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"The carnival is in town!" Emily screamed as she joyfully clapped her hands and smiled.

"Someone sounds excited." Mike muttered under his breath. Emily shot an offended but playful look at Mike. "I'm just kidding Em! I know you love your carnivals!" Emily smiled again and jumped off her seat to go and beg Mentor Ji for another day off. She wanted to go to the carnival so badly. "I hope Mentor says yes. We haven't had a day off in so long." Mike complained.

"Ji gave us a day off two weeks okay, Mike." Jayden reminded his lazy yet determined friend.

"I know! It's been too long!" Mike groaned.

"Mike, you can't expect to be the best with that attitude." Kevin reprimanded. Kevin took his training seriously and tried his best to convince Mike to do the same.

"Well, I think we deserve another day off." Mike's friends rolled their eyes and Jayden wandered off down the hallways of the Shiba to find Emily. He found her walking with Mentor and decided to listen to what they were talking about.

"Mentor, would it be possible for us to go to the carnival for a few hours tonight?"

"Ill have to think about it Emily. I gave you guys a day off two weeks ago so this may be a stretch."

"Okay but I promise that it won't interfere with our duties as a ranger. Thanks for at least listening!"

"You're welcome Emily. I'll let you know of my decision later." Jayden sighed from around the corner. He knew Ji better than any of the other rangers and knew the rangers might not be very lucky this time. Emily came around the corner looking at her feet and accidentally bumped into Jayden which surprised both of them. They fell to the ground and Emily immediately began apologizing.

"Oh! Jayden! I didn't see you! I'm so clumsy!" She stood up and offered her hand to Jayden.

"It's fine Emily. I wasn't paying attention either." Emily blushed and helped Jayden up.

"What were you doing here anyway?" Emily asked curiously.

"I was—" Jayden's sentence was cut off when the gap sensor went off suddenly. "Let's go!" Emily and Jayden ran to the living room and got directions to where the nighlock was causing chaos along with the other four rangers.

Emily wanted to cry at the sight in front of her. The rangers stood in front of the park near where the carnival was going to take place. The nighlock chased around the small children who screamed in fear. "Oh don't run away kiddies! All I want to do is play a game!" A little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes tripped and was cornered by the nighlock. The fear in his eyes sent Emily into defense mode immediately. His innocence reminded Emily of her cousin and she knew she had to protect the boy. Emily ran to the little boy as fast as she could.

"Emily! Wait!" Jayden cried but Emily kept running as fast as her feet could take her.

"Get away from him!" She yelled.

"Oh what a brave girl we have here." Emily took out her samurizer and drew her spin sword out. She fought past the nighlock and tried to comfort the boy.

"Are you okay?" His eyes were filled with tears so he could barely see Emily's face. The boy shook his head and Emily was about to stand up with him in her arms but the nighlock went in for an attack. Emily quickly turned her back to the nighlock and protected the little boy. She waited for the nighlock's attack but she was surprised to hear the clash of two swords instead of feeling pain from the slash of a sword on her back. She looked up and saw Jayden morphed and blocking the sword from Emily and the little boy.

"Emily, get the boy out of here." Emily hesitated for a second. "Go! I've got it from here!" Emily nodded her head and picked up the boy and ran to the other children and parents.

"Here! You are safe now! Please get out of here! All of you!" Emily pleaded. She saw the moms and scared children run away and as soon as they were almost out of sight, Emily took her samurizer out again. Her friends were already helping fight the nighlock. "Samurizer! Go! Go! Samurai!" Emily wrote her symbol in the air and then flicked it causing her to morph into the yellow samurai ranger. She skipped the next part of the usual morphing sequence seeing that her friends needed her. She pulled out her spin sword and helped Jayden who was struggling to block the nighlock.

"Emily!" Jayden yelled as Emily's sword came clashing at the nighlocks.

"I'm sorry I took so long." Emily overcame the strength of the nighlock with Jayden and then slashed at him alone. The nighlock stumbled back a few feet and then rangers joined together in a line. Jayden took a step forward.

"No need to apologize. You are here now." The nighlock stood up and the rangers got a good look at him. His face was white with dark yellow eyes. The rest of his body was striped red and black. He looked like he was wearing some sort of suit and he held a silver sword. Emily took a look at him and felt like he was a creepy monster version of someone who might work at a carnival. "Nighlock this will be the end of your tricks."

"I, anfestivi, have more tricks than you can dream of red ranger. Moogers attack!" Moogers flooded the scene from all over. Antonio stepped forward and looked around.

"I think I can handle this alone. Barracuda blade!" Antonio ran faster than light towards the moogers and slashed each one once before standing still once again. He closed his sword into the case and laughed as the moogers behind him exploded. "I guess it's just you and us now enemigo." The other samurai rangers ran and the fight between the rangers and nighlock began.

Each ranger took a hit at the nighlock but were knocked back with every hit. Emily swung as hard as she could because she was still enraged by the nighlock's actions. She hit him multiple times until anfestivi found an opening on her and striked. Emily fell and winced in pain. Jayden saw her fall and quickly ran to catch her. She fell into his arms and winced in pain again. "Emily!" Jayden spoke tenderly.

"I'm okay Jayden! Come on! We need to win this!" Jayden helped Emily stand again and the two continued to fight anfestivi with the help of the other samurai rangers.

"Spin sword! Dragon Splash!" Kevin yelled. It was a perfect hit and the nighlock fell back.

"Nice going Kev!" Mia yelled. "Spin sword! Sky fan!" Mia yelled. She took out her fan and began to use the stronger attacks on the nighlock. This only disarmed the nighlock for a few minutes. The nighlock stood again and aimed his attack at Emily when she tried to attack him again. Emily fell to the ground and demorphed from the hit. She winced in pain and stood up again weakly.

"Emily!" Jayden ran to Emily's side and aided her. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

"I'm fine Jayden." Emily's voice wasn't convincing.

"Don't rush back into battle so quickly. You aren't okay Emily!"

"I said I was fine! I promise! I can do this. Jayden we have to stop him. What happens when I'm still down and he grows? You can't make the megazord without me." Jayden stepped back from Emily but frowned. He wasn't happy that Emily was going to continue fighting even though she was badly hurt by the nighlock.

"Are you sure you are okay?"

"I'm sure." Emily morphed back again. While Emily morphed, Jayden ran at the nighlock and took out his fire smasher.

"How does it feel to be knocked down nighlock?" Jayden yelled as he hit the nighlock with all his strength for hurting Emily. The nighlock fell back again. The rangers lined up and Jayden looked at Antonio. "Do you think you can help us with the quintuple strike again?" Antonio nodded.

"Ready when you are."

"Ready!" Jayden yelled. The five rangers spun the disks on their swords and shouted out together. "Spin Sword! Quintuple Slash!" The power from the team's spin swords flew through the air and Antonio jumped into the air quickly. He spun in the air and powered the attack further and then sent the more powerful slashes back at the nighlock. The nighlock exploded but quickly grew.

"I think it's time for mega mode power!" Jayden commanded.

"Right!" The team yelled. Each ranger took out their folding zord and began to write the symbol needed to unfold their zords and make them mega size.

"Lion Folding Zord!"

"Dragon Folding Zord!"

"Bear Folding Zord!"

"Ape Folding Zord!"

"Turtle Folding Zord!"

All together they yelled "Mega Mode Power!" The rangers jumped into the air and got into their respective zords powering them up.

"Zords combine!" Jayden yelled and the zords began to come together into the powerful megazord.

"Samurai megazord! We are united!" The team of heroes called out together. On the ground, Antonio took out his samurizer and texted clawzord.

"Samurai morpher! Clawzord! I need you!" Clawzord came out of Antonio's ice box and flew through the air towards the battle. "Gold Power! Mega mode power!" Antonio entered his zord. "Clawzord transformation!" Antonio yelled as he spun the disk on the controls. "Claw Battle Zord East! Ready!"

"Impressive but not impressive enough to defeat me!" The nighlock yelled. He charged forward and began to engage in battle between the samurai megazord and the claw battle zord. The rangers were lucky because the nighlock decided to not call on any flying or giant moogers for the fight. The rangers battled it out between the nighlock and once the nighlock was knocked down all rangers called took out their mega blades and preformed the well-known final strike. "No!" The nighlock exclaimed as it exploded and Emily smiled knowing that the nighlock by the name of anfestivi was defeated for good.

"Samurai rangers! Victory is ours!" Jayden declared.

Later, the rangers returned back to the Shiba house after another successful victory. They sat around the small table in the living room and waited for further instructions from Mentor Ji. "Rangers another job well done. I've decided to let you have some fun tonight but sadly, I do not want you attending the carnival."

Emily's face dropped which Jayden immediately noticed. He used his years of knowing Ji to his advantage and spoke up. "Ji, would it be alright if Emily and I just went to the carnival?" Antonio, Mike, Kevin and Mia gave Jayden a surprised expression but Emily smiled because she was thankful for having a friend like Jayden. "There was this little boy that Emily saved that I think Emily wants to make sure is okay." Emily now joined the rest of the rangers with the surprised face. How did Jayden know that she was thinking about seeing the little boy and making sure he was okay at the carnival instead of actually enjoying the rides herself? She didn't know the answer to that question but let it slide as she watched Ji ponder the question posed by Jayden.

"I don't see it as a problem. You two may go and check on the boy. Now for the other four, what will you do tonight?"

"I think we all want to see a movie." Mike said.

"Very well, I'll see you all later tonight." The four rangers not attending the carnival began to debate about what movie to see while Emily looked at Jayden.

"Thank you." Emily smiled.

"I thought you might want to make sure he was okay and I know how badly you want to go the carnival. I'm sorry that I dragged myself into it."

"No, you should come too. If it weren't for you, I'm not sure if the boy would be in good shape right now. You saved both of us."

"That was nothing, I was just being a leader."

"Or maybe just a good friend." Emily smiled. She got up and went to go get ready for the carnival. Before she left the room, she turned back to Jayden to ask him a different question she had been thinking of. "Do you happen to know what exactly the nighlock wanted with the children?" She didn't understand why a nighlock would sink so low to attack helpless children.

"Well, when you got away with the boy, the nighlock got upset and told us all. It had something to do with taking away their kind, gentle and carefree nature which would make the Sanzu river rise."

"Wow, they just get worse and worse don't they?" It hurt Emily knowing that something evil existed that wanted to destroy a kid's nature.

"They do, they really do." Emily turned back around and went to her and Mia's room to change.

So...I guess the nighlock's motives do go along with the carnival because I feel like carnivals are fun and a place for people to be carefree (key word LOL) so him being like an "anti-carnival man thingy" makes sense...I just couldn't think of way to portray him. Hopefully this fight scene wasn't a complete fail or very boring...I tried my best! I don't really like making fight scenes hahahah. OH and I was kind of thinking of the nighlock from "I've Got A Spell On Blue" (look-a-like wise) so...I guess you could have imagined him with a less circus look and more carnival-man look. Okay I'm going to stop now...yeah...but...yeah. Alright. SOOO if you have read the second chapter because you read it when it was just a one-shot...well you know what happens and if you haven't...What's gonna happen? OHHH AND ANOTHER THING! WoW i need to learn how to not rant at the end of chapters...I kinda write as my mind thinks...anyways you can assume in the next chapter that Emily and Jayden have been walking around for some time before the chapter begins and yeah...ookay I'm done. Feel free to bother me with questions and please review and tell me if I should write fight scenes more often or should never do it again ;) Hehe! Okay NOW I'm done.