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Heidi had arranged for me to be the last one to arrive in Phoenix so she could set up my new room, because I hadn't expressed any interest of doing so myself. I had stayed with my friends in Forks for the last month, and then was flying out to my new home the weekend before school started. As I sat aboard in first-class, next to a man who had probably been alive when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I couldn't help but to reflect on all the events that had led up to the coming torture.

My life had been so easy ever since my mother had died when I was four. My father, Charlie, a workaholic doctor at Forks Hospital, had hired nanny after nanny to raise me, each one leaving after a year from either finding love or just simply not being able to handle my rambunctious self.

Charlie always let me know that he loved me and that he would provide for me, but I never really saw him much and I was ok with that.

Life had been good and fine until Heidi moved in. She met my father after having appendicitis while visiting her parents during Christmas break 3 years ago.

Heidi, in a word, is psychotic.

She was 14 years my father's junior and was a former model. She could have gone places with her career had she not been a Jesus freak. She was gorgeous, but always told me stories about how it was hard working in the business and staying close to Christ, so she retired and latched on to my father.

She says that meeting my father was the single best thing that's ever happened to her. And the worst for me.

After Heidi and my father arrived home from their honeymoon two years ago, Heidi switched from somewhat normal to an absolutely insane bible banger. She told me the day after arriving home that she knew in her heart that I really wanted to be a good girl and that Jesus had led her to me.

I laughed in her face. That earned me weekly devotions at Jessica Stanley's house. Me, a good girl? Never. Wrecking havoc was my favorite pastime. I enjoyed being bad.

A few months ago my father had been offered a job at Phoenix's biggest hospital and apparently it was too good of an offer to turn down. Heidi was always bitching that he was never home enough and supposedly this job would allow him more free time to spend with us.

I knew better than to expect that to actually happen. Charlie loved work more than he loved me. It had gotten him through my mother's death and now he clung to it.

I wasn't excited about moving, but I could use a change of scenery and an escape from all the bitches and hoes in Forks. Some skanks could really not let the fact go that I may or may not of fucked their boyfriends. A few times.

One thing I was in absolute denial about though was Heidi, or as I like to call her, Satan, had enrolled me in a Christian private school. Complete with uniforms and the whole shebang.

From the brochure, The Enlightened Path Christian School looked like a hell made just for me. Plastered across each page were faces of laughing teenagers who looked like the biggest bunch of losers I'd ever seen. One girl even had pigtails.

I was less than thrilled when it was announced that we were about to land.

As I walked off the plane I saw that Satan herself was going to be my ride home. Perfect.

"Bella! Bella honey over here!" She shouted flailing her arms as if I couldn't already see her in her bright yellow sundress and floppy white hat. She waved down assistance to help carry my bags out to her brand new BMV.

When we walked outside and I set aflame. It had to be at least 200 degrees and I had on jeans. It was going to be a pain in the ass to peel those fuckers off later.

As we entered her car, the leather burned my skin through my pants and I yelped. Of course the passenger side would be the side where the sun had been shining on, while the drivers seat looked perfectly cool.

"How was your flight?" Heidi asked cheerfully as we zoomed off.

"I sat next to a old geezer who drooled on my shirt and in front of some loud mouth bitch who decided to tell her friend her entire life story. It was a delightful experience," I added dryly.

"Watch your language please," Satan replied. "But here's something that will hopefully brighten your day! Your room is all ready and tonight were having dinner with the Hale family. I went to college with their oldest daughter, Tanya, and you are just going to love them!" She stated cheerfully.

"Peachy," I grumbled. Why in the hell would any of that brighten my day? My room was probably going to be full of hello kitty and as for dinner, I doubted I was going to enjoy spending time with anyone Heidi called friends.

"Bella, I'm only going to say this once: If you want to make friends here quickly you might want to lose the bad attitude and replace it with one that pleases Jesus, your father and me." Her tone darkened.

"Is that a threat?" This woman was a piece of work.

"Just a fact. And were here!" She exclaimed as we drove into a long driveway.

The house was big and surprisingly really pretty but I wasn't going to tell Heidi that. Our gardener, Lorenzo, who was adorable in every way imaginable helped me move my bags up to my room, which was unexpectedly decent.

"What do you think?" Heidi asked nervously. I felt a little sorry for her that she was stuck with such an unfulfilling life so I decided to play nice.

"Its pretty," I said while staring at the purple walls. It wasn't really my taste in things, and it was bright with all white furniture and everything was matchy matchy, but it was nice and big. It had a attached bathroom which was huge and matched the theme of my bedroom, then a closet that was even bigger than my one at home. It was full of the majority of my clothes already and it looked kind of like a Forever 21 store. I would be spending some quality time in there.

"Well, I'm glad you like it. There's a new dress on the couch in the corner. If it fits nice you could wear it tonight. I have to go run some errands so I'll be back in a while. Be ready at 6." She said as she left my room.

I spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking my bags then exploring the monster that this house was. It had 3 stories and I lost count of the spare rooms. I guess Charlie's new job came with a lot more dollar signs.

At 5 I decided to get ready. The dress Heidi bought me was pretty and made my boobs look good so I decided to wear it. In spite of her though I wore my pink stilettos that I knew she hated.

I did my eye make up to perfection, making my eyes pop and let down my hair from my messy bun.

Not too shabby, Swan.

I went downstairs and saw my father for the first time in a month.

"Hi, dad," I said as I hugged him.

"Hi princess, how have you been?" He was the only person who I would ever let get away with calling me princess.

"Superior," I replied irritated as Heidi walked in and started talking on top of me.

"Honey, which pair of earrings?" She asked holding up two pairs of identical diamond earrings.

"What's the difference?" I asked.

"Bella, you're a girl you should be able to tell the difference," Satan said without even turning and looking at me.

Whata bitch.

"Ok, its time to go. Now Bella, please be on your best behavior. Tanya, my friend from college, is a dear friend of mine and I would just die if you said some smart-alecky comment to any of the Hales."

I rolled my eyes. "Yes, I'll put on my finest performance and act nothing like my real self. I love to make friends who don't accept me for who I really am."

"Bella," my father warned. He leaned over to hold Heidi's hand as she pouted. I gagged.

We arrived at the Hale mansion and my mouth fell open. I thought I had it good. These people must be rolling in the dough. I was sure the house was roughly modeled after The Palace at Versailles. It was beautiful. My ogling was interrupted as Heidi made some comment I didn't quite catch about my shoes looking like hooker heels.

A maid let us into the house, then led us into the parlor, as she called it. Inside of the parlor, the Hale family was waiting.

It was a shock of blonde and big white smiles everywhere.

Heidi and Tanya, I'm assuming, clashed into each other for a hug while my dad shook hands with Mr. Hale.

"You must be Bella. I'm Elizabeth Hale," she spoke in a deep southern accent. She was probably in her early 50's but only her hands gave it away. She had pristine blonde hair that was pulled up into a tight bun, but was somehow still becoming. She was tall and skinny and wearing a black dress that clung to her toned figure. "The children are upstairs. Just go up those stairs and take a left and they should be in the game room."

"Um, ok." I said then did as she told me. I felt a little weird walking through their house alone, but quickly came upon the game room. Two blonde teens came into my view. They looked about my age were sitting on the couch watching MTV.

I cleared my throat awkwardly. Their heads snapped to my face and I knew they had to be twins.

"Hi," I said because I'm just awkward like that. "I'm Bella Swan," I added when they didn't say anything back.

"Gee golly, sorry Bella, we didn't even hear you get here," a blonde curly haired boy said as he approached me with his hand extended.

Oh dear. They're going to be freaks.

While I shook it he said, "I'm Jasper and that's my twin sister Rosalie."

"Hey," she replied, not making a move to come and greet me.

"Please sit," he said leading me to the cushion next to Rosalie.

Rosalie and Jasper were tall, tan, and very attractive. It was a shame that they were obviously going to be weird.

Jaspers phone rang and his face lit up when he saw the caller I.D.

"Excuse me ladies," he said getting up to leave and answering his phone.

"Drug dealer?" I asked Rosalie.

She snorted. "No. Jasper probably doesn't even know what that is. I'm sure that was Alice Brandon, his girlfriend. He's completely pussy whipped even though I'm positive he's never even thought about anything to do with Alice's vagina."

I liked this girl already.

"Nice. So why aren't we downstairs with the adults?" I asked.

"Because my mother believes that we are still 6 years old and don't know what alcohol is. Speaking of alcohol, you thirsty?" She asked, standing and gesturing for me to follow her.

"Parched," I replied excitedly, hoping she was leading me towards some form of a stiff drink.

Rosalie led me into a study that was down the hall. It was full of books, but in the corner there was an unmistakable mini bar.

"How well do you handle liquor?" Rosalie asked eyeing the bottles spread in front of us.

"I have a hollow leg," I said while eyeballing the heaven that was laid before me.

"Good. You'll need it," she said while grabbing two shot glasses and a bottle of tequila.

"Is this how you initiate all family friends?"

"Only the ones I like. I've heard stories about you, Swan and I'm hoping they're all true. I'm surrounded by everything holy daily and if the stories I've heard are even a fraction true, then my prayers have been answered. I desperately need a partner in crime and you better be it." Rosalie said, without a stutter.

I smiled. I loved the fact that Heidi already had built a reputation for me to uphold.

I raised my shot, "To partners in crime."

Rosalie smirked, "To partners in crime."

I wasn't even slightly tipsy after 3 shots and neither was Rosalie. This girl had a serious chance at becoming best friend status. The rest of the night passed by without a hitch. Rosalie invited me to come over the next day, so she could show me the ropes of the city. I went to bed hoping that Phoenix would much better than I'd expected.


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