Last chapter...

"We may not know you well, but in the end we still defeated you.", Will said.

"About that.", Nerissa said as she began to glow along with the other Dark Guardians.

"What's going on?", Matt questioned.

"You sure they can't teleport out of those bubbles, Elyon?", Taranee asked.

"Positive.", Elyon said. "They don't have the power to do so."

"Wanna bet?", Cassidy asked with a smirk before she and the other Dark Guardians teleported out of their bubbles.

Chapter 26:

"No way!", Eric said.

"I thought you said that they couldn't teleport out of their bubbles!", Will snapped at Elyon.

"B-But I...", Elyon began to say.

"Now, now Will.", Angelo said as he appeared in front of the young heroes along with the other Dark Guardians. "There's no need to yell at poor little Elyon."

"Besides, she was right.", Halinor said. "Those bubble could of held us. Well... The old us that is."

"The old you?", Cornelia questioned with an eyebrow.

"Yes.", Cassidy said. "The old us. You see, we got a power boost!"

"And the best part is, the Oracle didn't even see us get it!", Joe said.

"What world did you get you extra Heart from?", Will asked in a demanding tone.

"Wouldn't you like to know.", Yan Lin said with a smirk.

"We still out number you three Hearts to two!", Matt said.

"It's not how much power you have.", Nerissa said.

Suddenly Joe, who had his hands glowing while growing thirty feet, unleashed a powerful sonic clap, that sent the heroes flying towards the walls of the Courtyard hitting it hard.

"It's how you use it that counts.", Joe said with a smirk as he shrunk back to to normal size.

"And it looks like you all have a ways to go.", Halinor said as Angelo walked up to Nigel, who was laying on the ground along with the others.

"Not what was it you were saying about us being trapped in bubbles?", he asked with a smirk as he picked up Nigel by his shirt.

"I believe he was bragging about how they had us beat.", Cassidy said.

"And yet look at them now.", Nerissa said as Joe picked up Will and hoisted her over his shoulder.

"Give a message to the girls when they wake up.", Angelo said as he held on to Nigel. "Tell them to enjoy their powers while they still have them. For soon, they will belong to Nolan once he gets the Heart.", he said as Nerissa opened a fold for Gardania.

Angelo then dropped Nigel, letting his body drop to the ground, as he headed for the fold. What none of them saw was Irma slowly coming to. And the first thing she saw was the others out cold around her.

"What the heck happened?", she questioned as she looked around and saw the Dark Guardians heading towards a fold with Will as their captive. "Oh no! Will!"

Irma mustered all of her strenght and flew towards them only to be knocked back by telekinetic blast from, Kadma.

"How sad.", Cassidy said. "If only you could make some ice. Then you could freeze us in our tracks. But like always, you lack the focus to do so.", she laughed as she headed towards the fold.

"I'll show you focus!", Irma said as she suddenly formed a bunch of sword sized ice shards and sent them flying towards the Dark Guardians.

They dodged all but one that was heading right for Cassidy. Cassidy closed her eyes bracing herself for impact. But she felt nothing. She then opened one eye slowly to see what happened. Then she opened both of her eyes in shock at what she saw. There stood Angelo with an ice shard in his upper left shoulder.

"No.", she said weakly as Angelo dropped to his knees. "Angelo!", she cried as Angelo dropped to his side.

"I'll live.", Angelo said before he blacked out.

Using her telekinetic powers, Kadma lifted Angelo in the air and moved him through the fold. Seeing that Angelo was through the fold, Cassidy turned her attention to Irma who was on her knees, drained from the attack she just let loose. Suddenly, she saw the shadow of a figure coming towards her. She looked up to see Cassidy looking down at her with a glare that sent a shiver down her spiner. Before she could make a move, Cassidy grabbed Irma by her neck and slammed her against the wall.

"One thrust in the chest.", Cassidy said as she formed a sharp ice dagger in her free hand. "That's all it takes. One thrust and you're dead!"

"Let's go, Cassidy!", Nerissa said ass she grabbed her friend by her arm and pulled her away from Irma letting her drop to the ground gasping for air. "You can finish the brat off later!"

"Next time, Lair!", Cassidy snapped as she went through the fold. "You're mine!", she said as the fold closed leaving the young heroes defeated. "Do you hear me? You're mine!"

"Looking... forward... to it.", Irma said before fainting.

Moments later...

"Irma, wake up!", came a familiar voice as Irma slowly opened her eyes. "Wake up, Irma!"

Once her vision cleared, Irma saw Hay Lin looking down at her with concern.

"Aw, man.", Irma moaned as she sat up slowly. "What happened?"

"The Dark Guardians got Will, that's what happened!", Matt said.

"And with it, the Heart of Kandrakar.", Taranee said.

"Forget the Heart!", Matt snapped. "We have to save Will!"

"No. You need to calm down and think with a clear head!", Cornelia said. "We have no clue where they took Will. And getting all mad won't help us any."

"Maybe the Oracle can help.", Elyon said as she opened a fold to Kandrakar.

Nodding in agreement, everyone headed through the fold to Kandrakar. Once there, the Oracle was waiting for them in the Chamber of the Aurameres along with Luba, Tibor, and Alfor.

"Fear not, young ones.", the Oracle said. "We know of what has happened and have found a way to find Will."

"And that is?", Matt questioned as he changed back to normal.

"We are using the connection Will has to her Auramere to find her.", the Oracle explained. "But it seems that even with that, there's a powerful barrier blocking my vision."

"So, in other words, we're still in the dark.", Caleb said.

"I'm afraid so.", the Oracle said. "But do not lose hope. We shall find Will. And when we do, you all will be the first to know. But until then, I do believe you four need help transforming back to normal.", he said as he used his powers to transform the girls back to normal.

"Well, that's one less thing to worry about.", Cornelia said. "But there has to be some way we can help find Will."

"Yeah!", Hay Lin said. "Maybe if we add some of our power in on the search, we might be able to find Will quicker."

"A fine idea.", the Oracle said. "But I'm afraid that it won't be of much help. If one or two of you were with Will, then finding you all would be easier. The best I can say you all can do, is train together. For you will need the strenght to rescue Will, once she is found.", he said as he opened a fold for Earth. "This fold will take you back to Earth. Get some rest. And be rest assurred that Will is safe."

Once the teens were throught the fold, the Oracle closed it with a sad smile.

"Do not lose hope young ones. For all is not lost.", the Oracle said before going back to his search for Will.

"Can anybody tell me how the Oracle is so sure Will is safe?", Irma asked.

"The Heart!", Taranee said getting everyones' attention. "That Nolan guy needs Will alive to get the Heart from her!"

"Cause if, Heaven forbid, she were to die, the Heart would return back to Kandrakar!", Cornelia remembered smiling. "So, there's still hope!"

"Cause if Nolan wants the Heart, Will has to give it to him willingly!", Taranee said.

"And Will is way to stubborn to do that.", Cornelia said.

"So, all we have to do is wait for the Oracle to find Will and then we can go rescue her!", Irma said.

"Any idea on how to do that?", Taranee asked Cornelia surprising the Earth Guardian.

"Me? But you're..."

"You and I both know that you're meant to be the second-in-command, Cornelia.", Taranee said with a smile. "So, here's your chance."

"Thanks, Taranee.", Cornelia said as they shared a hug.

"So, what's the plan?", Peter asked.

"For now, nothing.", Cornelia said. "We have no idea where Will is. Once we find out about where she is, then we can come up with a plan."

"But until then we wait.", Matt said. "I guess that's all we can do."

Nodding in agreement, the group headed to their homes. Each hoping for the best. Meanwhile, on the world of Gardania, Will was slowly coming to and saw that she was in what looked like a bedroom that had very nice furniture in it.

"Where am I?", Will questioned as she sat up in the bed she was in. How did I get here?", she questioned before it all came flooding back to her. "The Dark Guardians! Oh no! The Heart!"

Will looked down at herself and saw that she was still in her Guardian form and that the Heart of Kandrakar was around her neck. Seeing this, she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well, look who's up?", came a familiar voice that made Will jump from the bed she was on and take a fighting stance.

Will looked to see Angelo, who was in his Dark Guardian form leaning against the door to the room.

"And to answer your question, you're in Nolan's secret lair.", Angelo said. "And you should know how you got here.", he said with a smirk.

"I have an idea or two.", Will said as she sat back on the bed. "And I'm guessing that I can't teleport or open a fold out of here, huh?"

"You'd be right.", Angelo said as he sat in a chair that was in the room. "You have no powers in this room."

"I'll never give it to him.", Will said getting Angelo's attention. "I'll never let Nolan have the Heart!"

"Is that so?", Angelo questioned.

"You bet it is.", Will said.

Angelo then used his speed so that he was standing in front of Will. He then leaned down so that they were face to face. He then placed his right index finger under her chin and raised her head so that she was looking at him.

"We'll see abiout that.", he said before teleporting out of the room, leaving Will alone.

Will the brought her knees to her chest and held them there as she rocked back and forth.

'Please let my friends find me, Lord.', she prayed not giving up hope.

Watching from his crystal ball was Nolan, who had a smile on his face.

"My Dark Guardians have done well.", he said to himself as he made the image in his crystal ball fade away. "All that's left is for the Keeper to give up the Heart. Once I have it, Kandrakar will be mine! And with it, the Known Worlds!", he said before breaking into laughter.

Back on Earth, Matt was in the park watching the sunset.

'I wonder if Will can see the sunset, wherever she is?', he questioned hoping she was okay. 'I'll save you, Will! No matter what it takes!', he said before turning to head home.

As for Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin, the four of them had only thought in mind. To find and save Will as well as stop Nolan from completing his plans. Meanwhile, on Cormorran Beach, the Dark Guardians were in their beach house home, talking about what to do about Will.

"I say we trick her into thinking that we've beaten her fellow Guardians.", Cassidy suggested as she laid on a couch with her head resting in Angelo's lap.

"Won't work.", Angelo said as he played with Cassidy's hair. "She knows that her friends won't go down so easy."

"Maybe if I boost Cassidy's mind control powers, she can get Will to give up the Heart.", Nerissa suggested as she was sitting in a recliner.

"Forget that plan.", Halinor said who was sitting on another couch with Yan Lin. "The Heart will protect her from that kind of stuff. And by protect, I mean put up a mental barrier."

"I guess beating her up is out of the question too?", Yan Lin asked.

"Pretty much.", Halinor said.

"I say we mess with her head.", Kadma said as she was sitting in Joe's lap, who was sitting in a large recliner. "Find something she feels real bad about and really dig at it."

"That can work.", Joe said as he rubbed Kadma's leg. "And we already got something to use."

"And then some", Angelo said with a smirk. "But it'll call for me to tug at her heartstrings. You okay with that, Baby?"

"I think I can take it.", Cassidy said as she sat up and rubbed his right shoulder. "How's your shoulder?"

"It's okay.", Angelo said with a smirk. "But I could use a little TLC."

"I think I can handle that.", Cassidy said before they shared a kiss and heading upstairs.

"Those two never stop.", Yan Lin said with a grin.

Once upstairs, Cassidy and Angelo headed for her room and closed and locked the door. Cassidy then took Angelo's hand and pulled him to her bed. Cassidy then sat on her bed and pulled Angelo down with her as she laid back on her bed. Angelo propped himself over Cassidy and the two began to make out as they roamed around each other lovingly. Soon the need for air came as they parted lips smiling at each other.

"Now that's what I call TLC.", Angelo said making Cassidy smile as he combed his fingers through her hair..

"I do my best.", Cassidy said before yawning.

"Tired?", Angelo asked.

"A little.", Cassidy said. "I guess using my powers to heal your shoulder took more out of me than I though it did.", she said as she got up and began to change her clothes while Angelo had his back facing her.

"I'm still amazed that you have that power.", Angelo said as he took his shirt off leaving him in a pair of sweatpants.

"I'm surprised Irma hasn't discovered the ability yet.", Cassidy said as she finished dressing in her blue thin-strap nightgown. "But then again, she's not the most focused of the girls."

"And that'll play to our advantage.", Angelo said as he laid back on Cassidy's bed.

"And then some.", Cassidy said as she laid next to Angelo. "But right now, I just want to get some sleep.", she said as she cuddled up to Angelo a bit.

"Then get some sleep.", Angelo said as he held her close. "I'll be right here when you wake up."

With a smile on her face, Cassidy slowly drifted off to sleep knowing that Angelo was there for her.

'Soon, Will. Soon, you shall surrender the Heart to Nolan.', Angelo thought to himself as he held Cassidy close. 'And then we shall rule all with Nolan.'

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