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It took Gohan a week to realize that his dirt on Trunks held no weight against what the lavender-haired brat had against him. What was stopping Trunks from saying "Oh hey guys, guess what, I totally fucked Gohan" to everybody? "Trunks is gay" seemed to pale in comparison, and seemed well... redundant after the fact...

Now, why was Gohan all that concerned with it? Well for starters, hewasmarried, and then there was... no just leave it at that. Infidelity was bad enough, no need to expand. So, Gohan realized that he needed something else, he needed a new piece of dirt to hold over the brat's head...

It took Gohan another two weeks to find it, and he didn't really find it, or should he say it was Trunks who found him.


"Shit! Gohan! I'm sorry!" Trunks said as he burst through the door of his office.

"Now, now Trunks, is that any language to be using in front of your professor?" Gohan said but not casually. No he said it almost angrily.

"I promise I won't do it again! Just… just can you let me do it? Right here? Right now?" He said as he fumbled and dug into his bag. "I've got everything right here! Please!"

Gohan leaned back in his chair, half amused, half confused. He was also partially embarrassed, since what Trunks said was stirring up memories that twisted his sense of reality, but he wasn't admitting that. "You may need to elaborate Trunks." If they had not… Gohan probably would have mocked his sexual-sounding comment.

The rummaging demi looked up. "Didn't you notice I wasn't in class today?"

Gohan's eyes hardened, for more reasons than one. "I'm not your personal stalker Trunks. I don't pay attention to who is in my class. I have over a hundred students. Where were you instead of in my lecture? Studying? Sleeping in because you were partying? I don't give exceptions. You weren't there on time."

"Com'on Gohan! You've known me since I was in diapers!" Trunks pleaded.

However, something else seemed to shine in Trunks' eyes as he took in Gohan's first words. It was a glimpse of something heart wrenching that he saw only once before. Gohan's gaze softened unintentionally.

"Please? Pops dragged me off to train yesterday and I spent most of the night studying."

Gohan sighed and he pushed up his glasses. He pulled out a test copy reserved for those taking it at a later date. "You have one hour."

As Gohan continued making the assignment for the following week, his mind began to wander. He shouldn't have let Trunks write the exam – if the brat studied before, he wouldn't have slept in and missed his class. However… that gave him merits, it gave him the dirt that he'd been looking for.

"Time's up." Gohan said after glancing at the time and he held out his hand. When the paper was handed to him, he put it into an empty drawer in his desk.

"You never use your desk – hey Gohan!" The brat protested.

"You do realize if you had studied beforehand, you would have gone to sleep on time and arrived to my class on time."

"Oh com'on Gohan! You're not doing this to me are you!" Trunks frowned.

"They say two wrongs don't make a right, but two wrongs prevent one another." The black-haired hero said, just short of glaring at Trunks.

Gohan saw as confusion changed to understanding, then into malice before it finally settled on danger. It was that dangerous expression which came from a distant past, which haunted the older demi, which alluredhim.


That voice!

"Is it really true? Are you really going to blackmail me? What did I do to deserve this treatment?" Trunks had him, he had him good. Gohan turned his head. He couldn't fall into the trap! He couldn't let Trunks secure his hold! He couldn't release his grasp on reality! "I thought you loved me…"

His hand slipped.


The quivering in the voice that repeated his name resounded – multiplied – and it caused the stable ground he was grasping onto to crumble, collapse, and he fell back into the chasm that was illusion.

Guilt filled him, Kami did he feel horrible. Trunks sounded so sad – Gohan turned to look at the prince - he looked so sad! Those features which had always been so serious and fearful were filled with sorrow and a fear of a completely new kind. How could he have done such a thing! How could he blackmailTrunks! The man had been through enough already! "Oh Trunks…. I'm sorry… I wasn't thinking…" His hand moved out to caress and cup Trunks' face.

Trunks' leaning into the hand and his hand supporting Gohan's snapped the last string. It locked the Son into that comfortable fantasy and wouldn't let him go. No longer was this man his student, but he was transformed by Gohan's too-willing mind, he had become the one man that Gohan wanted, that he loved, the one he couldn't stop loving and the one he missed – yearned– for. He was the Trunks that Gohan could never have.

Cautiously, Trunks leaned in, one of his arms moving to the desk in balance, and he let his lips brush against Gohan's pair in a very feather-like manner. Then those very same lips moved to whisper in his ear. "You were so mean Gohan… I never thought you would do such a thing."

A shudder travelled down his body. Trunks… his voice, it sounded so hurt, yet it sounded so beautiful. "I'm really sorry Trunks…" He remembered how that voice lowered once the composure slipped, and he craved to hear it again. Trunks was so close, Gohan could smell his body ripening, feel his heat radiating, hear his breath changing, taste his skin sweating, see his hair prickling.

The arm on the desk flexed as Trunks lifted a knee to join it. His movements were slow and deliberate as he crawled up on all fours before letting one hand tightly grip and pull on Gohan's tie. His mouth opened and his teeth tugged on the ear he previously teased with his tongue.

"Then I suppose you need to prove it – prove that you love me, prove that you are sorry." He whispered lowly.

Gohan watched with heavy eyes as the man of his dreams began to seduce him. The test lay forgotten in the half-opened drawer, and once again did Trunks become his world, the center of his universe. He tilted his head and he kissed Trunks' ear that was by his lips. "Then what do you want?" He asked shakily. He'd do anything for Trunks.

"Mmm…" Trunks groaned into his ear. "You'll just have to figure that out, won't you?" Even before he finished speaking did he pull Gohan against him with the tie while he kept his eyes hidden behind lavender lashes.

Gohan couldn't read Trunks' expression, he couldn't tell what the prince was thinking, and it was bothering him, yet exciting him.

Trunks leaned back, the hand that was supporting him had moved so that his entire forearm lay flush against the desk. His hips tilted forward, his shoulders hovered over the edge, his torso lay stretched across the surface. All the while Trunks had pulled Gohan down with him, knees on either side of the Son's waist before stealing a kiss, moving his lips sensually.

And Gohan obliged, both of his hands settled on either side of the prince. As he moved his lips in response, Trunks' tongue slipped out to push into Gohan's mouth almost forcefully. His tie was tugged again and again and left no route to escape.

Trunks really had a thing for his ties…

With a feverous and natural submissiveness, Gohan continued to prompt his love on. For some reason, just having Trunks dominate him was something alluring in itself, something that turned him on, something that he sought after, something that he needed. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that watching – feeling – Trunks lose his normal composure and control was erotic.

Trunks pulled away from Gohan to kiss his neck. "Kami, Gohan, you're so hot." His tongue flicked out and glided along his neck.

"You…" Gohan shuddered at the mere notion. "You want me."

"Mm… who wouldn't?" Trunks asked with a chuckle and the hand holding his tie moved up to loosen it.

What was running though that brilliant mind right now? What new method would Trunks use to make him submit? The mere prospect made the Son shudder in anticipation.

Unravel for me, show me that side of you again…

"But there's one other thing I want." The voice was relatively neutral, but it was that hint of audible lust that made Gohan shudder once again.

"Anything Trunks. I'd do anything for you."

A smirk appeared on Trunks' face. "I hoped you'd say that."

Fuck! That went straight to his dick. He didn't even notice that Trunks removed his tie until it was twirling in the air around Trunks' forefinger below him.

"I want you to prove your love to me." Trunks clenched the strip of fabric with his fist in a very Vegeta-like manner and stopped the twirling dead in its tracks. A dangerous yet sexy gleam was in those blue depths before the prince reversed their positions – flipping Gohan beneath him. Next he unravelled the tie that was around his hand while straddling Gohan's waist. "I want you to show me your love without the use of your hands." The Son's tie dangled from Trunks' hand in an almost hypnotic manner.

As Trunks knelt above him, as he wore that kind and questioning smile, as he held the potential bondage in his hand, Gohan didn't know what to think. Yet, he was willing. If Trunks wanted to prove himself by this method he would. It was his fault, he shouldn't have blackmailed his love. "Then let me…" He whispered and removed the shirt from his chest slowly before placing it on a chair carefully.

Still sitting up, Gohan let Trunks tie his wrists behind his back. The prince's arms ended up wrapping around his torso and the sensation send shivers of delight through his body. Even though there was hardly anything sexual in the embrace, the action itself was typically depicted as one of affection. Yes, that was what he wanted… not just Trunks' body but something more than that. He did not only lust after this man from the future, but he was in love with him. He wanted a relationship – all of its peaks and ditches – with Trunks, he wanted to live and love with Trunks… yes he wanted Trunks. It had all started at the tender age of ten – when the lavender-haired time traveller stole his heart and carried it off into the future. Now that the thief was back, Gohan would do anything to prove that he deserved that criminal's heart.

A final slip of the fabric confirmed the bondage – even though they both knew it was only symbolic in nature – and the arms moved back to Trunks' side. It was disappointing, yes, but the Son would not give up. He would earn Trunks back, he would gain the heart that he's pined after for almost two decades, hewould prove his love. With a tilt of his hips, Gohan displayed his semi-hard member. "Nn… Trunks…" He let his carnal desires seep into his whispered voice. "I love you." The low, husky whispers continued and they surely reached Trunks' ears, as a Saiyajin's – demi or not – should.

An almost unnoticeable body twitch was accompanied by a cocky reply. "Are you telling me that this is your idea of proving your love Gohan? If so, it's a little… disappointing." A soft smile curved the luscious lips that Gohan yearned to taste.

His voice didn't help matters much either – it was seductive, teasing, alluring, taunting… yet there was some truth to it as well. That was fine, it wasn't as if he had any ulterior motives to saying those three words anyway. Gohan smiled before scooting closer to Trunks' hips. "I do hope my words aren't disappointing if they stood alone." The Son mimicked Trunks' tone and arced his hips forward again. "Because it's only you who can make me like this with your mere presence. Only you who can make my pulse race just with a whiff of your scent. Only you who can clench my heart with a mere syllable." Gohan arced further, letting his bare chest come into contact with the cloth of Mirai's shirt and the muscles beneath it. "It beats for you – it beats because of you."

Trunks bit his lip – in what Gohan didn't know – but he wouldn't let Trunks ruin the temple that was his body so Gohan said in his hushed voice, "mmnn… don't do that love." He leaned up to connect their lips together. He'd fix the wound. "It's not nice to harm your own body." Gohan could feel an answer in Trunks' nether regions and a low moan was muffled between their lips. Kami… an aspect was one thing, reality on the other… Did Gohan ever want that hardening organ in him once again. "T-Trunks…" The Son gasped quietly. "Only you who can make me tremble with need." As if to prove his point, a shudder shook Gohan from head to toe. "Only you who can make me beg. Please, please, Trunks. I want you, I need you, I love you. Will you please forgive me? Only you can satisfy this unending need I have for you."

I want you hold you, I want to cling to you. Please Trunks; forgive me. Gohan looked up at Trunks with a pleading look in his eyes and kissed him hard.

"Fuck me Trunks."

Those harshly whispered words seemed to be the catalyst Trunks needed. The lavender-haired prince's hands grasped at Gohan's face, his palms crushed his ears and his fingers dug into his scalp. He yanked the other demi desperately while answering the hard kiss with his tongue – thrusting it into the unexpecting but willing mouth.

Yes! This was exactly what he wanted – Trunks unleashed – and Gohan knew that there was still so much more to see! Gohan manoeuvred his body before wrapping his legs around Trunks' waist and used the leverage to grind their hips together. More! More! His legs clung to the other tightly in need. He wanted Trunks to feel his excitement, he wanted to cause Trunks even more excitement. He still remembered the last time in crystal clarity and he wanted a repeat. "Please!" Gohan begged.

Trunks smirked and paused a moment before he roughly pushed Gohan back on the desk. His hands grappled at Gohan's belt, releasing the belt and clasp – lessening the tension – before he worked on his own shirt – first loosening his tie and sliding it out of the knot and then pushing each button out of their holes tantalizing slow. Gohan watched with hungry eyes, squirming as his member hardened at the display and his legs slackened around Trunks' waist, too distracted as Trunks' shirt and tie were removed. It seemed that even the lavender-haired hero had lost his patience as his own belt and pants were freed as quickly as Gohan's. His member pressed against the remaining confines before Trunks helped it pop out – hard and proud.

"Do you want this?" Trunks asked huskily and gave a long stroke to the object in question.

Even as Gohan swallowed in anticipation, he could feel his own member twitch in respond to both the words and tone. Damn was Trunks ever unrestrained! The Son nodded – of course he wanted it! Who wouldn't?

"Then come and get it." The prince said with a twitch of his fingers, a widening grin, and pulled down Gohan's pants to reveal the hard member and supple ass. Once observing his work, he stroked himself again – slowly – and closed his eyes in pure pleasure. "Mmnn… Gohan…"

Ah fuck, he was going to blow right now if he didn't do something! So the demi flexed his abdominals and lifted his ass before he directed it towards Trunks' hard member. The other demi saw what his lover was trying to do and assisted with the positioning and supported his cock with his hand. The Gohan could feel the head pushing against his opening before he carefully descended – feeling the girth with much more detail than before. He wouldn't deny that it was painful, but things would get better – so much better – and that kept him going and once Trunks was fully in, Gohan let himself relax.

It was Trunks' turn to act – and the first thing he did was remove Gohan's pants completely. He followed with moving his own remaining clothes so that they dangled around his knees. "Now Gohan," the prince whispered, "I want you to fly."

Gohan was curious at the request but he obeyed anyway and began to float above the desk.

The Son soon learned the reasoning as Trunks positioned them so that he was kneeling on the desk and he brought Gohan back down to the surface. His pants and shoes had sometime fallen off, and both demis were completely nude.

But Gohan was getting impatient. Having Trunks inside of him but doing nothing was driving him insane, and because of the prince's arms, Gohan couldn't urgently pull his lover closer with his legs, having them pinned between them. So he did the only thing he could do – arc his back.

And he gasped at the movement it caused inside of him. Did he really miss it this much? Oh Kami… he wanted even more. "T-Trunks… M-Move!"

Trunks let out a low moan and slowly began to move. Out, in, out, in. It was simple, but it was as much preparation Gohan was going to get today. A hand soon crept onto his inner thigh and rubbed circles on the skin there causing even more waves of pleasure and tension. "Gohan." Kami, his voice was spoken by an angel. "Are you ready?"

With a nod, Gohan realized that this was going to be the last thing his composed, calm, and cautious Trunks was going to say before all formalities were forgotten within the pleasure and need. But Gohan craved for that – seeing the crack in Trunks' actions was just so damn hot – and the thought that only he could do that just turned him on even more. Then he felt it, he felt the beginnings of the frantic movements that aimed towards his –––

Oh FUCK yes!

"Tr-mmph!" Right. Quiet, quiet.

His own coherency was lost as well and his body moved and arced in tandem with Trunks' hips. His own movements were confined and limited, but somehow that was fine – more than fine. The thought of Trunks overpowering and controlling him…. His world was focused on that sole thought, on the pleasure, the lust, Trunks himself, and the movements created between – within – them. How he wanted to voice his pleasure that built up, the wondrous tension, that lustrous drive, but he had to keep quiet. He couldn't even remember why, except that it was important. Instead, Gohan let his body tell the story, he forced every one of his emotions to the surface of his body and within the depths of his eyes. His body spoke the words that his mouth could not.

His neck craned in pleasure, his head thrown back in ecstasy, his eyes glistened with lust, his mouth gaping in silent moans, his toes curled in anticipation, and his ass clenching in need.

Gohan could both see and feel the tell-tale signs of Trunks' pleasure as well, and it just drove his lust even further. There was this glint in the blue eyes that held his gaze – so much fire – there was this tremble in the hand that stroked his cock – so much need – and there was this occasional twitch in the cock that penetrated his ass – so much tension. Trunks was almost gone and Gohan knew he would follow close behind.

"A-Ah…" The broken gasp escaped those luscious lips before he could feel a warm essence filling him in one, two, three… Gohan lost count and concentrated on that beautiful face before him – those eyes closed in ecstasy, that parted mouth, that head thrown back and that whisper of his name before he, too, feel over the edge while silencing his exclamation to a gasp.

There were a few moments as they rode down from their high and then Gohan heard the shuffling of fabric before the tie bonding his wrists was removed. He turned towards his saviour with a smile, only to be greeted with a dark smirk and a tie dangling hypnotically.

Oh shit! Oh shit! This was not happening! Confinement, lack of control… Not only was Trunks fucking with his mind and body, he had to fuck with his heart too! The fucking brat just twisted his Trunks, he had just perverted the heroic, calm, and passive saviour! Trunks was never controlling, he was never possessive! He was going to pay!

Gohan glared, snatched the tie and put his clothes on before opening the window. "Get out, get the fuck out before I throw you out!"

Trunks was still wearing his smirk as he casually walked towards the window and flew out of it, having the gall to even give a small wave in farewell.

Gohan slowly ran his hands through his hair with shaking arms. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Trunks was going to bloody pay!