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It was Saturday morning and outside of the Trickster Gods mansion, night gave way to morning and its pale blue glow. Everything was glittering with frost and fog glazed the windows.

Loki was in his study gazing out a cleared circle he had made on the large window near his desk, slowly sipping his tea. Odin's spell had weakened and he was now able to revert back to his original form at will. He had to admit that not straining his neck up to people was a nice change once in a while. And not always being called a kid by Mayura. Currently he was in child form knowing that later Mayura would most likely come over.

It was hard to imagine that just one week ago, he was about to leave this world, Midgard, and return to Asgard (world of the gods). Mayura had been the one to weaken his already weak resolve to return to the Land of The Gods.

Loki vividly remembered the image of the pink-haired girl's fallen face as she sadly hoped that there wouldn't be another precious person taken away from her.

How could he leave after hearing that? Sure, he wanted to get back at Odin for banishing him without any good excuse, but not at Mayura's expense. And anyways, besides getting back at Odin there was no other reason he wanted to go back to the World of The Gods. True that if he defeated Odin he would become the top Norse God but then what? Resort back to his tricks and pranks on the other Gods for fun? Have other Goddesses swoon over him because of a little friendliness he had shown to them? Which then started bad gossip among the other Gods then turned to Mythology in Midgard. He already got enough attention with his pranks…. But he needed 'something' to keep him entertained from all the boring routines!

Truthfully, he never actually pursued the goal of going back to Asgard with everything he had. It was more like something he just did out of habit whenever the opportunity arrived. He would have even passed some of those opportunities to collect evil to return to Asgard had it not been for Mayura, who absolutely insisted on chasing every single "Fushigi Mystery" (Mysterious Mystery) that came to their Detective Agency.

Even when Odin had released all the evil energies he had collected a while back he wasn't that disappointed. Instead, he took the whole thing very casually and just went about his day (except for the fact that he was in his original form the whole time). He was able to have some fun with Mayura, Heimdall and Freyr too which proved to be very amusing. The best part was when Mayura let him pick which cake he wanted from the bakery (since he had been the one she crashed into he knew exactly which cake was the intact one even though both boxes looked perfectly fine).

She was probably hoping for me to pick the bigger box. He thought with a smirk and remembered the priceless, flustered look she had on her face when he "deciphered" she had been distracted by some really hot guy when she dropped the now smashed cake in front of her.

Her only response to that was "No way!" as she proceeded to cover her nervousness by shoving big mouthfuls of the destroyed cake into her mouth.

Now the current situation was that even someone as slow as Mayura would pick up on

Loki's strange power sooner or later. So far he was lucky that Mayura didn't ask why all those odd things happened in previous cases. She usually just accepted what happened and moved on to the next case.

The only time Mayura's suspicions rose was the night Loki saved her and she saw a red glow in his eyes as he faced the enemy. That's when she started to snoop through the study looking for clues as to what Loki could be.

It was only a matter of time now before she found out the truth behind Loki and his mysterious ways.

The sun was beginning to rise in the distance now, casting its light and warmth unto the chilled land. Loki set his cup of tea down on his desk then unlatched and opened the window. He took a deep breathe as the crisp morning air hit him. Instead of trying to warm himself against the chilly air, he openly welcomed it.

Everything was so quiet except for a few birds that had already risen. The silence and tranquility was a miracle in of itself.

Without all the people bustling around going about their day, this world almost seemed like Asgard. Loki slowly felt the town starting to stir as people started to awaken.

He could hear Yamino approaching the study, then enter. Sensing Loki's mood he silently walked up to the desk and filled the almost empty cup with more tea. Loki gave him a small smile and nodded a thank you. Yamino bowed slightly in response and quietly walked out.

Soon Mayura would arrive and the silence would be no more. But then again, Loki somewhat looked forward to her cheerful talk of mysteries. It was hard not to smile at her silliness.

The Trickster God took one last look out the window as the frost was starting to melt away then proceeded to drink his filled tea cup. Yamino re-entered with breakfast and set it down on the coffee table along with a small bowl of fruit. Smelling the food, Fenrir entered shortly afterwards followed by Eechan.

"G'Morning Daddy! What's for breakfast?" Fenrir broke the silence.

"Morning Fenrir." Loki smiled.

"Good morning nii-san." Yamino cheerfully greeted his big brother. "And good morning to you Master Loki. It's odd that you should wake up this early in the morning."

"I just had some stuff on my mind…. nothing to concern yourself with though." Loki assured him.

When everyone had finished with breakfast Yamino started to collect the dishes. Before he left Loki asked him to prepare some desserts and tea for the afternoon, as Mayura was sure to show up.

"Of course Master Loki." Yamino responded and continued to the kitchen.

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