Dear Reader,

I have always loved reading this type of FanFic from other books and have decided to try and write one myself. I am a avid FanFic reader but have yet to write one, so any critisism is fine by me (though I don't expect many people to "stumble" upon this story because, sadly, DiR is not the most popular series.)

I am also American so if I get any English/Welsh sayings or anything messed up, I sincerely apologize.


P.S. I do not own The Dark is Rising Sequence, it's characters, or it's plot.

Chapter 1: These Are...

Summer was just starting at the Stanton's home and Will sat outside against the barn wall, thinking. He thought back to last summer break, he spent it in Wales with his "cousins" and defeated the Grey King with the Pendragon, a boy named Bran. As an Old One he knew that the final battle would take place during this summer break but right now, he was enjoying spending a little time lazing about with his brothers, James and Stephen. They just came back from fishing, he had told Stephen about the Old Ones but he couldn't handle it, and had to have his memories erased. The three of them packed up and headed back to the house.

"Mum, we're home!" James called as they walked back into the house.

"Good!" She called back from the kitchen where she was fixing diner.

"Wash off your shoes before you come in!" yelled Barbra.

"Yes, I don't want to clean up after your dirty foot prints!" added Mary.

"Whatever!" James replied. They started down the hall to the living room. CRASH!

"Ow!" a girl's voice called from the living room. "Barney! What was that for?" James and Stephen ran into Will as he stopped short.

"I didn't do it!" another voice joined the first. James and Stephen exchanged confused glances.

A third and forth boy's voices joined the first two, the third said, "Where are we?" at the same time as the forth said in a thick Welsh accent, "Who are you?"

Then, Will walked on into the room with his brothers following slowly and asked, "Simon? Jane? Bran?"

A young boy turned to Will, "You didn't name me!"

Will smiled, "Barney! What are you guys doing here?"

Then James butted in, "Will, who are these people?" there were four children in the living room. Three stood together and one stood a little away. In the three were a boy slightly older then Will and held a slight authoritative look about him, a girl slightly younger then Will with her long hair pulled back into a ponytail, and a younger boy with wild white-blond hair. The separate one was white, from head to toe, this skin and hair was completely white, then he looked up and you saw his eyes, owl eyes. That's what he had, owl eyes.

"These are…" Will tried to reply.

"What was that?" Will's mother called as she came racing in from the kitchen with Barbra, Gwen, and Mary following.

"Who're they? Is that Bran?" Mary asked, mispronouncing Bran's name like most English (as he was grumbling about right then).

"These are…"

It was then that the twins and Will's father came running down the stairs, "What was that noise? Is everyone okay?"

Robin then asked, "Who're the kids?" to which Barney stamped his foot and declared, "We've fought the Dark! We are not kids!" and Jane whacked him upside the head and hissed quietly, "They may not know…"

Will tried again, "These are…" but he stopped when the heard the familiar trickle of music and Max stepped into the room.

"Whoa, what just happened?" and everyone in the room started talking at once, wondering how the second oldest, who was supposed to be in London studying art, randomly appeared in the house. The Drews and Bran were slowly making their way to Will. When they got over to him Bran said, "Will?"

"Hey, Bran. Hey, Jane, Simon, Barney." He replied, "How did you get here?"

Simon responded, "I'm not sure, we heard the familiar drift of music and the suddenly we were here, by the way where is here?"

"This is my house, in the Village of Huntercombe. Bran? Same thing happen to you?"

"The same," his Welsh voice replied, then he turned to the Drews, "But who are you and what do you have to do with the, you know, Light?"

Jane took the honor of replying, "We are Simon, Jane, and Barnabas Drew."

"Barney!" Barney put in angrily.

"And we found the Holy Grail and deciphered it's writing. Gumerry, Captain Toms, and Will helped us." Bran looked to Will for confirmation, he nodded. Then Jane asked, "Who are you?" Bran looked again to Will.

Will answered, "This is Bran Davies, his adopted father works on my uncles farm. He helped me retrieve the Golden Harp and awaken the Sleepers."

"Oh, okay." That seemed all to be what they needed to become friends. The noise level was still very high as the Stanton clan tried to figure out what was going on, no one asked Will or the Drews, or Bran though…

"Everybody, QUIET!" Barbra eventually shouted, the family quickly calmed, no one wanted an angered Barbra. "Will, will you please introduce us to your friends?"

"Well these are: Simon, Jane, and Barney Drew," He said pointing to each one in turn, "They were the children that went on holiday with Uncle Bill, Aunt Fran, Professor Lyon, and I in Trewissick. And this is Bran Davies, he lives on Aunt Jen's farm with his adopted father, Owen Davis." As soon a he finished they all heard the familiar twinkle of music and Merriman stepped through the door.

Hello, Old One.Will heard in his mind.

Hello, He replied silently, extremely relieved to have someone with more experience there, What's happening?

Merriman let out a mental sigh, wait and I'll explain to everyone.

During this exchange the family watched confused as Will's face went from relieved to concerned to confused and slightly angry. The Drews exchanged glances and remembered all the times that this "conversations" would go on between Great-Uncle Merry and some random person that they would meet. Bran just sat back because by now he knew just to wait and that everything would be explained eventually.

Finally, Will's father broke the silence, "Mr. Lyon?" he asked, remembering the man who stood in for Miss. Greythorne's butler two Christmases back.

"Yes," Merriman started introducing himself to everyone who did not know him, "My name is Merriman Lyon, I am a professor at Oxford. I have also worked with young Will here on a few occasions, he is very bright. I have come across a book that details the events surrounding Will's eleventh birthday." Will let out a gasp and a small hiss under his breath he said to Merriman in his mind What are you doing? But got no reply.

Gwen spoke up this time, "What's so special about Will's eleventh birthday? Who'd write a book about him?"

"Don't you remember?" Paul put in, "All of the storms and stuff right then? It may not be about him necessarily."

"Not necessarily, but this is. I feel that the Stanton family, my niece and nephews, and Will's close friend would benefit greatly from reading this together. The Stanton family will finally get to know all about him, my niece and nephews will understand better about him and I, and Bran may very well learn a little about himself."

"Great," Will groaned, "this is gonna be wonderful." Will muttered to himself, "Let's see how long it will take for everyone to go crazy." Merriman sent him an irritated look.

"Why don't you sit down and I'll give you the book?" Merriman suggested. Everyone found a comfortable chair or spot on the ground and Merriman pulled the book out of his pocket and handed it to Will. The title was The Dark is Rising. Will groaned and worried about his families response to his…powers. It will be fine Merriman reassured him and left.