~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~August 18, 2011 Katie's Office (Katie's P.O.V) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"That was a fun party wasn't it?" I asked Skylar as were in my office getting ready for Impact and I was talking to Skylar about Marie's party.

"Yes." Skylar smiled she still had the red clip on highlights from last week on.

"It was funny when Marie was fighting over your cousin Selena for that pillow I got her." I laughed.

"They made up remember mommy?" Skylar asked.

"I remember." I smiled then I looked at the door way and saw someone in a dark pink hoodie with blue jeans and dark blue sneakers.

"May I help you?" I asked the person and they just stood there.

"Hello?" I asked getting close to the person.

"Aunt Katie!" I heard a voice and I looked around till I looked down and saw my 4 year old niece Selena Wilson.

"Selena nice to see you." I smiled as I picked her up.

"Wait if you're here then does that mean…" I started to say then looked at the person in the hoodie.

"Carrie?" I asked the person in shock and the person took off the hoodie and it was my half sister and Current WWE Tag Team Champion and Intercontinental Champion Carrie Wilson.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"You can get in trouble and…" I started to say but she cut me off.

"Phoenix invited me here." Carrie said as we sat down and I put down Selena and her and Skylar started playing.

"How come?" I asked her.

"I know Kurt here more than anyone else." Carrie said.

"I know how he thinks, how he feels, what he wants everything." She continued.

"Right now he hates Dixie and Phoenix right now because he thinks they're liars, He wants you to be in charge of TNA Completely so that when your guard is down he can take TNA right from under you and he wants your World Title." Carrie told me.

"You're good." I smiled.

"Thanks." Carrie smiled.

"Anytime." I smiled back then frowned.

"Wait won't Hunter, Stephanie and John Laurinatis kill you for being on TNA Ground?" I asked her.

"Phoenix talked to the three of them to let me join TNA to help her out and be her eyes when it comes to Kurt." Carrie smiled.

"And besides since when do I care about what Laryngitis says?" She asked as I laughed at the Nickname she gave Laurinatis.

"Good point." I smiled.

"So have anything to do tonight?" Carrie asked as she got a text.

"Nothing ring wise but I decided to put an enforcer in Femme Fatale to defend off guys against Kurt." I said.

"Well can you watch Selena for a while because Phoenix needs me." Carrie said putting her hood back on.

"For a while I can." I said.

"Thanks you're the best." Carrie smiled hugging me then leaving.

"Yay I'm the babysitter tonight." I laughed as Impact Started and Steve and Serena went out to the ring and Steve started acting crazy.

"Uncle Steve is funny." Selena laughed.

"Uncle Steve is weird." Skylar said. She may be my adoptive daughter but damn I'm raising her right so far.

"He's both." I laughed as Steve called out Hogan.

"Why do I have the feeling that it's not Hogan that's going to come out but someone instead?" I asked myself then I knew the answer.

"Flair!" I yelled as I grabbed my bat and started to walk but stopped as I needed someone to watch Skylar and Selena then I saw Allen walk by.

"Allen I need you to watch Skylar and Selena." I said pulling him in my office.

"Why does Selena need watching?" Allen asked.

"Not that Selena." I said correcting him pointing him at our niece.

"Selena? How did she get here?" Allen asked confused.

"I'll tell you later." I said kissing his cheek then running out to the ring and grabbing a mike.

"Hey Flair did you stop to think that maybe Dixie and Phoenix didn't want to pay you was because they didn't want to pay for your trips to the STD Clinic?" I asked. I never liked Flair and always made STD jokes about him.

"But you want a match against my brother?" I asked him.

"And you want to wrestle badly?" I kept asking.

"How about you wrestle against me then?" I smirked.

"You're call Flair." I smirked more.

"Sorry Katie you know I don't face women." Flair said.

"You faced both Phoenix and my sister Carrie Wilson in the WWE and yet you won't face me?" I asked pretending to be in shock.

"Is it because…You're scared of me?" I asked smirking and laughing at the same time. Since Flair came to TNA I've been a big threat to him and Fortune when he was the leader.

"I'm scared of no woman!" Flair yelled at me.

"Only because you slept with half of America." I laughed.

"Shut your mouth Borden!" He yelled.

"Ok first off I go by Styles now. And second just admit you're afraid of me and I'll leave you alone." I smirked.

"You know what I accept your challenge Styles!" He yelled.

"And I don't mean I'll face your Husband!" He yelled.

"Please if I wanted AJ to face you I make the match right now!" I yelled at him.

"But we'll save that pleasure for another day." I smirked as I went to the back.

"Katie can you let this beef with Flair go he's not the leader of Fortune anymore." Allen said as I walked back in my office.

"I know he's not but I never really got my hands on him yet and I need to." I growled as I sat down and picked up Skylar.

"So anyway how did Selena get here?" Allen asked holding her then he realized something.

"Carrie is here isn't she?" Allen asked.

"Katie she can get in serious trouble for being here." He said.

"Phoenix invited her here to help out with Kurt she worked things out with the WWE Higher ups." I said.

"Allen Carrie knows more about Kurt than anyone else. She knows how he thinks, feels and what he wants." I said.

"As long as Carrie doesn't get in trouble." Allen said gently bouncing Selena up and down on his leg.

"Please if Carrie does get in trouble she'll bail herself out like always." I smiled bouncing Skylar on my leg.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Phoenix's P.O.V. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Calm is a word that I haven't known in a long while. Who am I kidding? Between Randy's banner week from Summerslam and Marie's birthday it's been an action packed week. Not to mention the fact I was tempted to smack Phil upside the head numerous times. He's an idiot most days. My phone was currently on vibrate and my legs were pulled up on the chair under me.

My red hair was pulled into a ponytail. I was in a black blouse and grey slacks. I was wearing a pair of flats today. Marie was at the foot of the chair fast asleep thanks to the pillow Katie and Allen had gotten her. The twins were also taking a nap. I was grateful for that. I looked over at my phone as it vibrated. It was John Laurinatis. I would ignore that.

I shook my head at what Katie had gotten herself into. I wasn't surprised. I mean it is Katie. I looked over when Matt and Devon joined us.

"Has anyone asked you who you think is going to win?" Matt asked.

"No, but that's a good thing." I replied.

"Who do you think will walk out of the Bound For Glory Series with a title shot?" Matt asked.

"Honestly. I'm liking Crimson's chances. Just as long as it isn't anyone in Immortal I'll be okay." I answered.

"You're easy." Taz said.

"I know. I just have a lot to worry about without an Immortal winning." I said. Everyone knew I was doing too much for my own good. I shook my head when Scott picked up the win that way. I thought Brian was a better ref then that. I was tempted to say something but thought better of it. I was thinking I should get Brian glasses probably. I was about to stand up when Joe showed up out of nowhere and attacked Devon. I then realized that Marie was under my feet. I didn't want to step on her. I closed my eyes and wished it was over. I was glad to see Pope come out though.

I was glad to get them cycled out and the X Division match started. I wasn't surprised when Alex was eliminated. Lord the sooner Chris got back the sooner the pressure would be off of both Star and Brooke. They were both stressed out about wedding plans. I shook my head as I quietly watched the match. I wasn't surprised when Robbie didn't last long because of Cookie. I was impressed with how Jesse was doing. He was actually surpassing my expectations. I figured when Jesse eliminated Kid Kash it would piss him off. Getting involved and allowing Austin to pick up the win was a shoddy way to show it. I wasn't surprised when Brian started attacking Austin. I mean Austin had messed with Demi. Demi could defend herself but the code I always imagined for the guys was running through my head. Don't touch another man's title or award, don't mess with his family, and most certainly don't touch his woman.

I was interested to watch the Mickie and ODB match. I was surprised that Athena was standing next to Mickie. Then again I wasn't so surprised because it was ODB and Jackie. I rubbed my face when my phone vibrated again. I looked at the screen to see it was Randy. That wasn't good if he was calling me. I pulled my headset off and picked up my phone. Unlocking it was par for the course.

"Hey what's wrong?" I asked.

"What?" I asked.

"I know Bret is the guest GM." I said. I listened to Randy for a few minutes.

"Baby, how is Kyl and Adrian?" I asked.

"Randy Keith Orton. Why?" I asked. He had let the kids play around on the bed and it hadn't ended so well. Adrian and Kyl had both fallen off of the bed. Kyl had also bumped his head on the night table.

"Just take both of them to the hospital and let me know." I said.

"Yeah I'll see you in Canada." I said as I hung up. Gah my husband was crazy. I looked back at the match to see Mickie picking up the win. I nodded my head. I put my phone on the announce table and pulled my headset back on. I looked at Taz who was giving me a crazy look.

"Tell you later when I know more." I said. I realized that Allen's match with Rob was coming up after that.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Katie's P.O.V.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Flair was going to get it. No matter the cost. I smirked as I got into my new black and gold vest with matching wrestling tights and boots. I asked Sasha to make it for me so I could match Allen's gear. I got ready and realized something. I could not bring both Skylar and Selena to the ring at the same time Carrie would kill me for bringing Selena to the ring. I paced back and forth till I saw Ally and Lacey.

"What's wrong boss?" Lacey asked as she sat down on the couch.

"I need someone to watch Skylar and Selena when I go out with Allen." I said.

"Think you guys can?" I asked them.

"Of course." Ally smiled.

"But why does Selena need watching?" Lacey asked sounding confused.

"Not Frankie's Selena my niece Selena." I said pointing to Selena coloring with Skylar.

"Awwww she's cute." Lacey smiled.

"Wait is Carrie here?" Ally asked in shock.

"Yes but keep quiet about it we can't let it get out." I said quickly and Ally nodded her head.

"I'll be back after my match against old and wrinkly." I smiled as I got my pink and black bat and went to meet up with Allen.

"Katie you got a sec?" Tommy asked walking up to me.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I asked in shock.

"If Athena sees you here she'll kill you." I told him trying to hide him.

"It's something I have to do Katie." Tommy told me stopping me.

"But I have a question." He said.

"Is there any way I can get in your match with Kurt at No Surrender?" He asked.

"That I'll have to think about it." I told him.

"Now leave before Athena finds out." I told him.

"I have to talk to Kurt before his match with Phoenix." He said walking away. Ok I'm tempted to tell Athena right now but I might not. Damn I have so much thinking to do.

"Hey you look like you've seen a ghost." Allen said as I walked up to him.

"Athena isn't going to like tonight." I said holding my head.

"Tommy is here?" Allen asked and I nodded my head.

"Keep her away from your weapon closet." He said and he and I laughed.

"Don't worry I have Ally and Lacey in there." I said laughing as we walked out to the ring.

"Good luck." I smiled as I kissed him and put his hood on him and we went out.

"And his opponent accompanied to the ring by The TNA X Division and World Champion Katie Styles from Gainesville, Georgia the Phenomenal One AJ Styles!" Christy announced as Allen and I walked to the ring and he went in and the match started and I kept a look out for anyone…Well to be more specific Daniels. I liked the guy and he's one of my closest friends and my best friend's fiancé but something told me not to trust him at the moment. When my guard was down I saw Jerry Lynn come through the barrier and screw Rob out of the match which meant that Allen only got three points. Does every want their ass murdered by me. While Allen was getting in his face I went and attacked Lynn with my bat.

"Mind your own damn business!" I yelled at him as I hit him with my bat one more time before I went to the back with Allen following me.

"Katie did you have to leave before I had a chance to whack him with the bat?" Allen asked as he smiled at me.

"I need to get ready for my match against Flair." I said as I watched one of the monitors by the entrance and I saw Flair in a warehouse setting.

"Why is he there?" Allen asked laughing.

"Looking for Steve and Serena." I laughed as he found them beating up Gunner.

"Wow he would rather face the person who will grantee him death then the person who might keep him alive." Allen laughed.

"What the hell is wrong with him?" I asked laughing.

"Does his brain have gonorrhea too?" I asked laughing and we heard Rob and Jerry fighting.

"Katie take your own advice." Allen told me strictly.

"I'll mess with him if he mess with me." I growled as Rob walked away and Jerry looked at me.

"Look away if you don't want another whack and I'll let AJ do it this time." I told him handing my bat to Allen and he took it right away and Jerry just walked away.

"Damn I wanted to hit him." Allen said handing my bat back to me and we saw Flair.

"Last chance to get out of the match sweetheart." He smiled.

"Keep walking!" I yelled annoyed as Flair's theme played and he went to the ring.

"Stay back here." I growled at Allen.

"Why?" He asked.

"Remember the last time the three of us were out there?" I asked reminding him of Genesis. Worst time of my life. He almost got divorce papers that night because of that.

"I won't betray you this time Katie." Allen said.

"I know you won't because your ass will be back here. Come out only if any other Immortal member comes out." I told him.

"Alright." Allen said as I went to the theme song guy.

"Play Young." I said as he Played "Young" By Hollywood Undead and I went out. Yeah I got a new theme.

"And his opponent from Venice Beach, California she is the TNA X Division Champion and World Champion Katie Styles!" Christy announced as I went to the ring and put my bat down and glared at Flair.

"Come on sweetheart I know you don't want to face me." He smirked and the bell rang and I kicked him in his stomach then went to the apron and when he turned to me I speared him and I smirked more and went to the top rope and did my first Finisher Darkness Approaches on him and when I got up I went to the top rope and did my second finisher Dawn Awakens which is a back flip off the top rope and when I got up again I waited for him to get up and after a few he did and I went for Wedgie Buster on him and I smirked as I went for a new Finisher of mine that I call Styles Rage which is that you combine the Figure Four and the Ankle Lock together and after he tapped I smirked.

"Here is your winner Katie Styles!" Christy announced as Garrett raised my hand and I grabbed my bat. I was tempted to hit Flair with it but I smirked and went to the back as I gave him enough torture for one night.

"Hey guys did they give you any trouble?" I asked Ally and Lacey as I walked back in my office and they were coloring with the girls.

"Not at all." Lacey smiled.

"They're angels." Ally smiled and I went up to Selena and Skylar and smelt their breaths.

"They're clean." I said as I went and changed into one of Allen's new Shirts which had a replica of his tattoo on the side. Speaking of tattoos I checked my three new ones to see if they were ok. I got a pink tribal one on my upper left arm, a small butterfly tattoo on my right side of my neck, and a pink heart tribal tattoo on my upper right waist above me other tattoo which is a small Japanese symbol meaning love. After they were ok I went and put on a pair of blue jeans and a pair of black converse low tops with skulls on them.

"You seriously thought I would give them sugar Katie?" Ally asked crossing her arms.

"Yes." I said.

"I didn't." She pouted.

"I wouldn't let her." Lacey said.

"Thank you Lacey." I smiled as I sat down and watched Tommy, Kurt and Athena in the ring. Hopefully Phoenix and Carrie will knock some sense in Kurt tonight. If not I'll do it at No Surrender and believe me the last thing he would want is to have me in the ring.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Phoenix's P.O.V~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I had left to get ready right after Katie's match. I was in my locker room with my phone when I noticed Tommy come out. I'd bang that kid's head in later. I exchanged my slacks for a black micro mini skirt. I had added the swirls from the back of Randy's trunks recently. Mine were white. I looked at my phone as it vibrated. It was Randy. I unlocked the phone and sat down.

"Hello?" I asked as I started taking off my flats. I was rolling on my left sheer fishnet tight when I stopped.

"What?" I asked as I finished with that and continued onto my other leg.

"The bed isn't that far from the ground though." I said. I had put both tights on and was grabbing my boots to put on.

"Where were you doing all of this?" I asked as I started tying my left boot. I paused and sighed.

"Randy. You're crazy. Yeah well luckily the insurance covers this." I said as I finished with my left boot and started on my right.

"I'm getting ready for a match." I said. I held the phone away from my ear when he started yelling.

"Randy I can do this." I said as I finished with my boots and stood. I started unbuttoning my blouse.

"Randy I'm not listening to this. I'll see you when I get to Canada. Love you goodbye." I said as I hung up. Kyl and Adrian had each broken an arm and Kyl had a concussion. I ignored that fact and grabbed the Lilac taffeta corset and put it on. I was putting the finishing touches on my make up when Carrie walked in.

"You ready?" I asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Carrie answered. I nodded my head and we left my locker room. I looked at the music guy.

"Do Bloodline." I said. He nodded his head and I stepped out.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall." Christy said.

"First Calgary, Alberta, Canada by way of St. Louis, Missouri being accompanied by Dawn she is Devon Hart." Christy said. I nodded my head. I was hoping to make short work of Kurt. The Tag Title match was after mine. I got into the ring and waited for Kurt. My music was cut off and replaced by his.

"Her opponent from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania being accompanied by Sky he is the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle." Christy said. I looked at Dawn as she got out of the ring and only Kurt and I were out of the ring.

I took the usual deep breath and tried to block out everything else going through my mind. I locked up with him. The two of us would go at it like we normally do. He and I traded the momentum back and forth. I was focusing most of my attention at his ankle. I was going to give this jerk a taste of his own medicine. When he was in the center of the ring I locked him in the Ankle Lock and dropped down to grapevine his leg. I was sure he was about to tap out when out of nowhere Skye got into the ring and shoved me off. That caused the DQ. What the hell. I stood up and glared at her.

I stepped back and turned around. I also grabbed Dawn around the waist.

"Not worth it." I whispered.

"The winner of the match by disqualification Devon Hart." Christy said. I got out of the ring with Dawn.

"You go to the back I'll stay out here." I said as I went to the announce table and sat down.

"You want to tell me about the earlier conversation you had?" Taz asked.

"Kyl and Adrian took a dive from the bed. Kyl got a concussion and broke his right arm. Adrian just broke his left arm." I replied.

"Ouch." Mike said. I nodded my head. I couldn't help the glare when Karen and Jeff came out. I was just going to pretend they didn't exist and watched the tag match. I wasn't surprised the way Mexican America was handling it. I took a deep breath. My jaw dropped when Karen tried to stick her nose in it. I was feeling somewhat better when Jeff tried to help. Mexican America ended picking up the win and the title belts. That pissed me off. I stepped over Marie and headed toward the ramp where Jeff and Karen were.

I ended up toe to toe with Karen.

"You stick your nose in another effing match and I swear on my parents' graves that I will put you in a match. A match with no Jeff at ringside, no disqualification, a ref of my choosing, and an opponent of my choice." I said putting a finger in her chest.

"She heard you Phoenix. I'll keep an eye on her." Jeff said as he hurried to get her out of my way. I released a breath and looked over at Bobby, Brianna, James, and Celeste. I didn't even think to apologize because that would be stupid. I walked back to the announce table and roused Marie.

"Come on. I've got to go get changed and then we can go see Daddy." I said with a smile. Lord. I didn't need to see Randy. It was getting ridiculous over here.