Liechtenstein was sitting in a chair staring out the window unaware of the crazy turn of events that would cause her to have an adventure. An adventure so insane that she wouldn't be able to talk about without sounding like she was smoking whatever it was England takes when he gets those crazy hallucinations. She was completely unaware that the current way she viewed the other countries would be questioned and eventually destroyed, only to be replaced with new views. These new views won't make any sense to anyone. They will cause Liechtenstein to giggle to herself when she looks at the other countries. The new views won't be based on stereotypes or world disputes, but rather fueled by crazy ideas from a girl's imagination.

The adventure begins with Switzerland, the wonderful big brother of Liechtenstein, running into the room, freaking out about an earthquake.

"Liechtenstein, we need to get outside now! A big earthquake is coming!" Now this was an odd thing for him to say since the chances of getting a big earthquake in Switzerland was about as likely as a finding that trash can laser monster that thinks it's better to leave the lid of the trash can open instead of closing it to keep the smell in.

Liechtenstein said a small "ok" anyway and ran to grab her big brother's hand. Then, they ran out of the house faster than America would if McDonald's was giving out free burgers.

Once they made it outside, Switzerland and Liechtenstein pressed their bodies to the ground to avoid injury. They watched as their house slowly crumbled to pieces, which was probably one of the saddest things they have ever witnessed.

Suddenly, Liechtenstein remembered something important she left inside the crumbling house. "Big brother, I need to get something," Liechtenstein said as she rose from the ground.

"No, don't!" But Switzerland's warning didn't matter; Liechtenstein was already on her feet and running back to the crumbling house.

"Liechtenstein!" was what she heard as she ran. Though, she didn't seem to hear him mumble "stupid girl."

It didn't matter how many times Liechtenstein heard her brother's cries to come back and get down. She had to go back and get that item. That item was a surprise and was really important to her. Finally, she made it to the door. She quickly opened it and ran through the hallway towards her room.

The hallway was shaking and twisting like a drunken man doing one of those stupid walk in a straight line test, and caused Liechtenstein to trip a few times before she could finally make it to her room. Once there, Liechtenstein ran to her bed to retrieve the mystery object hidden in a small box in the pocket of her pillowcase.

With the box in hand, Liechtenstein started on her way back outside to safety, but unfortunately, before she could make it a clock fell off a shelf and hit her in the head, knocking her out.

Hours passed before Liechtenstein woke up, and another hour passed before she allowed herself to leave her disaster of a room. She was scared to go outside and see Switzerland mad at her. She didn't do what she was told and ran into the house when he told her not to. Switzerland has never been mad at her, so she was terrified to see his face in fury.

Finally, she left her room. The hallway to the door that leads outside had a lot of smashed pictures on the floor, and Liechtenstein had to be careful not to step on any broken glass. When Liechtenstein made it outside and took a look around, she was so amazed she dropped her little box.

"I don't think I'm in Europe anymore."


Reading and watching the Wizard of Oz with my little cousin I'm babysitting gave me this idea.

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