Kingdom Hearts : Consumed Beings

When she woke up from dreaming, the only thing that came to her mind was a boy – a grey haired boy who had a lion-like design on his weapon. The next thing that came to her was the object that she was holding, and out of the blue, she called it "Lure Breaker". At first it took her a while to realize what she said, then it dawned to her that it was her weapon and no one else's.

Her surrounding was empty and no one else was there. It was a beautiful town, but it was forever stuck in time of sunset. She was in front of a mansion, wondered why she was there in the first place.

Why does it look so familiar?, she thought to herself.

With only fragments of memory, she looked for the boy and the reason why she woke up in front of an old mansion.

"It's alright. Everything will be okay, in the end," his voice was faint, but it was carved solid in her memory.