Molly the Unicorn

Part 17

By Neoraichu

This fanfiction is based on the movie, The Last Unicorn.


"What should we do?" asked Schmendrick, "Push it back in and turn it around?"

"I think it's already too late for that," said Amalthea, "the only thing we can do is try to speed up the birth as much as we can. While I can scarcely believe what I am about to say, you're going to have to get a hold of that tail and help pull while Molly pushes..."

"I can handle that," mused Schmendrick. He reached down and gently got a hold of the unborn's tail and started pulling along with Molly's pushing.

"This will be that hard part, Molly," said Amalthea softly, "Once the ass and hips are clear, it should come much easier. I just hope he doesn't try to start breathing before he's fully born, or he will die in Molly's womb."

"Don't try to cheer me up, Amalthea," muttered Schemdrick under his breath.

Schmentdrick kept pulling as Molly continued to push, but Molly was tired... so tired... of pushing and pushing and pushing... She rolled onto her side as Schmendrick pulled...

"Molly," said Amalthea with a touch of desperation in her voice, "You can't quit now... you must get back up and push... You HAVE TOO..."

But Molly was unresponsive... she just lay on her side as Schemdrick pulled and pulled...

"I can't do this alone," he said, "Do you have a rope around here somewhere?"

"A rope?" she asked back, "Where would I keep a rope?"

"Never mind then," he replied, "Just grab the back of my robes and help me pull."

Amalthea did as instructed, so the two now pulled as one. After pulling a few minutes, the colt's hips were clear of Molly's womb.

"It should be a little easier now," moaned Schmendrick.

The two pulled as the upper leg and flank were pulled out, and then it was just a bit easier.

"We must go faster," said Amalthea.

"I agree," said Schmendrick.

While still laying on her side, Molly did her best to resume pushing. The hind legs finally cleared the womb. It seemed to go faster and faster as the barrel, neck, front legs and finally the head and nose cleared the womb.

Amalthea tried licking to get him to breath, but he did not respond...

"No!" moaned Amalthea, "It can't be! It's STILL BORN!"

"After all that," moaned Schmendrick.

Molly lie still as she burst into weaping.

"Schmendrick..." said Amalthea slowly, "I need one last favor from you... I know it's a lot to ask, but please give him a proper burial somewhere up by the evergreen trees..."

"Sure," he replied, "I can do that much."

He stooped over and picked up the still-born's body, and made his way towards the evergreens. After walking a fair distance behind the evergreens, he looked back and could no longer see either Amalthea or Molly.

"Well, it can't hurt to try..." he said.

He began chanting "Magic, Magic, do as I will. Magic, Magic, do as I will. Magic, Magic, do as I will. Magic, Magic, do as I will. Magic, Magic, do as I will. Don't let this poor creature remain still. Magic, Magic, do as I will. Magic, Magic, do as I will. Magic, Magic, do as I will. Don't let poor Molly suffer still. Magic, Magic, do as I will. Magic, Magic, do as I will. Magic, Magic, do as I will..."

Yet nothing happened.

"Darn it," he cursed under his breath, "What good is all the magic in the world if it can't save one little unicorn?"

He sat down on a rock a contemplated if he should dig a hole or just cover the body with dirt and rocks until it formed a good cairn. But instead, he clutched the body close to him, closed his eyes and cried. He just couldn't think about how to bury it right now.

A few minutes passed as he wept when he suddenly felt something licking his cheek. Opening his eye cautiously, he observed that the colt was licking his face, encouraging him to breath. He noticed that his eyes were already open, and he could clearly see the soft pink eyes within. It seemed to go well with his mother's red mane. In fact, now that he looked more closely, he realized he was holding an albino unicorn in his arms.

He leaped to his feet and ran back to Amalthea and Molly.

"Schmendrick?" asked Amalthea, "Why do you still have the body? Hasn't Molly suffered enough already?"

"No," replied Shmendrick, "burials are for the dead, not the LIVING!"

"LIVING?" asked Amathea incredulously.

"Yes," he replied, "By my marvelous and mysterious magics, HE LIVES!"

"IT'S A MIRACLE!" cried Amalthea.

Molly managed to lift her head and look at him. "He's so beautiful," she sighed softly.

He noticed that the first born mare was nursing on Molly's teat. "Move yourself over," he told her, "and make room for your little brother."

She moved over a bit as Schmendrick laid down the little stallion, and he began nursing from the other teat as well. He wasn't strong enough to stand yet, but that would come in time.

"Oh Schmendrick," sighed Amalthea, "I don't know how I can ever repay you for this miracle you've given to us."

"I don't know," he replied, "I feel a bit... different... after he came back to life... I feel that I'm nearly a full wizard now... It seems like it will only be a few more years until I become a TRUE WIZARD... I think that's all the payment I'll ever need..."

"Well I can never repay you for this," said Molly softly.

"When I become a true Wizard," he chuckled, "I'll be back here straight away so you two will be the first to know."

"I can hardly wait for that day," answered Amalthea.

"Neither can I," sighed Molly.

"Well, it looks like my work here is finished," he said smugly, "It's time to go. I think I can make it to a nice cozy inn and a bed by sunset."

"May you be safe all your days," said Amalthea as he turned to go.

Glancing back over his shoulder, he replied, "I really doubt I'll be that lucky." With that, the Wizard walked away. Amalthea and Molly watched together until he was long gone from their sight.

Molly looked longly at her miracle stallion, and pronounced, "There's only one name suitable for the likes of you: Schmendrick Junior."

He paused from nursing and looked at his mother as if he acknowledged that that would be his name for the rest of his life.

"Go on," cooed Molly, "Don't stop feeding because of my ranting."

The newly christened Schmendrick Junior went back to suckling along with his sister.