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A year later, Master Xandred was gone for good. Emily and Jayden were still dating happily. Emily was excited to see her family but it meant moving away from Jayden. She felt conflicted but tried to stay in the moment instead of looking ahead at the future. "Hey you." Jayden smiled at his girlfriend.

"Hey." Emily embraced Jayden in a hug.

"We better head out right now. The carnival the city is putting on in honor of us is going to start soon."

"You mean the carnival in honor of the rangers."

"You know what I mean." All six rangers thought that when they defeated master Xandred, everyone would know who they were but in the end no on knew their identities except for their families and Ji. They all realized that it wasn't about the fame and glory in the end. It was never about it. It was always about protecting the city and keeping the secret. That was the best thing about being a samurai to them.

They arrived at the carnival and everything was brighter and more exciting. "Come on let's go!" Emily grabbed some cotton candy first and then dragged Jayden around to all her favorite places. "You know, now since we don't have to save the world, I can eat sweets again and not feel as bad."

"And I can have fun again."

"Hopefully you'll always fun when you're with me." Emily smiled.

"Of course I will." Jayden kissed Emily and then they smiled at each other. They still hadn't told each other that they loved each other. Mia and Kevin said it two months after they began dating. It seemed only right for them.

"I hate to bring this up but do you really need to go soon?" Emily frowned at Jayden's comment.

"I miss my family but why do they have to live so far away?"

"We're legal adults. We could move into together." Jayden offered.

"I just turned eighteen and you're twenty. I feel like we're a bit too young"

"It's an option. And I don't think we're too young. We've practically lived together already."

"But we can't afford it."

"I have a whole lot of money."

"Jayden, you are not spending your inherited money on an apartment for us!"

"It's my money."

"But Jayden—"

"Emily, once we both are set we won't have too. We will be fine. I promise."

"Okay. Then I guess it's settled. We'll move into together. But, you have to meet my family first."

"I think I already know them."

"Do I really talk about them that much?" Jayden nodded and Emily sighed.

"It's okay. You just miss them and love them."

"I love you."

"You do?" Emily blushed and nodded.

"Yeah, I do."

"I love you too Emily." Emily smiled and kissed Jayden. "And you know what."


"We'll be together always. I don't want to lose you Emily." Emily leaned into Jayden's shoulder and continued walking with him with a big grin on her face.

Meanwhile, Mia and Kevin were back on top of the Ferris Wheel. "I love you Mia."

"I love you too Kev."

"I've been thinking about this a lot lately. We should get married."

"Now?" Mia's eyes widened.

"No, not now but eventually."

"Are you proposing?"

"Can I?"

"I guess so! Wow I never expected for my proposal to start like that!"

"I didn't plan it that way either. But, I'll ask it more formally. Mia, will you marry me? You already know how much I love you and I never want to lose you. Please do me the honor of becoming my wife."

"Of course Prince Charming." Kevin chuckled and kissed his future wife. "Tonight's full of celebrations."

"It really is a great night."

Down on the ground Mike was walking around looking at his feet. "Ouch!" Mike cursed when he bumped into a small person. "Watch where you're—Sophia?"

"Oh it's you. Can you see me now or should I go?"

"Sophia wait!"

"I'm not going to wait Mike! I waited a year and you never called back."

"I can explain."

"No you can't!"

"I can will you please just listen to me!"

"Okay." Sophia and Mike walked around the carnival as Mike exclaimed everything to Sophia. By the end of the night, Mike and Sophia were together officially this time. Sophia knew everything. She was ecstatic to know that Mike was the green samurai ranger and everything worked out for the two of them. This time Mike new that he had Sophia and he wouldn't let her go for anything.

Antonio had an easier time explaining everything to Anna. She was so caring and understanding that it just took seeing him to change her mind. When Antonio "broke up" with her a year prior, she hadn't reacted the same way. She listened to Antonio. Antonio didn't spill all his secrets to her then but he did tonight. She waited for Antonio because she knew that they would be together again and they were.

The carnival brought everyone together. Emily smiled because she remembered why she loved it so much. It wasn't because of all the joy it brought kids during the day and night. It was because of all the romance it brought to people her age and older. It was her favorite place because she enjoyed it at all ages. It brought happiness and love to all her friends and even her. She realized how much she admired Jayden here. Jayden told her they would be together forever here. What made her love this particular carnival the most was not that it was dedicated to the ranger's defeat of Master Xandred but because everyone she loved felt loved. "What are you thinking about?" Jayden snuck up behind Emily. She flinched but settled as his arms wrapped around her waist. She looked up at him and then back around at the carnival as he rested his chin on her head.

"Just about how much I love you and carnivals."

"I remember when we came here about a year ago. That was one of the best nights of my life."

"I'll never forget our first kiss."

"I'm surprised you there, didn't I?"

Emily nodded. "You did. I fell more and more in love with you after that day."

"I was already in love with you. I had been since the day you first reached out to me. I thought I was shutting everyone out but somehow you noticed something and acted upon it. It's because of you that I'm who I am today."

"Did I mention that I love you?"

"That's the second time I've heard it. I love you too Emily." Emily and Jayden kissed again and then caught up with their friends.

As the rangers left hand in hand with their partners, the lights of the carnivals turned off. It's magic was done for now but it would come back around eventually to fill the hearts of others and maybe the ranger's ranger would always hold it close to them because it's magic was special.

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