I figured I'd put some warnings and whatnot so I don't offend anyone or anything. First is first, I began writing this when North Korea launched a missile at South Korea sometime late 2010, killing two people. I decided to make it a little realistic and add that incident to the discussions of the World Conference meeting. N. Korea isn't represented as a person in Hetalia officially, so that's why China is defending him in his absence while America defends S. Korea. And there's also the mention of America defeating England in the Revolutionary War. I hope I don't offend anyone, that isn't my intention!

Chapter One: I'm Lying When I Say I Don't Notice You're Not Next to Me

"Hey, England! England!"


"What is this?"

"Oh, that's unclaimed land. Wait, where did you get this map?"

"In the drawer. Does anyone live there?"

"Um, Native Americans they say. Why?"

"Hmm, why hasn't anyone claimed it yet? Haven't the Natives given it a name?"

"No…I don't know. Why are you asking me these things?"

"I want to claim that land."

"What? Why? That was random."

"'Cause I want to be like England someday!"


"And that land will be mine!"

"Okay, you keep telling yourself that."

"What? Why do you say that?"

"Just because. I don't think you'll ever leave my side."

"Ergh! Whatever! Just you wait, England! I'll show you!"

"That dream. I had that dream again."

America stared at the ceiling while lying in bed. He had just woken up from that familiar dream; it had been the second time that week having that dream and one of numerous he had had that month.

But it wasn't just a dream. It was a memory.

"I told him, and I proved it. Why won't that memory go away?"

America slowly rose up and rolled out of bed. He went to the bathroom to do his business and wash his face.

"I must be going crazy," he muttered as he splashed warm water on his face. "But this isn't the time! I need to stay focused. Today is another World Conference meeting, and I can bet a million bucks what the main topic will be. Sigh, and if I'm not careful, we'll end up starting World War III…"

America spent the next hour getting ready for the meeting. He showered, put on his best suit (the tan one with his shiny red tie), combed his hair (as best as he could; there was still that pesky strand that would never stay down), ate a small breakfast of eggs and toast, brushed his teeth, and made a wake-up call to Canada.

"Sigh…Time to go." America turned off the hallway light and opened the front door to step out.



England was standing outside the door with his finger inches away from the doorbell.


"What are you doing here?" America asked, completely confused as to why England was at his house and not headed to the meeting.

"Making sure you remembered today's meeting," England scratched his scalp.

America grimaced. "Why the hell would you think I would forget? Today's meeting is going to be important!"

"Well, at least you think so. No time for silly games."

"What? I'm not playing any games!" America huffed.

"Do you remember last time when you suggested we somehow create a giant hero to protect the planet from global warming?"

"Now that was a good idea! Japan agreed with me!"

"That's because he always agrees with you."

"Dammit, I didn't ask you to come here!"

"Whatever. You should bring your umbrella; it's supposed to rain in Warsaw."

"I don't care! I don't need it!" America stormed past England.

"Do you even know where Warsaw is?"

"Ulp!" America froze. "O-of course I do! It's near Poland's house!"

"Canada told you, didn't he?" England crossed his arms.

America lowered his hand. "…No…"

"Sigh, sheesh. It seems like I still need to take care of you."

America frowned. "S-shut up…"

"Now come on, we need to get a move on. It takes a few hours to get to Poland. I'm taking the plane; you can ride with me," England pat America's back.


"Like, welcome to Warsaw!" Poland greeted America and England at the door. "Come in!"

They entered the Meeting House and walked a ways down the scenic hallway to the conference room.

"Ah-!" The first person America saw when he opened the giant red doors was China. He was sitting all the way across the table.

"America, don't say anything," England whispered. "There are two open seats next to Canada over here. Let's sit down."

England grabbed America's shoulders from behind and directed him to the chairs between Canada and Japan. America sat himself next to Canada while England took the chair beside him.

"Hello, England-san. America-san." Japan bowed his head.

"Hello, Japan," England said.

"Ergh…" America grumbled.

"What is wrong with America-san?" Japan asked.

"Um, well…" England nodded his head toward the end of the table. Japan turned around and noticed China speaking to Taiwan.

"O-oh…" Japan averted his eyes before China noticed.

England glanced around. "So where are they at?"

"I am not sure," Japan said. "I have not seen them yet."

Immediately afterward, another country entered with a dark blue suit and his trademark ghostly strand of hair. He quickly spotted America and took the other open seat next to Canada.

"Well, there's one of them," England mumbled.

"Hmm…" Japan nodded. "Now we wait…"

"Okay!" Poland clapped his hands. "So, thank you for coming to Warsaw for today's World Conference meeting! Um, should I do a head count, or is everyone here? That's okay; we'll just fill in the other countries later. So, let's totally commence! Like, who should start?"

Silence. No one spoke.

"Um, well, should we, like, just start with our failed attempt at trying to fix global warming?" Poland shrugged his shoulders.

The sound of a chair scooting across the floor echoed through the Conference Room. Everyone turned to look at the country that just rose from his seat.

It was China.

Damn! America cursed in his head.

"Or Poland," China started, "we can talk about something else." He fixed his gaze on the country on the blue suit. He and the ghostly strand of hair shuddered.

South Korea.

"I'm not here to instigate anything, but I'm sure we've heard about North Korea's blatant attack on South Korea, right?" China said. "Now I'm not sure why North Korea's not here, but I'd just like to say that while I believe this is just pointless bickering, I'm ready to defend North Korea if push comes to shove. So please, don't try anything funny, South Korea."

"What the hell, China?" America jumped out of his chair. "'I'm not here to instigate anything'? My ass! South Korea didn't do anything wrong!"

"Says you," China countered. "It's not like launching a few, I don't know, missiles near North Korea was trying to start anything…"

"They were test missiles! They weren't even aimed at him! If South Korea aimed them any further out in the ocean, mind you, they could have hit Japan! North Korea didn't have to, quote, "blatantly" lock-on South Korea and fire!"

"America, sit down," England interrupted.

"Test missiles? For what? Future attacks, maybe? It doesn't make a difference, they would have hit him eventually," China rolled his eyes.

"To be prepared!" America clenched his fist. "North Korea was bound to strike at South Korea within time! This was just an excuse to hit him now!"

"America!" England urged.

"Does this mean you're going to back up South Korea? Heh, good luck."

"Is that a challenge? At least South Korea is here! Where's that coward North Korea? Huh? Do you think you could win by yourself? Bring it on! I'll go at you right-!"

"Bloody hell, America!" England slammed his palms onto the table. "Sit down before you become the country that started World War III!"

America and China both fell silent.

"We have World Conference meetings to solve problems, not start them!" England was addressing everyone in the Conference Room. "If the Koreas have a problem with each other, let's help them settle it out. Everyone has his or her own opinions about one another, but let's not start a war if we can prevent one." He then looked and mumbled very quietly, "I ended up entering a war against someone I thought would always stay by my side…"

England may have thought no one else heard that last line…

…But America did.

"I think England-san is right," Japan agreed.

"Well, I don't get involved in anything, war or not, but England has a point," Switzerland said.

"Is there any pasta?" Italy randomly blurted. "I don't mean to interrupt, but I'm hungry…"

"Shut up, Italy," Germany fumed.

South Korea suddenly stood up. Half of the countries gasped.

"Um, China?" he bowed his head. "I did not wish for North Korea to attack me. I do not wish for America and China to get involved if it is not necessary. England, I thank you for speaking up about solving problems instead of starting them and I think we should all follow that."

Many countries began looking at one another and nodding.

"That's fine," China sat back down. "It's not like I wanted to get involved anyway…"

"America?" South Korea turned to America.

"Oh, yeah…" America grabbed his chair and took a seat. "You're right."

"Wow…Like, what an interesting start to a meeting!" Poland exclaimed. "So, like, let's just all be friends here and work together! That means you, too, Russia! You're scaring poor Latvia!"

The rest of the countries spent the next hour expressing whatever concern they had over the most trivial issues: France's fifth major strike of this month, no one recognizing Sealand as a country, no one recognizing Canada at all, Russia terrorizing the three Baltic States, Belarus terrorizing Russia, Turkey and Greece arguing over who Japan likes better, Hungary wanting her happy place back from Prussia, and Italy being hungry.

But between Canada and Japan sat two countries who remained mostly quiet throughout the majority of the meeting; America and England.

America wasn't sure why England had been so quiet, but America was slightly bothered by the last statement England had muttered:

"I ended up entering a war against someone I thought would always stay by my side…"

It only bothered America slightly. Keyword, slightly.

Slightly? It's driving me nuts. America thought. That dream has been pestering me, and then England goes and says that? Does he miss me or something?

America glanced at England, then turned a complete one-eighty degrees toward Canada.

No, that's impossible! That idiot couldn't miss me. I won my independence from him over two hundred years ago. He's probably just mad that I kicked his ass in the war.

America nearly sighed in relief at this thought. Sure, England had every right to be mad. Anyone would be after losing a war. England couldn't rule over him anymore, big whoop. He'll get over it.

…But the war ended over two hundred years ago. Was England still upset that he lost after all these years?

Or was it something else…?

"America…?" Canada made a questionable face. "Your cheeks are pink. Are you warm?"

America blinked. "W-wha-?" he touched his cheeks with his fingers. The temperature in his face was warmer than on his hands.

D-dammit! Thinking about England is making me-!

"Um, England-san?"

America's train of thought was derailed by Japan addressing England.

"Yes, Japan?" England said.

"Do you think it would be possible to meet together after the World Conference meeting?" Japan asked. "There are some things I would like to discuss with you."

"Oh, sure. I don't have anything else going on." England nodded.

Huh? America frowned. What would Japan have to talk to England about? Wait, why the hell do I care? I don't care! At all!

"America, what are you doing?"

"What?" America looked up. England was staring right at him.

"You were shaking your head. Were you disagreeing with something?" England asked.

"Err…" America must not have realized he had been violently shaking his head absentmindedly.

With England watching. "Um, well…"

"Okay, everyone, listen up!" Poland announced. "We have gotten sooooo much accomplished today! That was sarcasm, by the way. But oh well, isn't that how it always is?"

"Dammit, Poland! You shouldn't feel proud that we got nothing accomplished!" Austria pushed the bridge of his glasses up on his nose. "Next time, we're having our meeting in Vienna. I'll keep things in order!"

"Whatever," Poland rolled his eyes. "Well, unless anybody has anything else to say, this concludes today's meeting! Thanks for coming and have a nice day! Oh, and it's raining so I hope you guys have an umbrella!"

"Rain?" America repeated.

"Yeah, the water that falls from the sky," England smarted.

"Stupid! I know what rain is!"

"Whatever. So I'm sure you can find a ride home, right?"

"Huh? Wha-?"

"I'm going with Japan to his house. You should be fine, though. You are America, aren't you?"

"Y-yeah, but-!"

"Are you ready to go, England-san?" Japan interrupted, not realizing America was about to say something.

"Yes," England grabbed his umbrella and strode past America. "'Bye, America."

"Goodbye, America-san," Japan bowed. With that, England and Japan left the Conference Room.

America remained in place, staring at the giant red doors that England just walked out of. Deep down, he was wishing England would open the doors and come back in…

N-no! What am I thinking! I'm so stupid! America smacked his forehead. I was just hoping he would maybe, y'know, give me his umbrella anyway since Japan might have one…wait! But if he did that, he and Japan would be under the same umbrella! No, what do I care? Argh!

America was breaking into a cold sweat and clenching his fingers through his hair. The other countries stared blankly at him, not knowing what to say.

"A-America?" Lithuania finally spoke up. "Is everything alright?"

"Nothing!" America blurted. "Absolutely nothing!" He shook his head and stormed out of the Conference Room.

"I-it's nothing!" he said to himself while running down the long hallway. "I don't care that England is with Japan! He's with him all the time! He can hang out with whoever the hell he wants to! I just want the umbrella! I forgot mine and I just want…I just want…I want-!"

America reached the end of the hallway to the main hall entrance. He didn't even slow down and continued through the front doors, into the pouring rain.

"England!" America yelled as loud as he could. "Come back! I just want—Wagh!" he suddenly tripped over a rock and tumbled face first into the wet pavement.

"Ouch…" America winced. "England…I forgot my umbrella because of you…I want to be under your umbrella with you…"

America lowered his head, letting the rain pound on him and making no effort to move. He yelled for England pretty loudly…

…But it was too late. England had already left.

Trust me, the umbrella thing is important and will be brought back up later.


P.S. I know Canada was actually paid more attention than usual, but I felt he was important to interact with America.