Hi! This is just a really quick story that I'm posting to make up for how long I've been away. Sorry to all of the people that have sent me messages asking if I was still alive. I'm fine, I promise.

Okey dokey lokey, so I thought I would write a Harry Potter story! Yay! Harry Potter is my very favourite series in the whole world, and I've always wanted to do something with Lily and James. I intend to write a better story between the two of them that has been brewing in my head for a couple of years really soon, but for now this is what I have.

Each chapter will be a year of Lily's life at Hogwarts, beginning at first and ending at seventh.

I didn't check it, I didn't spend more than half an hour on it and I don't want to waste time making it perfect, again, it's just a little something to let you guys know I still exist. :) Still, I hope everyone enjoys it!

Chapter One;

Lily takes a breath that seems to fill her all the way to her toes and looks up at the huge scarlet steam engine in front of her. It's all extremely overwhelming, and she's trying not to go over the edge like her family behind her.

"You'd better hurry up." her father says, checking his watch. She turns from the train and is enveloped in her parent's arms once more, her mother giving her a kiss on the top of her head.

"We're so proud of you." she says, bending down to speak to her daughter. Lily doesn't miss her older sister's annoyed look from the corner of her eye. "And we'll miss you so much."

"You'll see me in a few months." Lily promises. They'd agreed that she stay at home every Christmas, seeing as she'd be away for most of the year.

"We'll see you then." her father says, letting her go. She turns to her sister and opens her arms hopefully. Petunia looks down at her younger sibling for a moment, then wraps one arm around her shoulders, her pointed nose hovering in the air above Lily's auburn locks as if she smells something she doesn't wish to. Lily is surprised at the gesture, since her sister hasn't been her normal self for a few weeks now, and although she can tell her sister doesn't mean anything by the hug she's glad it happens. She doesn't want to leave them without making up with Petunia in any way.

The families surrounding them begin saying their goodbyes louder and more rushed as the train sounds its departure. Lily looks around, nervous butterflies in her stomach, and grabs her luggage as best she can. It's not easy; she's tiny for her age and her bags are as full as she could get them and she struggles under the weight. She doesn't know how she's going to get them onto the train, and begins to freak out as someone clears their throat behind her.

Here she is, a girl without any magic relatives, standing by a train she didn't know existed a couple of months ago and she's holding up the rest of the students trying to get on the train. Should she try lifting her bag and risk falling forward, onto the tracks? Before she can do anything to risk her life a pair of hands grabs her bags and lifts them onto the train for her.

She climbs on after them and takes their handles, turning to thank the person who had helped her out. He's taller than she is, even with her standing on the train in front of him. He's lanky and has just about the messiest hair she thinks she's ever seen. His hazel eyes smile behind his glasses as she thanks him and turns around to find a compartment, unsure of what to say next.

Lily walks up and down the corridor of the train, and by the time she has reached the end again there is only one compartment left with seats in it. Funnily enough, one of the two people sitting in it is the boy who had helped her with her bags. She slides open the door and the boys, who are laughing and talking loudly stop to look at her. The boy with the glasses sits up straighter and grins, and his friend is unaware of this, so nothing is said to Lily, who sits herself as close to the window as she can get, resting her forehead on the cold glass. All of a sudden, everything crashes down on her and tears start to leak out of her eyes before she has a choice. She is going somewhere she doesn't have the faintest idea about. She doesn't have any friends in the world she's only recently entered. The closest person in the world to her, Tuney, doesn't care about her anymore. She thinks back to the day she'd first been told she was a witch and wishes for a fleeting moment it had never happened. She'd been perfectly happy in the Muggle world. Now she is confused and scared and overwhelmed and completely alone.

The boys in the compartment with her have picked up their conversation again and are speaking and laughing so loudly that she hardly hears the door when it slides open again. She doesn't bother turning around to see who it is, but can't help recognising the boy who sits across from her. She glances at him, and then looks out the window before he can say anything to her. The other boys' conversation falters, but they pick it up again immediately.

Lily hopes Severus can't tell she'd been crying, even though she can still feel the tear tracks that have run down her face, and opens her mouth. "I don't want to talk to you," she says, then rolls her eyes internally. Her voice is constricted and she knows he can tell how upset she is because of it.

"Why not?" apparently this is not what he had been expecting.

Lily gives up trying not to show her emotions and turns back to him. "Tuney h-hates me. Because we saw that letter from Dumbledore."

He frowns. "So what?"

She gives him the filthiest look she can manage. "So she's my sister!"

"She's only a -" he stops his sentence immediately, and Lily doesn't notice, trying her hardest to remove the tears from her face.

"But we're going!" he says, looking excited. "This is it! We're off to Hogwarts!"

Lily nods, still wiping her eyes, and can't help but give him a tiny smile.

"You'd better be in Slytherin," Severus tells her, glad she has at last showed a little happiness toward him.

"Slytherin?" the boys finally react to their two companions being there and Lily glances at the boy beside her, the one who helped her with her bags. "Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?"

His friend across from him, beside Severus, doesn't smile. "My whole family have been in Slytherin,"

The other boy seems shocked. "Blimey! And I thought you seemed alright!" Lily clamps her mouth shut, and finds this all completely unnecessary. She was guessing these were the houses of Hogwarts she'd heard a little about. What did it matter what house they got into? It doesn't seem right to tear Severus down because of what he'd said. Especially when they don't know him.

"Maybe I'll break the tradition." the other boy says with a grin. "Where are you heading, if you've got the choice?"

The first boy raises his arm strangely, as if holding something. "'Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart!' Like my dad."

Severus gives a quiet snort, and the boy turns to him "Got a problem with that?"

"No," says Severus, but Lily is sure his sneer is purposely telling he does. "If you'd rather be brawny than brainy -"

"Where're you hoping to go, seeing as you're neither?" the boy lounging on the opposite side asks.

The boy with the glasses begins laughing loudly and Lily sits up quickly, getting angrier by the second. Maybe she is still a little angry at Severus, but he is all she has in this strange new world, and she isn't going to sit around and watch two nobodies make fun of him.

"Come on, Severus, let's find another compartment."

The two boys rather rudely imitate her voice as she passes out of the carriage. "Oooooo..." the boy with the glasses puts his foot out to trip Severus as he passes.

"See ya, Snivellus!" one of them calls out as Severus slams the compartment door behind them. Lily decides not to say anything about the rude boys behind them and she and Snape are invited to sit with a small group of girls by two named Lyla and Scarlet, who are both brunette and seem to be a lot nicer than the people Lily has met previously.

The rest of the train ride is spent with Lily being more silent than usual, as she takes in everything she can learn about Hogwarts. When the train stops all of the students climb off and the first years are called to a giant man with a huge beard. He smiles down at Lily and helps her find a boat, and she thanks him quietly, because, if she's being honest, she's quite terrified of his appearance.

She is in a small boat with Sevurus, Lyla, Scarlet and another girl from the compartment she had spend most of the train ride in. There are huge butterflies in her stomach all the way across the lake, until they arrive at a magnificent castle and trod inside in a tight, terrified group.

After meeting with a strict looking woman and being walked into a huge hall with the most amazing ceiling Lily could ever imagine, the first years are standing with shaking knees in front of a silent hall as one by one, they get sorted into the four houses.

The shaggy haired boy with the Slytherin family from Lily's boat, who is named Sirius Black, is sorted into Gryffindor, and he seems happy about the fact as one of the tables claps loudly. Lyla from the train is also sorted into Gryffindor, and her mouth twists at the fact that it wasn't Ravenclaw. Scarlet is placed into Ravenclaw, and then Lily's name is being called out and she shakily walks to the front of the hall. The hat is placed on the top of her head and instead of hearing the word 'Slytherin,' like she'd been hoping, she hears 'Gryffindor'. She hurries to the table, looking over her shoulder to give Severus a sad smile and takes a seat beside Sirius Black, who politely makes room for her to sit. She sits beside him, but far enough away to turn away from him and fold her arms across her chest. Lyla grins at her from the other side of the table, looking a little happier than she had moments before, and she tries to look like she's not being as stubborn and horrible as she suddenly feels.

The boy with the glasses gets sorted into Gryffindor and squeezes in between Lily and Sirius Black, high fiving the latter with a grin.

"I knew it." he said quietly.

There is a magnificent feast and Lily is so excited she can't keep her eyes still for a second. Not only is there a night sky visible and floating candles and unbelievable good food and odd looking people around her, but there are ghosts and things students are making float around and change colour and transform into different shapes. She attempts to make conversation with Lyla across from her, but the boys beside her are joking loudly with another who had been sorted into Gryffindor just after Lily. This boy had light brown hair and a kind face, and wasn't messing around or being as loud as his new friends. Lily learned in ten minutes that his name was Remus Lupin and the boy with the glasses was James Potter.

After the feast the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, stands to make a speech. He is a strange man, and Lily wonders if half of his words are jokes or not. Nevertheless, she likes him immediately and admires him as he performs small magic tricks infront of them all that don't seem to amaze too many of the other students.

The hall empties a short while later and the first year Gryffindor students walk in a group to their headquarters, following their Head Boy and Girl. Lily doubts she'll ever be able to make her own way there; there are too many twists and turns for her to wrap her red head around, and the staircases move, as if it wasn't difficult enough to begin with.

The Gryffindor common room is absolutely magnificent and decorated almost completely in the colours red and gold. Most of the older students sit around in front of the fire for a while, playing some games Lily has no idea about and others that remind her of Muggle games, with slight differences. Almost all of the first years make their way up the stairs to find their rooms, and Lily does the same. She wants to stay awake forever to explore her new world, but her eyes won't let her and she can't stop yawning.

Somehow, her bags had found their way to the room she was staying in. Lyla takes the bed closest to her own and they introduce themselves to the three other girls in their dormitory. They all seem very nice, and Lily is glad she has met some friends on her first night. Lyla is a pure-blood, and doesn't mind at all when Lily asks her questions that must seem especially dim-witted.

Her bed is very comfortable, and she doesn't think she'll ever be able to get to sleep with the flurry her head is in. But her eyes are only open for a couple of minutes longer before they close and do not open again until morning.

It is November, and Lily has become accustomed to her new life as a witch. She studies harder than any of her peers, and her marks definitely show it. She has four best girl friends; Lyla, Scarlet, despite her being in Ravenclaw, and two girls named Alice Prewett and Mary Macdonald, who sleep in the other beds in Lyla and Lily's dormitory. Severus is still her number one best friend, but they'd slowly drifted apart since arriving at Hogwarts. They still talk, but only for short amounts of time every now and then. And usually it was in a place where there weren't many people around, like the library.

Lily is slowly beginning to understand why there were so many people that held grudges against Slytherin house. She hasn't met anyone from Slytherin but Severus who treats her like she is a person, and she can't really wrap her head around that. Lyla says it is because they are all too full of themselves to realise Muggle-borns deserve just as much respect as they give themselves, and she had overheard Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and James Potter calling them words she would rather not repeat one night in the Gryffindor common room before going to bed.

Remus Lupin is also beginning to make his way into her life. He had been paired with her in their charms class and seems to be the only other first-year Gryffindor who takes his classes seriously enough to finish all of the the work they are set this far into the year. She likes the fact that he isn't as loud as his best friends, and has discovered that he is as easy to talk to as Severus, though she would prefer the latter any day.

Lily, Lyla, Mary and Alice are making their way toward the Great Hall for lunch from Transfiguration. They left later than the rest of their class because Lily had stayed behind to ask Professor McGonagall a couple of questions about their homework. They are walking through a part of the castle that is usually deserted, so are surprised when they see quite a large group of people assembled infront of them.

"Bit of a traitor really, aren't you?" a Slytherin girl screeches at Sirius Black and her wild hair shakes with her head. "Completely forgot about your family and chose this scum." she snorts in disgust toward the few Gryffindors behind Sirius. Behind herself, there are more than ten Slytherins. Severus is among them, and Lily wants to walk over and talk to him, but is a little scared about what is happening. She doesn't want to get in the middle of this.

"I don't see why it matters really, Bellatrix, seeing as the family always had so much more time for little Regulus over me." Sirius says in a voice that just sounds a little bored.

Bellatrix keeps on at him and he argues back, James Potter sometimes putting a word in for him. Lily's eyes meet Severus', and the look from his tells her that this is what should be happening - Gryffindors and Slytherins weren't supposed to get along. This is nothing knew.

"That's Sirius's cousin, I think." Alice whispers to her friends. Alice seems to know everything about everyone under the castle's roof, so neither of them question her. "She's two years older than us. Bellatrix Black. Apparently she's one of those pure-blood crazed witches." she rolls her eyes and Lily can't help feeling a little down. She isn't used to being Muggle-born around all of her friends yet. There aren't all that many Muggle-borns in the year, and she feels left out because her pure-blood and half-blood friends know so much more about magic than she thinks she ever will.

"That's right, Sirius, just go crawling back to all your Mudblood friends." Bellatrix calls tauntingly after Sirius as he turns and leaves, after much convincing from Remus. Most of the Slytherins laugh, except for Severus, whose eyes meet Lily's again. Remus also turns toward Lily, but realises in time that Sirius and James are about to turn back to Bellatrix and stops them before they can do anything stupid. Lyla and Alice just gasp at the word, and Lily is left clueless as to what is happening. She has heard the word used by Slytherins quietly before, but she hasn't really thought about what it meant.

Lyla's arm wraps around Lily's shoulders and she steers her toward the Hall after the boys again before Lily has the chance to ask about it. When she finally does, her friends are silent.

"It's just a filthy, disgusting word that Slytherins, in particular, think they can use to make themselves feel higher and mighter." Lyla says finally with disgust plain in her voice.

"Don't think about it, though, Lily. No one tolerates that anymore. They'd have a hundred points taken straight from Slytherin if any of the teachers heard them say it." Alice assures her.

"But it's me, isn't it?" Lily asks, still on the subject, much to her friends' dislike. "Mudblood...like...contaminated blood. I'm not a pure-blood like them. It's an offensive term for Muggle-born."

"Yes." Alice agrees, unable to steer herself out of this one. "But the people that use words like that don't deserve to have your time wasted on them. Don't worry about it."

But Lily can't help but worry about it. She sinks into her seat as she thinks about Severus standing behind Bellatrix, among the people that don't like her kind. Among the people who consider her to have dirty, contaminated blood.

Was it okay?

I'm going to start working on the real story I have for Lily and James right now. And maybe something involving George will come later, because I've had a crush on Oliver Phelps for about six years...heheh.

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