The Bro Code


Edward gazed at his sleeping daughter's face and moved her slightly, as she lay against him in the baby sling.

"We shouldn't be here. You just had a baby yourself and we all need sleep, lots of sleep. Six weeks of very little sleep is not cool." He rubbed Bella's back and she leaned in against him.

"Go home and miss the Name Grab Competition? No way."

"I think Emmett's still hoping to lose," Esme said, rocking the stroller that Jazzie slept in, oblivious she was about to be usurped by her baby brother.

Jasper appeared from the labor room to their left.

"Any news? How's Rose going?" he asked impatiently.

"No news, you are still in with a chance," Edward growled and stood to walk the floor as Elle started to stir and suck her tiny fist noisily.

"Edward, unless you have begun lactating, you need to hand her over," Bella reminded him and he disentangled his daughter from her carrier and sat close to his wife as she bared a breast and attached the infant.

"You really wish you could do that yourself, don't you?" Esme asked.

Edward shrugged. "It just seems unfair. You ladies get to carry the baby inside you and then feed it, we men are pretty redundant once we donate our sperm."

"Don't worry,Dear, I'm sure Bella is okay with you continuing to be a sperm donor," Esme chuckled. K sat up from her temporary 'bed' on the bench and grinned.

"I have never told you how many kids you two are having," she smiled.

"Don't, K, you will frighten Bella away. She will run to the hills screaming when she finds out how many times she has to visit the delivery room," Edward growled.

"Whatever, I quite enjoyed the whole experience," Bella stated, switching the baby to her other breast. "You might be the one running," she grinned.

"Never. I don't mind how many siblings Elle has. Just so long as we get gaps between them so every baby gets its share of the spotlight before the next one is on the way, I will be happy."

"Oops," said K, mock frowning and covering her mouth with her hand.

Bella slapped at the girl and laughed back at her.

"It would be your fault, Edward, you are the one who was willing to miss the births of your nephews just because I got the all clear today."

Edward smiled and kissed her cheek.

"The night has only just begun. We have time," he said with a wink.

Jasper reappeared.

"Did we win? Did we beat them?" he asked.

"I'm going to say 'yes', we havent heard a peep from Rose's room," Esme replied.

"Yes! We beat them, we won! We get the name!" Jasper cried out, dancing his victory dance with glee.

"Jasper, your wife would like you to come back in and cut the cord," Carlisle called and everyone laughed. Jasper retreated and the door banged shut.

"One down, one to go," Edward sighed impatiently.

Bella handed him his daughter and straightened her clothes as he lay Elle expertly on his chest with her head near his shoulder and rubbed little circles on her back.

Esme walked up and peered at her granddaughter's face.

"You have the best Daddy in the world, I think, Ellie."

"No nicknames, just Elle," Edward corrected.

The door swung open and Jasper appeared again, this time with a blue blanketed bundle.

"Family, and I do consider you all my new real family, meet my son, Jebediah Austin Whitlock. Named for my grandfather, Jebediah Jasper Whitlock, and he has my own middle name of course."

"Jebediah" Bella mouthed at Edward, who frowned. Really, both he and Rose had wanted Jebediah? It seemed a strange sort of name to be fought over.

"Nine pounds exactly, born at 7.23pm precisely," Jasper said proudly as Esme took the baby and kissed his little face.

"Welcome, Jeb, our first grandson."

K smiled and walked over to stare at the newborn.

"Don't worry, you will end up with seven boy cousins, you won't be all alone with the girls. And you are actually the second grandson. Emmett's pretending his baby hasn't arrived yet so Jasper will steal the name."

Bella growled and walked to the Delivery Room on their right and peered inside.

"You can come out now, Jeb has arrived and claimed the name."

"Thank God," Emmett said, walking out with his own blue bundle.

"Now we get to name our son a nice normal name. No offence, Jeb."

"How did Rose ever think of naming her firstborn such an unusual name?" Edward asked.

"It's her favorite band. From Australia. She has always lorded Jebediah. Don't worry, Em, she also likes Venom, Megadeath and Slayer."

Emmett cringed.

Rose held out a hand as Bella entered the room.

"God, you should have warned me. You said it wasn't exactly pain, more sensations."

"If I'd said 'well, the thing is, it's excruciatingly painful', would you have come in here so optimistically? I don't think so. Anyway, you forget. A few days of sitting on a sore behind with these massive rock hard breasts and a baby who can't latch on, and you forget the childbirth and suffer all new pain. Joking."

"You had better be," Rose growled. "What do you think of him? I'm thinking we should name him Emmett Junior. I think Emmett's the kind of Dad who would appreciate his firstborn named after him. He ruled out 'Michael', too reminiscent of his father, but this would be a way of making everyone assume his first name really is Emmett. What do you think?"

"I like it. I agree, it's a great idea. Have you told him?" Bella asked.

"No, I gave up on Jebediah the day he said he hate it, so we've tried a million names and not settled on any in particular. Emmett decided to wait and see what the baby looked like. I don't fancy having a son named Red Wrinkled Screamer though."

The door opened and Emmett handed Bella her nephew.

"Oh Rose, I agree. Anthrax is the perfect name for him," Bella said enthusiastically. "Anthrax Slipknot McCarty. Perfect."

Emmett paled and sat down on the bed beside his wife.

"Rosie? I thought we were going to choose the names together?"

"You don't like Anthrax?" Rose pouted. "But you love the band."

"Not enough to inflict that title on my son. How about we name him after your father or, or..."

"Basically anyone?" Bella laughed. "Relax, I love the names Rose really likes and you will too. What time was he born?"

"7.01pm, we had to wait ages for Alice to get herself into gear and 'win' the name. So, what are we naming him, Rosie?"

"Emmett Carlisle McCarty?" Rose suggested and Emmett was speechless.

"You want to name him after me?"

"Of course I do. I love your name and our son will be very proud to bear it himself. You'll be Big Em and he'll be Little Em."

"Or," Bella suggested," he could be Young Em and you could be Old Em."

"And you could keep your thoughts to yourself," Emmett replied.

"Sorry, Auntie Bella was just having some fun. He's beautiful, and I'm happy for you all but my husband needs us to go home now, so we will be back in the morning."

"Late in the morning, if Edward has his way," Emmett replied, taking the baby back.

Bella shrugged. "Maybe in the afternoon."

She slipped into Alice's room and kissed her friend.

"Well done, Jeb is adorable. And Jasper got the name he wanted. It had more meaning for him, being a family name. Emmett Jnr is perfectly happy with his own name."

"Can K come in, just for a minute?" Esme asked, looking through the door.

"Of course," Alice replied. "She missed this birth, but I guess she couldn't show favoritism by choosing one nephew over the other."

K handed over the baby boy's first gift, a little onesie with "Jeb" on the front. Alice opened the card.

"Welcome to the world, Jeb. I'm glad Alice and Jasper got to get the name they both liked the most. I'm sure Jazzy will share her toys with you. One day. Love from K"

"Did you just write that now?" Jasper asked.

"Nope, last week," she replied and Esme nodded.

"Now we have to give Baby Em his suit," K stated and left to visit Rose.

Rose laughed at the suit with her sons name on the front.

"So, did you always know ? " she asked.

"Yes, always. I knew Baby Em would be born first but I knew you two would let Jasper have the name. We got the baby suits made weeks ago," K smiled ." We got extras, with your other sons names as well."

"Keep those names a secret," Rose begged.

"I will. Don't worry, everybody will get to use the names they like most."

"Will Bella name their first son Edward?" Emmett asked.

"That would be telling," K smiled and winked as she briefly nodded. "I never said a thing."

"Cool, a new generation with a Jazzy, an Emmett and an Edward," Emmett smiled.

"And an Elle and a Jeb," Rose added.

"Perfect," K clapped.


Edward lay his daughter into the cradle and kissed her face as she slept.

"Maybe tonight could be the first night you sleep through. That would be nice," he suggested and walked across to where their bed sat, in Bella's loft. They would have to either section off a room for Elle up here while she was small or maybe think about designing their new family home before the next baby arrived.

Edward showered and dried his aching body and slipped into bed.

Bella was curled up, snoring softly.

"No matter, we have the morning," Edward whispered, spooning himself around her. He couldn't believe how much his love for her had grown, impossible as that had seemed, while their daughter grew inside her, and he had spent many nights with his arms around her and a hand flat on her belly. And now she was his again.

All his.

"Goodnight, my Bella," he whispered. She needed sleep more than he needed sex.

He closed his eyes and settled down to join her slumber when he felt a firm hand reach back and grab inside his boxers.

"You don't get out of it that easy, Edward," Bella whispered.

"I guess I have to do it the hard way, then," he smiled into her neck as he nuzzled her lightly and showed her he had the goods, already hard.

"Bring it on, Baby."


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