And there she stood.

In front of the mansion, that seemed beautiful; but nothing felt right. She felt real, but for some reasons it was as if her heart was stone cold. The gate in front of her was locked, but she knew she had the key and the key was Lure Breaker. She had memories of the place but why, was she driven by something to come all the way here?

She remembered running here to see the old mansion – but nothing afterwards. Her Keyblade's end shot light towards the keyhole of the lock of the gate. Ellone prayed to herself that she will be fine on her own – she couldn't feel fear, but for some reasons praying for her well-being felt right.

Brushing her blue hair to the bak of her ear, she observed as the lock clicked to confirm that the gate was unlocked. Unaware of what might happen next, she walked past the gate and into the majestic brown mansion.


A boyish voice was heard from such an old boy – okay, maybe not so. But just about the age where they should work... And this boy, Ikki, was observing Merlin and Gaius' work on magic.

Living peacefully at Hollow Bastion – minus the works of Wyres, Ikki managed to improve his magic, though basically and mostly thunder-based magic – but still, much better than six years ago when he had to accompany Noman, Ellone, Atro- Hmm, Ikki thought to himself. The blonde haired boy smiled to himself wondering where his friends were.

Noman must be still in the Siberian Fortress, and Ellone... Fudge, I still don't know where Ellone is an all these times she never visited me here! He was surprised at his own thoughts, forgetting that he actually thought about this the day before, and the day before and the other day before.

With his mind distracted from Merlin's lecture about magic, he hugged his Keyblade to his chest, – at which he had already forgotten what the real name was – Wingy. Merlin noticed this and smiled, paused Gaius for a moment, then turned to Ikki.

"Ikki, if you're really worried, it's fine. You can go look for your friends," he said, smiling that old smile even Ikki felt guilty for. "You have already learned so much from us, it's time for you to learn things from outside, like... You know, skills," Gaius chuckled, but Merlin glared at him, and Ikki wondered what they meant.

"It's up to you, Ikki," Merlin said, holding a small handmade orange pouch from his room and handed it to Ikki, "It's your journey if it's your friend's."

Ikki was... Touched. It was that night that he finally decided. He thanked both Merlin and Gaius for their help.

"Wingy, it's time for action."

A cigarette fell to the ground as sunrise came to the Siberian Fortress.

The dark-skinned man stretched and tied his raven black hair neatly into the style that he had for so long, ever since... He forgot. Turning to his back, he could still see the statues of his friends. "Well friends, I've got some work to do so wait for me," he smiled a charming smile, especially towards the one statue of a girl holding a bow and arrow.

The man chewed on some leaves when his Keyblade materialized beside him. It looked like the Keyblade to be wield by King Mickey, but this one was more wild – the flames surround the one weapon – showing this man's true nature.

"Hey there old friend. Why'd you decide to come all of the sudden?" he asked. The weapon stayed there, unmoving. "Seriously, tell me," he spoke again, finishing up the leaves. The Keyblade disappeared and materialized in his hand instead.

"You want me to wield you again?" the black haired man grunted. "I have been guarding these three magicians without you, and whenever danger came you never came along, what do you want really?"

A similar light that happened to appear from Ellone's Keyblade appeared from the end of his, and the light, unlike the normal kind of light that traveled in a straight line – this one was insistent and traveled in curves, straight line – or whatever.

"Dude... What you did earlier was uncool but I think you're cool now," the man smiled. Turning to his three magician friends, "See you guys, hopefully very soon – and I promise I'll be here if danger comes to you guys," he smiled and waved; then jumped into the light that had expanded into a tunnel about his size.

"I, Noman, will now go on another epic journey."