(Hello everyone! I"m doing a Dream of Mirror Online story with my own little twist! The first two chapters will kind of be filler ones because of characher introductions and such. I hope you all enjoy my story and I hope to update it as often as possible. Well, here's the first chapter you guys! Enjoy! ^.^)

Quest 1


Part 1

A loud scream erupts in the night and a young Shura girl is running for her life. She ran and ran until she couldn't run anymore. Her lungs felt tight with every breath she took, full of fear and panic. She makes her way to the back when she realizes it's a dead end. She squeezed herself behind a small crate, praying that it wouldn't find her. Suddenly she heard a deep, demonic growl behind her.

*Oh no he found me!* She thought to herself. She turned around sharply and saw a pair of sharp claws coming straight at her! All turned black and she was engulfed in darkness.

Reya's Bedroom


"NOOOOO!" Reya jumped up to find herself in her room, drenched in sweat. She then realized that it was a dream and sighed in relief. The door slung open really fast, startling her! "Aaah..." she leans to the side in surprise and...SMACK! Face plants to the floor. She slid out of the bed and picked herself up.

"Ow...that really hurt." Rubbing her face she looked up to see her Aunt Maron looking down at her all shocked and out of breath. Her Aunt Maron was human, which was no surprise because her father was a human. She was all that was left alive to take care of Reya, if her Aunt Maron died, she would be alone.

"Are you alright dear? I heard you scream a minute ago and came running as fast as I could." she asked with a concerned look.

Reya gave her a cold stare as she quickly got off the floor.

"Are you crazy! You scared the hell out of me! Aside from that, didn't we talk about knocking before entering someone's room?" Reya yelled in protest.

Aunt Maron totally ignored her with a smile and changed the subject.

"Breakfast will be ready soon. You don't want to be late for graduation"

"I know, I know"

Aunt Maron left the room humming a tune, leaving Reya alone to get ready for the day. She was really nervous, her last day at the academy...she couldn't believe it! She was finally gonna find out what her job class would be! Once she got dressed into her academy clothes, she looked at the clock again and began to scream about how late she was!

Downstairs, Aunt Maron was putting Reya's food on her plate when she heard "Aaaaaaagh I'm going to be late!" and a bunch of running around noises as she looked up. Then she heard another yell. while hearing noises as if someone was falling down the stairs. Each sound, she blinked her eyes then gave off a concerned look. A drop of sweat appeared under her brow and she gave a nervous chuckle.

Once Reya recuperated herself, she headed for the kitchen. She sat in a chair and ate her breakfast, which consisted of Miso soup and omelet with grilled fish and white rice. She heard the bulletin alarm go off and quickly gulped everything down. She began to rush out while yelling "Bye, see you later" When her aunt called her back. Reya lightly jogged in place looking at her.

"I am so proud of you Reya. Your parents would be proud too. Especially your mother, she attended the same school along with your father and myself." She smiled at her. "Now you should go before your late. Oh and don't forget this..." She took out a beautiful lace handkerchief and took out a beautiful sapphire pendent which glowed and shimmered in the sun's light. "It was your mothers...she told me to give it to you once you were old enough...I thought now was the right time."

As her Aunt Maron put her mother's pendent around her neck, she began to feel sad. Her parents died when she was only five years old by a evil demon named Phoenix...she knew that their world was at war and the only thing keeping Phoenix away from Eversun was her Uncle Theodore and thousands of others from Collington and Darkdale. She wished that her parents were there to see her off on such a special day. She turned around and gave her aunt a smile.

"Well I'm off. See you later." Reya called back to her.

"Have a great day Reya, I love you." she smiled as she waved.

With that Reya ran out and hid her face from the sun's bright rays as it's warm light shined on her. She stretched her arms out above her head and breathed in the fresh summer air.

"Hey, Reya over here!" Reya looked over to see Aiden waving at her. There was a huge crowd standing in front of the bulletin board.

"Hey Aiden!" Reya said with a smile. She began to walk over to him when her foot caught a rock and she lost her balance. She then felt someone's hand grab hers and pull her back. She ended up in someone's embrace and looked up to see Muso, a good friend of hers, standing over her. His hand still grasping hers tightly.

"Are you okay?" He asked with a smile.

She jerked back in surprise and blushed "Y-yeah...I'm okay. Thank you."

"Your lucky I got here when I did, or that would have been one nasty fall." Muso remarked.

"Nothing to worry about Muso, I would have caught her anyway if you weren't here." Aiden calmly put in. Muso gave him a good hit on the head. Aiden fell to the floor, holding his head. "You probably wouldn't have noticed her falling IDIOT!" Muso remarked in a sarcastic, smart ass kind of way. Aiden began to get red in the face and stormed off. He settled himself near a tree and began kicking it in a childish manner. He was also mumbling but neither Reya nor Muso could understand what he was saying.

After Aiden's childish tantrum, Reya soon realized that Muso was still holding her hand. She blushed. It was a little strange that Muso was holding her hand still. Was it possible that he had feelings for her? She wouldn't be surprised if both Muso or Aiden had feelings for her.

She has known them both since she was very little, with the exception of knowing Aiden for a little bit longer. He was there for her when she had constantly cried over her parents death. Probably because Aiden's parents died when they were younger so it was easy for him to help her through the pain. Aiden was a very outgoing person and always thought on the bright side of things. It was his positive attitude that always made her smile and laugh. She met Muso two years after a small civil war broke out in his village close to Darkdale. Muso had always been a shy person in the beginning, probably from the stress of his parents always fighting, but over time he began to open up more. Although lately he had been acting a little strange. Going off to god knows where by himself. He would sometimes be gone for days on end and come back not telling anyone where he was. She just assumed that he just wanted to be alone every now and then so it didn't seem like such a big deal.

"Looks like news of the battle in Swan Lake Basin. I wonder what has happened these past few days?" From the look on Muso's face, it seemed that the news was very grim...maybe even worse than that. However, the real problem was that he was still holding Reya's hand.

"Um...Muso? C-Could you let go of my hand now, people are starting to stare." Reya mumbled with a faint voice.

"Ah...sure..." Muso blushed and jerked his hand away from Reya.

Once Aiden recovered from being hit on the head, they all walked over to the Bulletin Board. Reya clutched her mother's pendent in her hands. She desperately prayed that news of her Uncle and all the other men and women fighting to protect their world would be revealed.

The announcement stated:




Following the announcement came a list of the dead. Luckily, Reya's Uncle wasn't among them.

"That damn Phoenix!" Aiden blurted out. "Always killing people for the hell of it! If I was out there I'd give her the old one two!" He began to turn in circles while throwing fake punches.

"Aiden if you were there then you would scream and cry like a little baby." Muso remarked with a smirk.

"Who said I was talking to you...you big idiot!" Aiden yelled with puffed out cheecks and a red face.

"Do you think Phoenix would ever come here Muso?" Reya asked anxiously.

"Probably not...the Eversun Elite Guard would make sure she wouldn't lay one feather in Eversun City. Besides, I don't think there is anything of value in this village. Plus the academy is very well hidden from the enemy no matter how smart any of Phoenixs' lackeys are."

Muso was right, even though Reya knew that there was nothing here for Phoenix to steal, she let out a sigh of relief. However, a small part of her was still very uneasy.

"I guess your right, forget I asked that." Reya remarked. She looked at the time...it was 7:40 and Reya let out a gasp of panic. Aiden and Muso were looking at time on the bulletin board as well.

"Um...guys is that time right?" Reya asked shakily.

"Oh my god! Awww man guys we're gonna be SO late! We need to hurry before the barrier goes up!" Aiden yelled franticly.

They all frantically ran up the hill that led to the academy...Aiden looked back for a moment to see Muso standing still looking up at a nearby tree...he had an eerie smirk on his face.

(Well that's the first chapter guys. I apologize that it is so short compared to most things on here but I'll try to make the next one longer, I hope. Plus I also apologize for the kind of filler chapter, I wanted to introduce the main characters in a sort of funny way but I hope you liked it all the same. Look forward to the next chapter.)