Kara's baby


Lady Razeli

"Well doc go ahead and tell them," Kara told him. Baltar as usual looked nervous as if someone would find him out. He didn't like the way that Kara was always staring at him as if she knew.

"Well?" Admiral Adama, Lee, and Dr. Cottle all stood waiting to hear. The rumor around the ship was that Starbuck had a virus.

"She's not a cylon," He told them in that slow voice as he breathed faster than anyone around him.

"See I told you," Lee told his father. Admiral Adama turned to look at Kara.

"I had to be…" Kara shook her head.

"I expect nothing less from you or I'd have reason to be worried you were too old." They all laughed. "Now about my job as CAG…."

"I told you no, until you are better." Kara shook her head.

"I won't go out in the Viper, but I will remain CAG, there are still other duties to be done. Don't take that away from me."

"Lee goes out for you in the Viper is that clear."

"Yes sir," Kara replied with a mock salute.

"Guys we still have a problem." Everyone looked at Baltar.

"Everyone will think she's carrying a cylon child, they'll demand she's locked up with the other cylon."

"She's not carrying a cylon," Lee growled. Baltar nodded shaking a little.

"Yes, but the people they'll…" He breathed hard leaving off.

"So tell them it's my baby," Lee told them with a shrug.

"Great, just what I need people saying I get favor cause I'm fraking a major," Kara muttered.

"Do you want the attention you'll get if they go around whispering your baby is a cylon." Kara sighed in her answer, and kept her mouth shut.

"If I could just get a blood sample from the baby, it would help," Baltar told them nervously.

"Are you out of your fraking mind?" Kara asked looking at her stomach which was slightly rounding out now that she had discarded her heavy workout routine to something lighter.

"Uh…uh no why would you think, why would you say something like that?" Baltar asked gesturing with his right hand he usually rested under his chin. Kara shook her head as she glared at him.

"Because doc, my belly doesn't stick out to here!" She gestured. "So if you think that you're going to stick a fraking needle in me, into my kid before he's out of me, you must be out of your faking mind."

"All right calm down, the test can wait until he's born," Lee told her. "Right?" He looked at his father.

"I understand your concern starbuck,, and doc has to run the usual blood tests after, as soon as he's born the doc will test his blood for cylon genes." Kara nodded. He looked at Dr. Cottle. "You can release her Doc, make sure she's well taken care of."

"Oh I will I've already told her no smoking and no drinking." Kara groaned mournfully. They all dispersed as Dr. Cottle gave her one last check over and Lee went back to his rooms with her.

"If people are going to believe this, you gotta move in." Kara sat and laid back on his bed. She just kept silent for once.

"I need to be alone right now I need to think," Kara told him after a moment. Lee nodded.

"I have some things to do anyway you'll be okay by yourself?" Kara frowned.

"Get the frak out Lee don't start treating me like some damn doll!" She threw a pillow at him. He chuckled.

"Same old Kara." He threw it back at her and left out. She growled a little at his chuckling before sitting back. What was she going to do now? She had to keep the baby, what if it was obvious it was cylon, what if the doctor's test said he was a cylon and he was human. Hadn't his test read boomer's blood wrong?