Clover's Pokémon

Torchic - Ab: Blaze - Moves: Ember, Scratch, Flamethrower, and Focus Energy - Level 27

Bagon - Ab: Rock Head - Moves: Headbutt, Dragonbreath, Ember, and Bite - Level 29

Swablu - Ab: Natural Cure - Moves: Peck, Sing, Astonish, and Fury Attack - Level 21

Espeon - Ab: Synchronize - Moves: Helping Hand, Confusion, Quick Attack, and Swift - Level 25

Poliwag - Ab: Water Absorb - Moves: Water Gun, Hypnosis, Bubble, and Doubleslap - Level 21

Oddish - Ab: Chlorophyll - Moves: Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Acid, and Absorb - Level 20

Chapter 64 – A Storm's Brewing

"Heather, Free, Deka, Clover?! Is that you!?" A girl's voice echoed throughout town as a familiar trainer ran down the streets of Ecruteak to greet the others. "Is Verde that delicious hunk of man-meat standing with you guys? Verde! I love you!"

"Who is that?" Verde asked, squinting his eyes. Recognition flashed through them. "Uh, hey. Nice meeting you guys, but I have a Gym Leader test to take. See ya! Fly, Charger!"

Verde hopped on the back of his Charizard who spread his wings and took flight just as the girl reached the four trainers.

"Hello, Rachael," they all muttered, wishing they had taken action as quickly as Verde did.

"Did Verde just leave? I saw him here, and then he flew away!" Rachael asked, exasperated. She squinted her eyes at the sky, but Verde and Charger were long gone.

"Uh. No, that wasn't him," Heather lied, knowing Verde had been trying to avoid Rachael.

"Definitely not," Free added. He also realized Verde and Rachael must have had some sort of confrontation earlier and that is why he fled.

"Oh. Pooey," Rachael pouted. "I wanted to hug him again! He is so, so, so, cute. But, hey, you're cute too, Deka."

Deka's face flushed, and a panicked look took over his face. Rachael walked to his side and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hey!" Clover stomped her foot, angry at Rachael's actions. "You can't just kiss my ugly brother. That's gross and yucky!"

"Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do about it, little girl?" Rachael sneered at Clover, grabbing at a Poké Ball. "You wanna battle me? If I win I can do whatever I want to your brother."

"Wait, what?" Deka screeched.

"Well, we'll just have to take you out," Clover giggled. "Go, Bagon!"

"Loudred, go!" Rachael had run a short distance away from Clover to give the Pokémon battle space. She winked at Deka and gave him a small wave. Deka gulped and began to sweat in fear at the thought of Rachael following him.

"Bagon, ember!" Clover commanded.

"Dodge and use take down!" Rachael responded quickly. She wanted to win this.

Loudred charged at Bagon and hit him head on.

"Take down gets recoil damage though, right?" Heather whispered to Free who nodded in response.

"Ha! So now you're hurt a little bit too! Let's get them, Bagon!" Clover yelled. Bagon seemed barely damaged, about as much as Loudred was from his own attack. "Let's try dragon claw!"

Bagon's talons glowed a bright, white-blue color and he slashed at Loudred's large face, throwing him back towards Rachael.

"He may be hurt, but this is a long way from over!" Rachael commented. "I'll have you soon, Deka!"

"Please no," Deka muttered to himself. Free and Heather had to stifle their laughter and managed to retain their composure as they watched Clover's battle.

"Let's go for a headbutt then, Bagon!" Clover shouted to her Pokémon. Bagon began to charge head first at Loudred.

"Meet him with your own headbutt!" Rachael ordered.

The two Pokémon collided and skidded back to their trainers' feet, both panting. Loudred seemed to be struggling more than Bagon.

"Your sister's Bagon is really powerful," Free told Deka. Deka didn't reply. He seemed to be praying for Clover to win.

"I hoped I wouldn't have to disturb the peace by using this attack," Rachael snickered. "Loudred, uproar!"

Loudred widened his already gaping mouth and began to howl. The noise emitting from the Pokémon shook the windows of nearby buildings and several people exited their houses and stared at Rachael as if she were crazy.

Without command, Bagon opened his mouth wide and released blue-green flames from it, engulfing Loudred. Immediately, his shrieks began to die.

"Good job, Bagon!" Clover congratulated her Pokémon. When the flames died, Loudred had fallen to the ground and was unable to battle any longer.

"Loudred, return," Rachael huffed. She glared at Clover quickly, winked at Deka and Free, and waved quickly to Heather. "I'll have you yet, Deka!"

Rachael took off down the street and everyone let out the breath they didn't know they were holding.

"Thank goodness your Bagon just got annoyed of her," Deka sighed in relief. He tried to rub the small, dragon-type Pokémon on the head, but Bagon nipped at his hand, and Deka quickly withdrew it.

"She stresses me out…" Heather whined, holding her head.

"Hey! Either the sky spit on my nose or it's sprinkling, guys," Heather announced as the four trainers made their way back to the Pokémon Center.

The other trainers looked up at the sky, and sure enough, dark, puffy clouds had rolled in while Clover and Rachael battled. Lightning flashed in the distance and the wind began to pick up. When the lightning's thunder rumbled, Clover squealed.

"I don't like bad storms, Deka!" She cried, clinging to her brother's arm.

"Let's duck in somewhere, guys," Deka said, responding to his sister by turning into a protective older brother.

"There's a friendly-looking store. Let's head in there," Free pointed out. The other trainers agreed and they hurried in the door as the rain began to pound down.

"'Ello, kids. Come to get out of the storm?" The shop keeper called from behind the register.

"Yeah. Is it all right if we stay here?" Heather asked. Thunder roared, shaking the shop's shelves. Clover whimpered.

"Sure! Let me just pull down my storm blinds," the man replied, walking and pulling metal sheets down in front of the windows. "They're there incase hail breaks the window. Then glass wouldn't fly into the shop and my goods wouldn't get wet from the rain."

"That's fantastic!" Free shouted. The shop keeper smiled at the enthusiastic child.

"All right, kids, we should go down to the basement incase the storm gets really bad," the guy replied.

"Doesn't this seem a little odd? An older man is asking us to go into his basement…" Deka whispered to Free.

"I don't get it," Free replied and proceeded to follow the man down the stairs.

"Everything should be alright down here," the man said, flipping a light switch. It was quiet between the people for a moment and the upstairs rattled. They could here rain and hail pounding the building, the wind howling, and the thunder crashing.

"I don't like storms," Clover cried, covering her ears.

"How about you pull out your PokéGear and play us something on the radio?" Deka suggested.

"Oh! I forgot about my radio card!" Clover exclaimed, digging for her radio. She flipped the switch but what came on was not music, but someone talking.

"…Giovanni! Attention Giovanni! This is Team Rocket speaking! We have resurfaced; I repeat, we have resurfaced! Come to us, Giovanni. Rejoin us so we may reign once more!"

"Oh my gosh! I forgot about them!" Clover gasped. "And they had even said they were going to do something at the radio tower!"

"We have to stop them!" Free sprang up off the basement floor where he had been sitting. "Let's go, Chikorita!"

"Chika!" Chikorita hopped to her feet and ran after him.

"But, Free, what can we do? It's storming outside," Heather tried to reason with her friend.

"I bet you anything Spade is going there right now if he's heard anything about this," Free replied. "The storm is dying down anyways."

"We're going with you," Deka said.

The trainers rushed up the stairs and out into the rain. The wind wasn't blowing very hard at all anymore and the rain was light. The trainers could see the sky becoming clearer by the minute.

"Guess it was just a quickie," Heather sighed. She loved thunderstorms as much as Clover hated them.

"Yeah, but another could be coming. It's rainy season," Free said. "So we better hurry."

"Right!" The other three replied.

They started to head south towards Goldenrod City.

"Murkrow, Murkrow!" A Murkrow called from overhead.

"Fly faster!" A boy's voice called to the bird.

"Look! It's Spade! And that Golbat and Murkrow has a hold of him with their feet!" Clover shouted, pointing at the sky.

"I hope it eats him!" Deka grinned.

"Spade! Are you going to the radio tower?" Free yelled up to the red-haired boy, but he either didn't hear him or pretended not to have.

A/N And it begins! This will be the final fight against Team Rocket for Johto. Then we will start to wrap up the series! I can't wait for the Silver Conference. That is, if Free and Heather make it there.

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