Dating Hailey Foster was a fun ride while it lasted, I thought she loved me but she obviously did not. If she did she wouldn't of slept with my little brother Doug. I'm glad I found out this way though, if it weren't for all of it I would of still been with that horrid girl I thought I loved.

Hailey is the type of girl that likes it her way or no way, and I was find with that because I thought she was my everything. She's a spoiled bitch and I could care less to ever see her again that's why I need a new girlfriend. This all ran through Evan McGowan as he laid on his bed staring at the ceiling fans quick and vibrant motions. He hadn't thought a great deal about this or even worried, but he expected Hailey to have a knew guy by the end of this week which meant he needed a new face to hang out with. Megan would have been a good choice but she's obviously infatuated with Finn, so she would not do. But she sure could help me with picking someone. He thought as he got off his bed and headed to the basement where he was sure to fine her with his many brothers.

In fact he was right even though Finn and Megan have only been going out for three weeks they seem to be hitting it off very well. Of course if are parents ever found out about it they both would be in deep shit. "Hey party people, mind if I take Megan away for awhile?" They were all playing some game that Megan introduces them to, something called Apples to Apples.

Megan got up from her chair next to Finn and Sean (who has been hanging out with them more everyday) and told them to play for her.

When we got up to the main floor she asked what was up. " I need your help with finding a new girlfriend, and I thought maybe you could help me figure out who would be good for me." I said mumbling it, knowing that most likely my brothers were down stairs listing.

She gave me a questioning look then said, "Yeah, okay even though your Evan McGowan who can get any girl he possibly wants. But sure I'll help you."

I roll my eyes and smile shyly, "Please I couldn't get you, which means I can't get any girl I want." I say flirtatiously.

It was her turn to roll her eyes, "You had me, then you were a jerk, then I saw how much I liked Finn." She paused quickly looking around, "But trust me if you wouldn't of been a jerk and believed Hailey's lie then I would've most likely been with you." She made zero eye contact with me, which made me know she was telling the truth since she was to embarrassed to look into my eyes.

I brush off her words holding my self back because she's with my brother now and I would never do that to him. "So you'll help me get a nice, respectable girl?" I asked again, to make sure she would agree again.

"You actually want a nice, respectable girl this time?" she said jokingly, "Let me guess one that won't go sleep with Doug the minute she has a chance." Her words stung my pride, I couldn't speak at that moment. All I could do was nod my head in assent. "Okay, we can scout out girls on Monday. Was that all you needed?" She asked hesitantly looking over her shoulder, where the basement opening was. She wanted badly to go back down there I could tell, ever since she came back from the airport and got with Finn it has been different between me and her. Well ever since Hailey and I broke up I have been different, more quiet and to myself like Sean was. But it seems like Sean has taken my place in the group, which is good for him he really needed to get out of that smoke filled garage and socialize.