Hey, everybody. No couples today. Just this.

Harvey McKenzie tossed and turned in his sleep, due to the nightmare he was having.

Inside said nightmare, Harvey woke up in his bed in the Treehouse, only something was odd. His bedroom was gigantic and he had a fly's body. "What the-What happened?" he asked as he looked around. "This doesn't look too good! I better get the others!" With that, he flew out of bed and through the little peephole in his door.

He made his way to the Treehouse's living room where Sonya, Lee, and Paddy were playing a video game. Well, Paddy and Lee were. Sonya just watched. He flew up to his friends and tried yelling in their ears. "SONYA! LEE! PADDY! IT'S ME! HARVEY!" But all they could hear were the annoying buzzing noises.

Harvey tried flying in front of Sonya's eyes in an attempt to get her to see him, but she only shooed him away. "Man, that fly is annoying."

"Yeah. Let's kill it." Lee said as he paused the game and took out a can of bug spray, spraying it on Harvey and making him drop to the floor, coughing. When Harvey looked up, he saw Lee come up to him and raise his foot, and Harvey's world went black as it came down on him.

Harvey finally awoke, gasping for air once his nightmare ended. He then grabbed his pillow and walked down the hallway up to his sister's room. He knocked, then entered her room to see her sleeping. "Sis?"

Rachel got up, groaning tiredly. "What, Harvey?" she mumbled.

"I had a nightmare. Can I sleep in your bed tonight, Sis?"

"Sure thing, Bro." she mumbled, getting back in bed. She then moved aside, allowing her brother to put his pillow on and get in with her.

"Hey, Sis?"

"What, Harvey?"

"If I was a fly, would you squish me?"

"No, Harvey."

With that, he smiled and covered up. "Thanks, Sis."

"No problem, Harvey."

As they slept, the shadow being, known as the Nightmare King, came out from under the bed and crossed out Harvey's name on a list. "Ah, nothing like scaring people and bringing families close together! Now, who's next? Ooo! My granddaughter! Sweet!" With that, he flew off.

Well, there's a 362/363 family one-shot. I had the idea for a while. I'm still trying to think of more new pairings. There is this one which I can't do until I complete ANCESTOR. Well, later.