Free's Pokémon

Chikorita - Ab: Overgrow - Moves: Razor Leaf, Synthesis, Vine Whip, Body Slam and Solarbeam (Only on occasion) - Level 42

Wooper - Ab: Water Absorb - Moves: Water Gun, Mud-Slap, Yawn, and Iron Tail - Level 32

Quilava - Ab: Blaze - Moves: Flame Wheel, Rollout, Flamethrower, and Smokescreen - Level 37

Umbreon - Ab: Synchonize - Moves: Dark Pulse, Quick Attack, Bite, and Shadow Ball - Level 32

Heracross - Ab: Moxie - Moves: Horn Attack, Aerial Ace, Brick Break, and Endure - Level 35

Teddiursa - Ab: Guts - Moves: Fury Swipes, Protect, Brick Break, and Slash - Level 34

*With Elm*

Poliwhirl - Ab: Damp - Moves: Dynamicpunch, Water Gun, Bubblebeam, and Hypnosis – Level 37

Chapter 60 – The Race Against the Clock Pt. 3

"Suicune…" Free muttered softly.

Suicune's ears perked up and it stared into Free's eyes. The feeling that Suicune gave Free, made him feel drowsy. It was like all of his energy was being drained from his body.

"Chika?" Chikorita wondered, breaking Free's trance.

"What?" Free mumbled. He glanced over at Suicune one more time, who was now bounding away from Free, towards the Whirl Islands.

"Free! Where have you been?" Heather pouted, standing outside of the Cianwood City gym with her friends.

"Just… exploring. I saw a strange Pokémon," Free replied solemnly. "But, I'd like to take the gym challenge now."

Free stepped into the gym where Clock was turned around, nursing his Pokémon—an injured Hitmonchan and a burnt Hitmonlee from Brogan's battle— with another one of his Pokémon, Tyrogue.

"I'd like to challenge Clock, the gym leader, to a battle," Free announced.

"Aw man! Another one?" Clock whined. He squinted his eyes at Free, and the realization of who he was struck him. "Free! Fai's scorcher of a little bro! You look just like him, but with messier hair… and goggles. And he'd never wear that bag. But, anyways… Sure, I'll battle you!"

"This battle will be a one on one Pokémon single battle. Only the challenger may switch out. As a special rule of this gym, the challenger must defeat Clock's Pokémon in under five minutes. Begin!" The referee recited for the third time in a row.

"Another third timed battle, eh?" Deka commented, shaking his head disapprovingly. "As if the last two worked well for him…"

"Umbreon! Go!" Free threw a ball.

"Bre…" Umbreon cooed.

"If Free knows Clock, shouldn't he know that he'll use a fighting-type?" Brogan asked.

"Well, Free doesn't like to go by those rules…" Deka muttered.

"What interesting blue rings on your Umbreon! But still, go, Hitmontop!" Clock sent out his Pokémon.

"Hitmontop, the Handstand Pokémon, and evolution of Tyrogue. Fighting-type. It launches kicks while spinning. If it spins at high speed, it may bore its way into the ground. After doing a handstand to throw off the opponent's timing, it presents its fancy kick moves," Free's Pokédex chimed.

"Triple kick!"

Hitmontop rolled onto his head and began top spin at a rapid pace towards Umbreon. His foot swiped across the face of Umbreon once, dealing minor damage, and the dark-type's eyes flamed in agitation. Purple, poisonous sweat from Umbreon's natural defense mechanism dripped from him and onto Hitmontop's body, poisoning Clock's Pokémon. Hitmontop's attack stopped and he stood back up, dizzy from the poison.

"I see! Free didn't have him dodge because he knew about Umbreon's defenses!" Clover said, as if noting it in her head.

"Four minutes on the clock remain!" The referee announced.

"Umbreon, quick attack!" Free ordered. Umbreon quickly dashed at Hitmontop, tackling him, and knocking him down.

"Rapid spin! Quickly!" Clock commanded.

Hitmontop rolled onto the spike on his head again and began to spin rapidly towards Umbreon once more. A pained expression crossed his face as the poison affected him.

"Confuse ray," Free said. Umbreon's eyes flashed white, and Hitmontop began to spin out of control.

"Oh no! Hitmontop!" Clock cried. "Snap out of it!"

"Dark pulse!" Free yelled.

"Two minutes left on the clock!"

Umbreon stamped his paws on the ground lightly and all light in the gym was extinguished. They then lit up as a wave of dark energy pulsated across the floor, it carrying Hitmontop into a wall.

"Hitmontop is unable to battle with one minute, thirty-two seconds left on the clock!" The referee groaned, tired after a long day of judging and timekeeping.

Clock sighed and looked out to a hallway where a large and elderly grass Pokémon stood. "Come here, Meganium…"

"Chika?" Free's Chikorita's leaf perked up and she stared at her future evolution and could tell how old and wise she was.

"Could you help me heal these guys? We've taken a beating…" Clock whined. Meganium smiled at him and walked over to take over healing the injured Pokémon so Clock could hand a badge to Free.

"I'll have to tell your brother just how good you are!" Clock grinned. "Of course… he does get all moody about you battling and all. Oh! Here's your badge."

"Great!" Free exclaimed, putting it with his others. "Now we only have two more, Heather!"

"Hey guys, the boat back to Olivine is leaving soon. You'll have to take in to get to Mahogany where your next badge is…" Brogan smiled, happy to know more than them.

"You're right! We better hurry back!" Heather replied. "Only two more to go…"

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