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Chapter 9 – Enjoy!

Mayura found herself wide awake the rest of the night, unable to shut her eyes. Thought after thought rushed into her mind: Was Loki really a god, or was this just another one of his tricks?

No….his eyes were so intense…so clear. The mischievous glint they usually held didn't exist this time.

What did that mean exactly? And if he was a god, why was he here on earth? Now that she thought about it, she didn't know that much about Norse mythology. Maybe she could find some sort of clue there.

She couldn't wait anymore. Mayura threw the covers off, changed, grabbed a coat and walked out into the frosty morning. She could catch the train and head to the library. She needed to know more about all of this and something told her Loki wouldn't be willing to just give her the answers. She would need to ask the right questions…

Mind made up, she walked straight to the train station. She would have answers. She was tired of being in the dark.

Loki's POV

Loki heard someone get up and leave the house early that morning. Curious, he peaked out and saw Mayura leaving. She looked to be in a hurry.

He let it be. He knew something like this would happen though he wouldn't admit it to himself.

Now that it had happened, he thought about what he did. Really, what was he thinking telling her? Of course her memories would have to be erased so as not to give them or any of the other gods away. But, on second thought, maybe it would be a good thing for Odin to have a little scare.

Loki picked up his cup of tea that Yamino had left on the desk, just like he did every morning.

No…best not to antagonize Odin. Whatever the problems between them, Loki would not get Mayura involved, and especially not put her in the middle of things.

He sighed, and moved away from the window, casting his gaze away from the corner Mayura had disappeared around.

Mayura's POV

Mayura arrived at the library and immediately got to work, checking the computers for books on religion and mythology. There were several, but three in specific that caught her eye on the screen that directly focused on Norse Mythology.

"A Guide on Norse Mythology, Legends of the Norse and….The Trickster God, Loki." She read quietly to herself. That last one especially caught her attention. She wrote down the call numbers and almost ran up the flight upstairs that led to the section where she wanted to go.

Her heart was beating unnaturally fast. There was a part of her that already seemed convinced of what Loki had told her.

It was those eyes….and the way he said it. Those eyes….

She stopped abruptly, realizing that she had started to become enchanted with her own delusional vision of the young boy's intense eyes.

What am I, a pedophile?!

But wait…if what Loki said was true then that means he was probably a lot older than what he looked.

Thousands of years older.

Not that that's much better….she thought to herself, and then wanted to smack herself when she realized what she was doing. It didn't matter how old he was! Loki was Loki and that would never change. It would be wrong to suddenly be having any sort of romantic feelings for him. He was like family.

Right…? Mayura hesitantly questioned.

Loki's POV

It was already evening and Mayura still hadn't returned. He was seriously debating going out to look for her at this point. He was getting worried.

"Daddy?" A little puppy head poked into the room.

Loki snapped out of his thoughts, "Hmm, what is it Fenrir?"

"Are you okay? You've been acting a bit strange lately."

"Oh, have I? Sorry. I didn't notice. Have I not been giving you enough attention?" He went over to lovingly pat his son.

Fenrir seemed very pleased at this, but continued, "It's not just that but I don't think I've ever seen you act this way before. At least not since…."

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

"Got it!" Yamino called out from the hall.

"Hm, I wonder who that could be?" Loki asked no one in particular. No way it would be Mayura. She was far too oblivious for that sort of thing. She just came in as she pleased. But then again, maybe she was feeling distant from them now and suddenly felt the need to ring the doorbell as if with an acquaintance rather than with a family or close friend.

Loki's heart pounded for a fraction of a second. Why did that bother him so much?

Before he had time to analyze his thoughts anymore though, Yamino came rushing into the room, pale-faced.


"Yes? What is it?"