Chapter Seven

Frank drifted back to Draven's loft after Juarez's arrest. There was still unfinished business.

"Draven, this is Frank Taylor, can I come in?" The loft door was unlocked but Frank didn't want to barge in.

"It's open." A young girl's voice answered with Eric's

"Frank, good to see you. You look rested." Eric stepped off the bay window's ledge.

"Thanks" The P.I. had a faded duffle bag on his shoulder.

"What brings you here, Mr. Taylor?" The blonde, little girl asked point blank.

"And you are?" Frank sized the scrappy kid up, his blue eyes unwavering.

"This is Sarah, a good friend. Sarah, this is Frank Taylor, the private investigator from Los Angeles, who helped us catch Juarez." Draven introduced them.

"I'm kinda like Eric's side kick." She piped up. Eric rolled his eyes and hid a snicker.

"I get the feeling I'm supposed to talk to one more ghost before I leave." Frank set the duffle bag by the door and crossed the hardwood floor. His green T-shirt and jeans looked out of place in the dark loft.

"Go home, Sarah, I'm sure Darla is looking for you." Eric pointed to the door.

"No, she knows I'm here." Sarah flashed a confident grin.

"I don't know if it's a good idea for you to be here. Trying to communicate with the other side is dangerous." Frank frowned. He traded looks with Eric.

"I want to see Shelly too, Eric. She was my friend too." Sarah protested, crossing her arms and furrowing her blonde brows.

"Alright, but you have to stay away from the window." Eric compromised.

Gingerly Frank stepped to the sixth floor window and peered out.

"I hope this works." The paranormal P.I. didn't like heights.

"Are you sure about this, Frank, dealing with the other side has a price sometimes." Eric warned.

"I have a feeling this one is a freebie, I may get to see my son and you'll get to see your fiancé, just relax and concentrate on her." Frank laid his hand on Eric's shoulder then grasped the window frame. Sarah watched as a wind gust blew in around them. Blinding, white light flooded the loft. The peaceful plateau where Shelly waited for Eric became crystal clear. Eric and Frank both saw her come running toward them.

"Eric, Mr. Taylor, you opened the portal." Shelly reached out to touch Eric but couldn't. Tears filled her eyes as she hit her knees.

"I'll be there as soon as I can, Shelly, I promise." Eric shouted over the wind. Sarah edged forward, seeing the light but not what Eric and Frank were looking at.

"Oh, Honey, I know. The young women you helped last night want to thank you. They can rest in peace now." She still reached toward Eric as if to touch him at least in her mind.

"Have you seen my son, Kevin?" Frank asked, hoping that his little boy was alright.

"No, Frank, I haven't, but I'll keep an eye for him." Shelly had to shout to be heard as well.

"Tell Shelly I miss her and I'm doing alright." Sarah clamored for Eric's attention, the wind whipping her hair into her eyes and making her unstable on her feet.

"She can hear you, Sarah, now step back." Eric had to use both hands to keep her from falling out the window. When he pulled away the portal closed and Shelly was gone. The wind stopped as quickly as it had begun. It was over.

"Oh, Eric, I'm sorry, you were protecting me and lost Shelly." Sarah's tears welled up, her lower lip quivering until she clenched her jaw.

"It's o.k. Shelly wouldn't want anything to happen to you, she understands, and so do I." Frank watched Eric stroke her hair as Sarah wrapped her arms around his waist. However mixed up, they were a family. Quietly the Los Angeles P.I. found his duffle bag and headed for the door.

"Frank, thank you, for helping us see her again. I'm sorry we couldn't help you with Kevin." Sarah shouted out. Eric could see the tiredness creep back into Frank's eyes.

"At least I know someone else is looking for him too." It was hard to smile, but Frank did.

"If there's anything I can do, let me know." Darryl Albrect knows how to get in touch with me. Frank just nodded and walked out.

Frank left the building with a heavy heart. He had hoped to find our where his son was and if Kevin was ok. Just as he hit the last step Frank heard a small child's giggle and turned to see a little boy's face disappear. Kevin was alright and Frank knew it.

The End