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Takes place after Warriors Orochi 2.

Yukimura x Kunoichi

Yukimura looked out over the night sky as he sat on the wall of Osaka Castle. His feet dangled off the battlement as he laid back on his hands, which rested on his spear, the Dragon's Tail. Orochi had been defeated yet again and the celebration had just finished. Yet again peace had come. The mystic Fu Xi had disappeared and so had Sakon. The stars were plentiful in the night sky and the moon was full. Yukimura gazed out and tried to pick out the constalations. He saw the Big Dipper and Orion's Belt, but couldn't find anything else.

"Hey," he heard a voice say and turned his head back to look over his shoulder. Kunoichi, his bodyguard, stood there in her usual pink-red attire. "Mind if I sit with you, my lord?"

"Not at all."

So Kunoichi sat next to her lord on the battlement. Neither one said anything for awhile. "So, my lord, what were you doing?"

"I was looking at the stars."

Kunoichi also looked up at the stars, "Yeah, they do look beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you."

She was taken back by the compliment. Had she heard correctly? Had her lord whom she was supposed to protect just call her beautiful? "Um...Lord Yukimura?"

His head slowly turned in her direction so that their eyes met. "Yes?"

"Did...did you just call me beautiful?"

Yukimura chuckled, "Yes I did."

"Do you mean it? I mean, I'm obviously not as beautiful as some other girls you've seen."

"You're right, you're not."

Kunoichi looked down saddened at the answer.

"But there is no woman I've met that can compare with you," Kunoichi's eyes sprung open as she gazed into her lord's eyes.

"M-my lord?"


"I...I...I...-" she suddenly wrapped her arms around her lord's neck and pulled him into a long passionate kiss. Yukimura returned it. Nothing could tarnish the moment...or that's what they thought anyway. They were kicked out of their world when they heard the sound of clapping and both jolted their heads towards the source: Lord Takeda Shingen.

"Well," he said between his claps. "It's about time!"

"Hmph...you really know how to kill the moment don't you!" Kunoichi said as she gave him a death glare. Lord Shingen laughed as she turned around, "Of course! Please excuse me!"

As he walked away, Kunoichi looked back at her lord, "So, where were we?"

Yukimura smiled, "Right about here."

He pulled her into another kiss under the moonlite and starlite sky.

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