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Chapter Two

Magnus rubbed at his temples. Alec could be so stubborn lately... And despite his boyfriend's obvious disregard, he was still worried about that shoulder.

Demon poison of that kind was increasingly toxic the longer it was in the system, he thought almost absently. He flexed his sparking fingers,

the spell still waiting to be used. He slid out his cell and called Alec.

Alec walked along the boredwalk, his shoulder aching. He grimaced against the wind, thinking back to Magnus's last words. Who was he just like?

He would have given anything to know, even though he had walked out. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He yanked it out.

"I hate this thing.." He muttered. He pressed the red 'reject' button. Why was it you were only called when you didn't want to talk to anyone?

Without warning, his shoulder gave a sharp pang and Alec's vision went gray. Gasping, he pulled back at his shirt. The pain was nauseating.

I really should get this healed, he thought grimly. He fiddled with the phone in his hand, hesitating before going into his contacts. Scrolling down

until finding a warlock in the city didn't take long, and he was surprised that he didn't know who it was. The letters beside the name, 'W, NY' tipped him

off though.

"Hello?" A mans voice answered, gruff and angry.

Alec coughed, unsure.

"Hello, my name is Alec Lightwood." He struggled to keep his voice flat. He had a sudden urge to hang up.

"Lightwood? Your a Shadowhunter." The man's voice changed, getting simultaneously colder and clearer, a business voice.

Alec rolled his eyes, feeling a Jace-like temptation to laugh madly and uncontrollably. No, he was a wandering monkey sales man. He blinked at the sarcastic tone of his own thoughts. Damn you Magnus...


Alec coughed again. "Oh, yeah, I mean, I am. I was wondering if you could offer your assistance in some healing... Preferably immediately?"

The man's voice was curt. "1458 Stillers St. Bring compensation."

The line went dead. Alec stared at the screen for a moment before pocketing it. Then, setting his jaw against the pain, he hailed a cab.