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Everyone had the right to be in a bad mood. Of course, there had to be limits to that bad mood or else someone could be hurt, Castiel had learned, but people had the right to be in a bad mood, once in awhile. Unfortunately, Castiel was in a profession with a bunch of other alpha males where testosterone liked to rear its head and the work put the men in a bad mood.

The Winchesters were no exception, and, to Castiel's dismay, in a bad mood more often than not.

It wasn't often Sam was in a bad mood. Sure, he got mad and argued with his brother at times, but that was normal. According to the brothers, it was normal for them to argue with each other. When Sam was in a true bad mood, it usually had to do with not being able to save a victim or remembering Jess or the past- it wasn't really a long list but Sam was testy when he was in a bad mood.

Dean had mood swings like… what were Sam's words? Dean had mood swings like, "a pregnant hormonal woman." Castiel never knew what to expect with the oldest Winchester. There were some times he was laughing and throwing his arms around Castiel's shoulders and other times he was biting Castiel's head off.

Usually, the brother's gripes were aimed at each other but once in awhile (lately, more often than not), the brothers took their bad mood out on Castiel. Sam did it when he was frustrated about a case when they were buried in research. Castiel had let it slide the first few times but then he snapped too, quickly putting Sam in his place. They hadn't had many more fights but when they happened, Sam was usually under stress. Fights between Sam and Castiel weren't hard to end; they just needed the stress to end. Dean found Castiel an easy target to take his anger out on. Actually, he took his anger out on anything that moved.

When Castiel found himself the object of someone's anger, misplaced or not, he played Quiet Riot's Bang Your Head (Mental Health), mostly because the third time after he and Dean fought, Castiel stormed down to his dubbed room when he stayed at Bobby's (the panic room), he hit his head on a pipe that had come loose earlier and Dean had given the song to him as a gag joke.

"Next time, just listen to this instead of doing it," Dean said when Castiel regained consciousness.

There were times when the cases the Winchesters and Castiel were working on collided with another hunter. Usually, Castiel got along well enough with the hunters but there were times things got rough between Castiel and the newcomer, the most memorable being when the guy found out he was an ex-angel of the lord.

"So what'd you do?" he asked when he was alone with Castiel.

"Excuse me?" Castiel asked.

"You know, to fall from Heaven?" the guy smirked. "I mean, must have been pretty bad. So what sin? Greed, gluttony-"

"I know the seven sins," Castiel cut him off with a glare.

"It was lust, wasn't it? I bet it was lust-" he said.

"I owe you no explanation, boy," Castiel spat, standing up to leave.

"Aw, come on, don't be like that," he said, reaching for Castiel. Castiel grabbed his hand and twisted it, making sure the hunter could feel every bit of power behind Castiel and he pulled the gun Dean had given him, holding it to the back of the hunter's head.

"What's going on here?" Dean asked. "Cas-"

"If he is still here when I return, I am going to Bobby's and staying there," Castiel threatened, pushing past Dean. He tore his mp3 out of his pocket- Dean's pocket, this was one of Dean's pockets because most of Castiel's stuff was left at Bobby's and the only one he brought had gotten torn in the last hunt- and made his way back to the motel before changing his mind and making his way back to the park he had seen earlier.

"You're not picking up your phone," Dean said when he found him. Castiel looked at Dean and then handed him his phone silently. "Dead. Of course it is… look, we're not working with him anymore, okay? We should've broken off from that-"

"Dean," Castiel said. Dean sighed and sat down next to the angel.

"What're you listening to?" Dean asked.

"Peace of Mind,"


"Yes," Castiel answered and they sat in silence for a few moments, Castiel giving Dean one of the ear pieces so he could listen.

"I punched his lights out," Dean said. Castiel smiled.

"Thank you, Dean,"

Castiel had gotten into the human habit of blasting his music at obnoxiously loud levels and he didn't notice when Sam was trying to get his attention. He pressed pause and looked at Sam.

"Something bothering you Cas?" Sam asked.

"I… believe so," Castiel frowned, being fairly new to humanity and not understanding every human emotion bombarding him at once. He still had trouble understanding when certain things made him upset or why they made him upset.

"What's itching your wings?" Dean asked.

"What's bothering you?" Sam clarified.

"This man talks of photographs," Castiel said.

"What're you listening to?" Dean asked.

"Photograph by Def Leppard," Castiel said.

"Good choice," Dean praised and Castiel took a second to bask in the praise.

"If it's bothering you, you shouldn't listen to it," Sam advised. "Why are you listening to it?"

"I like the song," Castiel blinked.

"What's bothering you about it?" Dean asked.

"I don't have any photographs," Castiel said neutrally. It took the Winchesters a minute to realize he wanted photographs, Sam being the first to realize it.

"Oh. Well we can go buy a cheap camera and take some," Sam said.

By the end of the day and the time it took to develop pictures later, Castiel was the owner of a picture of the three of them on Bobby's porch, one of him and Bobby reading literature (courtesy of Dean), one of him and Sam attempting cook (courtesy of Dean), one of him and Sam on the fence and actually looking at the camera (courtesy of Bobby), one of him and Dean's backs at an angle that showed some of their faces as Dean taught Castiel about cars while they were under the hood of one, one of him and Dean on the hood of the Impala, and one of the four of them in front of Bobby's house, give or take a few.

But those were his favorites.

Castiel stared at Dean, surprised at the bet. He hadn't expected Dean to come over.

"Sure you want to bet on him, son? I'm no slouch," Rufus said.

"I know where I'm putting my money," Dean said, clapping Castiel on the shoulder. Castiel looked at Dean with an unreadable expression. Did he really?

"Dean-" Castiel said.

"Now, Cas, let the man bet on who he thinks is right," Rufus said.

"Well son, let's make this interesting. You lose, you don't make the same mistake I made and go kiss that young man over there. The one that hasn't taken his eyes off of you since you got in here and is staring like he's gonna kill me," Rufus said.

Castiel swallowed, suddenly very nervous. Dean had no idea what he was betting on.

"You wanna back out, son?" Rufus asked. "It's not too late." Castiel looked directly at Rufus and then at the shots in front of him. He took a shot and then slammed the glass down (cue), the men around him cheering.

"I believe the expression is… all in," Castiel smirked.

"Well then, let's do this," Rufus smirked. "Let's even things up a bit; I'll take some shots too, bartender." Castiel looked at the glasses as Rufus got his. He glanced at Dean and shakily raised another glass to his lips. Dean didn't notice the shaking, his hand on Castiel's shoulder and he wasn't looking at the angel.

Castiel took another three shots before he began to actually feel anything and he could have won, but instead he lost his balance when he turned to look at Dean and his hand reached out to steady himself, spilling over the rest of his shots.

"I can't believe you lost!" Dean said. Castiel sat on the step, nursing his pretend drunken self, watching as the rain came down. "Damn, I'm out on twenty bucks…"

"I will give you the money back," Castiel said. He saw Rufus walking by, pretending not to notice them. Dean didn't notice the other man with his back turned towards him but Rufus smiled and pressed a finger to his lips, reminding Castiel of the bet he made.

"Don't worry about it. Guess you really are human now…" Dean said, sitting down next to Castiel after Rufus had passed by. "We'll just build up your tolerance or something… what's up with the clothes? Get tired of the being a tax accountant?"

"You don't like them?" Castiel asked.

"No, uh, they look good, man," Dean said, looking away as a red blush dusted his cheeks.

"I'm glad you like them," Castiel smiled.

"Yeah, whatever," Dean grunted.

"Hey, shouldn't you be a drunken stuttering mess?"

"Dean," Castiel growled. "Shut up." (cue) He grabbed the front of Dean's shirt and pulled him into a kiss. Dean stared at Castiel wide eyed before he finally responded. When he began to, Castiel pulled back with a smirk and he picked his jacket off the ground, letting it hang over his shoulder as he walked away. He turned back towards Dean when he realized the older Winchester wasn't following.

"Are you coming?" (cue)

Dean smirked and motioned Castiel in the opposite direction with a cock of his head.

"I got the Impala," he said, holding up his keys. He grabbed Castiel by the waist and pulled him into him before kissing him.

"Dean?" Castiel mumbled in between kisses.

"Yeah?" Dean grunted, not really wanting to talk.

"I made a bet with Rufus... win and he sang karaoke..." Castiel said.

"And if you win?" Dean asked, pulling away with a sigh.

"I kiss you," Castiel said.

"Best twenty bucks I ever lost," Dean smirked, capturing Castiel's mouth. It wouldn't occur to Dean to ask when Rufus and Castiel met until much later.

"Sam, mission complete," Rufus said into his cell phone, looking around the corner. He turned and walked away. "Tell Bobby he owes me a few drinks."

"Sure thing, Rufus. Hell, I might buy you those drinks myself if the eye sex stops," Sam said.

"You know, you should probably get your own room from now on," Rufus said.

"One step ahead of you, Rufus," Sam said, dangling his keys from his hand as he gave a appreciative glance at a familiar trickster.