Santana Lopez: The-Girl-Who-Lived Year 1

Eleven-year-old Santana Lopez leaves her abusive relatives to go to Hogwarts for her first year.

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Chapter 1: The Letter

Santana whimpered in pain. Her wrist was broken and her arms and back were covered in bruises and cuts. She had gotten her 'birthday beating' for the year.

She limped back to the basement, which was her room, and lay down on some rags, her bed. She knew better than to cry. If she cried they would beat her more.

She lay down and wished for sleep. Her last thoughts before it claimed her were 'another year to go though here'.

Santana awoke early the next morning to her aunt Shannon banging on the door and yelling at her to get her lazy ass out of bed and make the breakfast.

Santana rolled over onto her arm and winced. It was painful but not broken. This puzzled her but she thought nothing of it.

She climbed the stairs only to meet her cousin, Lauren. Lauren had made her life a living hell for the last ten years. She had used Santana as her personal punching bag as Uncle Ken Tanaka and Aunt Shannon cheered her on.

Lauren pushed Santana back down the stairs and ran away laughing. Santana landed on her back and had the wind knocked out of her.

She ventured up the stairs more carefully this time and walked into the kitchen. Everyone was there already and no one noticed Santana.

She set about making breakfast for the family and set the table.

Suddenly she dropped one of the heavy frying pans, spattering food everywhere. Her uncle looked up, fuming.

"Girl! What are you doing? You idiot bitch!" Santana cringed, bracing for a beating. She felt Uncle Ken take her arm and slam it down onto the cooker.

Santana screamed in pain, clutching her arm. Her normally beautiful light brown skin was an angry red and white.

Her eyes filled with tears but she held them back. She looked up at Uncle Ken. He had gone back to his newspaper and was drinking a cup of tea, as if nothing happened.

They heard the mailbox open and Santana went out to get the post. She looked though the letters as she walked back into the kitchen.

Then she saw it. A letter. For her. No one had ever sent her a letter before. She walked into the kitchen and sat down to read it.

Lauren looked up at her and her eyes widened.

"Daddy, Daddy! Santana got a letter!" With that Lauren ripped the letter out of Santana's hands and gave it to her father.

"Well, well, well. What is this?" her uncle's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as her took in the seal on the envelope.

He ripped the letter in half, grabbed Santana by the back of her t-shirt and threw her into the basement, locking the door.

Over the next few days the house was full of the mystery letters. Santana wanted to read them but her uncle would rip or burn them before she got the chance.

One day they were eating their lunch; well Santana wasn't, when the fireplace exploded. A short figure stepped out of the rubble with an apologetic look on his face.

"Sorry but I needed to stop by and I didn't really think this through." The stranger said, smiling.

He took in the surprised faces of the people in the room before explaining.

"I am Will Schuester, Headmaster of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I have com to see why you have not returned my letters."

Everyone in the room looked at him dumbstruck. Ken and Shannon knew well what was going on. They had tried so hard to avoid this.

As no one had said anything, Will continued, "I am here to give this to Santana." He held out an envelope.

Santana slowly took the letter from the offering hand. She opened it and read:

Dear Miss Lopez,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The train leaves from Platform 9 3/4 at eleven sharp on September the 1st. Enclosed are the required books for the upcoming year.

Yours truly,

Deputy Headmistress

Holly Holiday.

Santana's mouth opened in shock, then closed, them opened again, giving her a fish-like appearance.

Until then the Tanaka's had remained silent. "She won't be going" said Uncle Ken with determination.

"Yes. And why is that?" said Mr Schuester, calmly but with a fierce look in his eyes.

"W e spent the last ten years trying to knock that out of her. We will not give up now." said Uncle Ken.

"Look, you can't stop someone from being magical. It's not possible. And besides, Santana here has had her name down since she was born to attend my school. It was her parents wishes."

Santana perked up at the mention of her parents. All the Tanaka's had told her was that they were drug addicts and drinkers and died from over-dose.

"Excuse me sir, but could you tell me about my parents?" said Santana, nervously. She had learned not to ask questions but she desperately wanted to know.

"Of course," Mr Schue told a shocked Santana, "I'll tell you anything you want about your parents. What's your first question?"

"Well," Santana couldn't really think of what to ask. She didn't know anything bout them. " What were they like?"

"John and Rose Lopez were two of the most amazing people I've ever met. They excelled in their studies and were Head Boy and Girl in their final year."

Santana was confused. Her aunt and uncle had told her that her parents were always high or drunk and here was someone telling her they were great.

"But sir my parents were drug addicts that died from an over-dose." Santana said quietly.

Mr Schue's face went an alarming red colour. He turned to face her relatives. "You told her that her parents were DRUG ADDICTS!" His face was turning a shade of purple now. It was quite alarming.

The Tanaka's looked scared for once in their lives and Santana smiled. It was a nice change for them to be cowering in fear instead of her.

"Santana listen to me," Mr Schue turned to the latina and looked her straight in the eyes " your parents were some of the nicest people I ever had the pleasure to meet. They were not drug addicts or drinkers or anything else you aunt and uncle called them."

"But if they didn't die from over-dose, what happened?" the young girl asked.

Mr Schue had been dreading this. He did not what to tell this poor girl what had happened. He sighed.

"Well Santana, not all magical people are good and there was a woman named Sue Sylvester that was the worst of them. Ten years ago she started gathering followers. She wanted to take over the wizarding world and the muggle one as well."

He saw the look of confusion on the girls face. "Muggles are non-magical people."

"Anyway Sue's followers, the Cheerios, destroyed or killed everything in their path. People who tried to fight back ended up dead. Sue took an interest in you and set out to kill your family."

Mr Schue took a small break for breath before continuing. "She arrived at your house one day and killed your father as he tried to save you and your mother. Rose ran upstairs with you but Sue followed. Sue told your mother to get out of the way. Rose said no and Sue killed her. She then tried to kill you but the curse rebounded and hit him."

"So he's dead." Said Santana.

"Some people think so but I believe he's still out there, weak but alive."

Mr Schue gave the girl time for this to sink in before leaving and stating that he'd sent someone to pick her up on the 1st of September.

Santana smiled to herself. She was a witch and she was leaving the Tanaka's to go to a magic school. Maybe this was going to be a good year after all.

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