of no consequence.

"Ah look Jim, the little cat has found her claws. Isn't it too bad that she is just too weak to defend herself?"

Marie's lips pulled back in a snarl as both men laughed at her helplessness.

The first man, Jim, reached out to run a finger down her cheek. Rogue turned her head to bite him, but was slapped for her efforts.

"You know what you are, little Rogue? Nothing. I bet you used to think you were, huh? Training with the mighty X-Men, but look at you now. You can't even defend yourself. I bet if your teachers saw you now they'd be ashamed that they ever even sullied their hands with you."

The girl's head was straight forward not looking at the man spewing hateful comments her way. The only way the man could tell she heard him was the brightness of her unfocused eyes.

"Oh is poor little Rogue going to cry? Is that was you do now? Can't you even scrounge up enough dignity to try and fight? You can't can you?"

Her green eyes snapped to meet his brown ones. She quickly raked her eyes over him from his stringy reddish hair down his soiled uniform and back up to his split lip that was bleeding thanks to her.

Without changing her expression she spit in his face.

Jim wiped the spittle off his face and smiled almost beatifically before his hand shot out and back handed her cheek.

The loud crack echoed throughout the cell as her head flew to one side, the red handprint easily visible on her delicate skin.

"Just remember Roguey darlin', you brought this on yourself."

With those final words she was shoved into the wall. When she managed to pick herself off of the floor and turn around, she saw both Jim and Mick advancing on her, malicious smiles gracing their faces.

Jim sent an uppercut to her abdomen sending her back against the wall with a sickening thud.

Rogue felt her head make harsh contact with the cement wall and let out a low groan as she reached back with her hand and felt the spot gingerly. Her hand came back wet and sticky with her blood.

She tried to stand up but fell to all fours. Her vision was coming and going like waves of the ocean, and what she could see was in doubles.

Before she even knew what was happening she felt a steel toed boot make contact with her ribs repeatedly.

As she slid to the floor in almost unendurable agony, her head was wrenched back by a hand in her hair and she felt pills being shoved between her lips.
"You better swallow that, bitch, else you never know what else you'll be made to swallow."

The last thing she heard was smug male laughter as she slipped in the black abyss that was calling to her so seductively.

The warm sun beat on her skin causing a warm glow to spread to every corner of her soul. Rogue smiled a stretched lazily, loving the feel of the sand as it shifted beneath her body. She had never been to the beach before and was enjoying every moment, from the hot summer sun to the calming sound of the ocean.

She also was enjoying the freedom of her dark green bikini. While she still didn't have complete control of her mutation, she could easily hold it off for about an hour. It was enough that she could hold back should anyone brush against her.

"Stupid idiots, don't they know..." The deep voice mumbled until it sounded more like a growl.

A smile, having nothing to do with the beach, slid on to Marie's face. She turned on her side and pushed up her white sunglasses to the top of her head.

"What cha ya complainin' about now?"

Logan's hazel eyes met her green ones. "Damn idiots keep thinkin' they can stare at my girl. Dammit Marie, couldn't you actually put some clothes on? You almost can't blame 'em with you prancin' about in that..."He waved a hand at her swimsuit. "Almost," he growled as he glared at another guy who had craned his neck to get a second look.

"Are you sayin' ya don't like my bathin' suit, sugah?" She pouted and wrapped her arms around his neck. He groaned as he lowered his head to press his lips against hers briefly.

"No, no I'm not sayin' that. I just wished I was the only one seein' it," he grumbled.

Rogue laughed and laid her head on his wonderfully bare chest, careful to make sure she controlled her mutation. She sighed in blissfulness as she rested a hand next to her head. A small smile graced her face as the sun glinted off the small gold band on her fourth finger.

Yes, life was good.

****Current Day: Westchester, New York****

Logan slammed his hand down on the Professor's desk causing the pencil holder to fall over and a variety of writing utensil spill of the dark oak desktop.

The Professor quietly cleaned them up as Wolverine strode to the window. After the pens and pencils were returned to their proper place he turned to face him.

From the top of his hair to the sole of his steel toed boots the Wolverine was almost shaking with anger and disappointment. Every muscle in his body was tense as he stared out the window across the acres of the school grounds, not truly seeing anyone who was there, just haunted memories of a shy brunette girl whom he promised to protect.

"I promised her, Chuck. I promised her."

His voice was so full of anguish that Charles winced at the sound of it. He would have never thought he would see the mighty Wolverine, a loner by choice and circumstance, be so vulnerable. When he had met him over seven years ago, Logan had been caught up in his own demons and chasing a past he couldn't remember. No one had ever thought he would become attached to the quiet teenager he came to dump off.

Charles wasn't sure he knew exactly what made up the ties between those two, nor was he sure that he ever would. But the fact was, neither of them was whole unless the other was near, no matter how much either of them had denied it.

"I know, Logan. And we will find her. We will. She cannot stay hidden from Cerebro forever."

Logan turned to face him. "It's been five damn years. Don't you think we would have found her already? He glanced back out the window. "Everyone thinks she's dead. Even Yellow and Kitty. I just..." He trailed off for a moment then turned his gaze back to the Professor, his eyes as hard as his adamantium skeleton. "She's not dead. I would know it if she was. She's out there. Somewhere, she's there. And I'll find her. I'll find her and kill whoever took her from me."

With those words he walked out from the Professor's office, his denim clad legs eating up the distance in a few strides.

When the door shut firmly, Charles lifted his eyes to the same window Wolverine had been staring at just moments ago. He wheeled closer to it and set his blue eyes on the horizon. "Where ever you are, Rogue, we will find you. No matter what it takes, we will not let you down."