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So, now that is over with, I introduce to you...

Free and Heather's Adventure! Johto

A ten-year-old girl dug her toes into the sand of the Newbark Town beach, watching as the incoming waves rose higher. The sun blazed brightly behind her, slipping behind clouds in the west. She longed to run into the water one more time, but it was becoming chilly out, and she had left her towel at home. Wind tangled tendrils of her dark hair, and she brushed them back behind her ears.

"Yo, Heather! Look at this!" The girl's cousin, Splash, called from behind her.

Heather turned slowly, sighing as she took in the sight before her. Splash, who was six years older than Heather, was being held in the air by his Feraligatr. The large Pokémon, short for his species but making up for it in brawn, tossed Splash into the sea. The teenager ran back ashore, pushing his mop of wet, curly brown hair away from his forehead.

"Your Feraligatr must be really strong to be able to throw you! You're as tall as him!" Heather exclaimed. She had to look up to speak to Splash—he was a good two feet taller than her.

Splash laughed and ruffled her hair. He picked her slender body off the ground and spun her around in a circle. With a groan, Splash placed her back on the ground. "You're getting too big for me to do that."

"Splash! Why haven't you guys come back yet? There's a storm coming!" Heather's mom screamed, storming down the beach and interrupting the happy moment.

"Ah—what?" Splash asked, looking up at the sky. Sure enough, black clouds were rolling in from the west, and the wind was picking up.

"Yeah," Heather's mom replied sarcastically. "Splash, you better hurry home. Heather, let's get inside. I hope Free gets here soon, or he'll be soaked."

" , you two!" Splash sighed, returning Feraligatr and dashing off the beach in the direction of his home.

Heather's mom wrapped an arm around her daughter, pulling her in through the back door of their house, which was facing the beach.

From the darkening path entering in Newbark, a ten-year-old boy walked. He rubbed his arms, trying to warm them from the oncoming cold. He came to the sign that read 'Newbark Town' and smiled. After flicking his messing brown hair out of his face, he glanced down at his Pokémon.

"You ready for this Chikorita?" he asked his tiny green Pokémon.

"Chika!" she responded with a smile. She turned her head and frowned, taking notice of the clouds that were forming above them.

He nodded and reached down, pulling his small Pokémon to his chest. "I'll keep you warm!"

He zipped up his blue turtleneck and tucked Chikorita under his black undershirt. A small droplet of water fell from the darkening sky, pelting Free lightly on the nose.

"This isn't good!" he cried, running off into the small city while the rain fell harder.

He passed different neighborhoods, waving at all of the people who were gazing at the clouds. After rounding around a corner and dodging an oncoming car, he came to a white fence. Making sure that Chikorita was okay, he walked to the front porch and rang the doorbell.

Heather stuck her head through the blinds and smiled at him. "Free!"

"I'm cold! Let me in!"

"You are soaked," Heather's mom noted, taking one long glance at Free. He shivered while he pulled Chikorita out of his shirt. "Let's get your clothes dried."

Free glanced over at Heather and blanched. "But…"

"You can borrow some clothing until yours are done," Heather's mom interjected.

Heather smiled impishly. "You'd look adorable in one of my skirts!"

Free laughed while he slipped his turtleneck off, revealing his black, compression, tank top.

"Heather, go grab a pair of Merlin's pajamas."

"Free won't fit! Merlin's too fat!" Heather said with a chuckle. She ran down the hallway, and Free followed, going into one of the bathrooms. Heather brought back what clothing would fit Free. She handed him the clothing and he changed as fast as he could.

"It's no fair! Chikorita has a built-in umbrella," Free whined while he walked out of the bathroom wearing the worn out, blue pajamas.

"We're leaving tomorrow," Heather whispered to Free as she lay down beside him. Lightning flashed, lighting up her messy room, and the thunder that followed shook the house.

"How do you feel about that, you know being on your own?" Free whispered back as his Chikorita cuddled against him under the blanket.

"I won't be on my own—we're going to stay together, right?" She replied softly.

"Chika!" Chikorita answered for Free, as if saying they'd stay together through it all.

"Definitely. Man, I am not going to be able to sleep tonight!" Free exclaimed.

Heather shushed him, "Don't wake my mom up." She giggled. "I probably won't either."

"We should at least try," Free replied, rolling over.

"Yeah, night," Heather yawned, pulling the blanket over her head.


"I cooked French toast!" Free shouted, waking Heather up from her dream of dancing in mud puddles with her Totodile she was hoping to receive.

"Happy Birthday, Heather!" Heather's mom said walking into her room with a plate of French toast.

"What time is it?" She asked sleepily, taking the plate and starting to eat. She winced as Free threw open her curtains, letting in the bright sun.

"Almost time to go!" Free replied, as Chikorita snuggled herself into his leg.

Heather gasped and shoveled the remainder of her French toast down her throat. Both trainers grabbed their bags, stopping in the kitchen of Heather's home to hand Heather's plate to her mother, and with a quick "see ya later!" they were off to Elm's lab.

The breeze ruffled Heather's dress as she pulled open her front door, and she had to hold down the aqua material so it would not blow up. Free tugged on the collar of his now-dry turtleneck that had been soaked in the rain the day previous.

The trainers took the scenic route to Professor Elm's laboratory which proved to be a bad decision. The dirt path was muddy from the previous night's rain, and the leaves of the trees still dripped water. However, the trainers were too excited to let mud get them down, and they abandoned their shoes and socks to splash in the muddy puddles barefoot.

The trainers grimaced as they approached the door of Elm's lab, looking down at their muddy feet. They glanced around, looking for any water to rinse their feet off with. To no avail, the trainers found nothing. Heather rang the bell for the lab and waited patiently for the professor to answer.

Soon, a thin man with wild brown hair answered. His hands were shoved deep into the pockets of his white lab coat, but he had an overall pleasant expression on his face.

"Hello!" The man greeted the two. He spotted Free and shook his hand. "Hello Free, it's good to see you again. How's Chikorita?"

"Fighting fit! I've been training her so she can fight against her own weaknesses," Free replied proudly.

"That's good, I like to hear that. I'm sure you're becoming a great Pokémon trainer. Chikorita seems very much attached to you," Professor Elm said, looking at the pair.

"Chika!" Chikorita replied happily.

Professor Elm nodded happily and turned to Heather, sticking out his hand. Heather returned the gesture and firmly shook it. "You're Heather, yes?"

"Yes, I'm Heather," she replied shyly, fiddling with her blue skirt.

"You're here for a Pokémon, correct?" Elm asked. Heather nodded.

"Good! Come on in, I'll show you what I've got!" Elm smiled, gesturing the two to step inside.

Free and Heather glanced down nervously at their feet and back to the professor. Elm frowned when they did not budge, but finally he looked down at the trainers' feet.

"Ah. You're feet are muddy," Elm noted. He glanced around in a panicked manner, looking for an outside source of water. When he could not find one, he sighed. "You two wait here. I'll be right back."

Within a minute, the professor returned with a Poké Ball in his hand. He pushed the center button, releasing a small, blue crocodile-like Pokémon. The Pokémon smiled jollily at the two trainers and waved. Heather cooed, nudging Free and trying to convey the cuteness she found in the Pokémon.

"This here is Totodile. He's one of the choices you'll have for your first Pokémon. But for now, he's just here to help you clean your feet!" Elm laughed, turning his attention towards the Totodile. "Totodile, give them a gentle Water Gun, if you will."

"Dile!" Totodile chanted, releasing a steady stream of water from his mouth, effectively rinsing the trainers' feet.

"I want this one!" Heather announced, kneeling down to shake the little Pokémon's hand. Totodile grinned at her, immediately taking a liking to the girl.

"Hold up, Heather! I think you should take a look at the other available Pokémon, too. If not for you, then to humor me at least," Elm said, guiding the children inside his lab.

He took them down a long hallway into a small room where a Poké Balls lay in the middle of some sort of Poké Ball holding machine. Professor Elm took the Poké Ball and pushed the button in the middle, releasing a Cyndaquil.

Elm first pointed to the fire-type. "This is Cyndaquil. She's a ruthless battler, perfect for any trainer who wants to be powerful. She doesn't listen at times, but with a bit of training, she'd be a fearsome opponent."

Cyndaquil glared at Heather, spitting a small ember to the ground at her feet. Heather frowned and kneeled down to the Pokémon's eye level. "Hey there, Cyndaquil. How are you?"

"Cynda!" Cyndaquil cried, blowing flames at Heather's feet. The girl jumped back, quickly making her decision.

"I've made my decision," Heather said, her voice shaking. "I'll take Totodile."

"Totodile, would you like to go on her Pokémon journey with Heather?" Professor Elm asked the water-type.

"Totodile!" Totodile replied excitedly, leaping into Heather's arms as the Professor handed her Totodile's Poké Ball.

"He's quite feisty," Professor Elm said as Totodile ran around Heather in circles. "I'm sure he'll be lots of fun on you two's journey."

"Thank you Professor Elm! I love him already," Heather exclaimed before returning Totodile to his Poké Ball. "Can we say goodbye to my mom before leaving?" She asked Free. He nodded and they left after a quick goodbye to Elm.

"Heather, thank goodness you're home! I almost forgot to give you your birthday present before you left," her mom said, shoving a box into her hands.

Heather opened it quickly, "A PokéGear!" She exclaimed.

"There's something else in there, honey," her mother added. Heather quickly put the PokéGear in her pocket before reaching back into the box and pulling out a string with some sort of hooks on it.

"What is it?" She asked, putting it around her neck.

"It's to put a Poké Ball on," she replied.

"Oh, like this?" Heather asked, clipping Totodile's Poké Ball on to it.

"Perfect! Now what are you two waiting for? You should be out on your adventure!" Heather's mom said, pushing her daughter and her friend out the door.

"Are you ready for this?" Heather asked taking a deep breath and looking up to Free.

Free zipped up his turtleneck and grinned. "I'm beyond ready."

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