Chapter 1

It was a brisk Monday morning and Allie had just parked her silver Ford Falcon into Homicide's underground car park. She wasn't alone though, sitting next to her in the passenger's seat was Rhys. For a moment they both sat in silence until Rhys finally spoke.
"So are we going to get out soon or are we just gonna sit here all day?"
"No you goof we can't both go into the office at the same time, everyone will think we spent the night together."
A smile started creeping onto Rhys' face "Yeah you're probably right. I'll be a gentleman and go first."
Allie's jaw dropped "You've got to be kidding me you're no gentleman" Rhys just laughed as he got out of the car and walked over to the lift and went up to the Homicide office.

A few minutes later Allie came out of the lift and sat down at her desk. Jen and Nick where at a crime scene, Duncan was in the kitchen, Bernice, Stanley, Jarvis and Matt were all in their offices and everyone else was quietly going about their business so Allie and Rhys were all by themselves.

"Do you think any of them noticed us both come in?" Rhys whispered so no one could hear him.
"Nah I don't think anyone would have suspected a thing and if they ask we'll just say that we both came separately."
Rhys was about to say something when Matt came out of his office and called out to Allie.
"Allie can I have a word with you?"
"Sure Sarge." Allie jumped up from where she was sitting and followed Matt into his office.

Allie shut the door and the look on Matt's face had her very worried.
"What's wrong Matt, has something bad happened?"
"Yes Allie, your mother Barbara Kingston's been murdered; Nick and Jen are at the crime scene."
Allie's face sunk, she couldn't believe it. "Sarge you have to let me go to the crime scene."
"You know I can't let you do that Allie you have an emotional connection with the victim."
Allie's eyes started filling up with tears. "I have to see my mum Matt."

Matt handed Allie a tissue "You can do that when they take her to the morgue."
Allie wanted to argue her point but she just couldn't find the strength to do it, she was still coming to terms with the fact that her mother, the one who she had fought with for so long was gone and there was nothing she could do to bring her back. She just wanted to say sorry.

Matt dismissed Allie from his office and she slowly walked back to her desk, slumped down onto her chair and put her head on the desk. Rhys looked over and immediately knew something was wrong. He swivelled his chair next to her and put his hand on her shoulder.
"Are you ok Allie? What did Matt say to you?"

Allie lifted her head off the desk and looked deep into Rhys' eyes. Tears were streaming down her face and her eyes were red. "My mum's dead Rhys." Allie managed to blurt out. "My mum's dead and I was never able to say sorry for disappointing her so much. You know when we went to her house and I told you it was the wrong house?"
Rhys looked confused "Yeah I remember."
"Well it wasn't the wrong house. When I got to the front of the house I realised that my mum had moved on with her life, she'd gotten remarried and had more kids for god's sake. I just couldn't handle it and now I'll regret not staying there and meeting her for the rest of my life."

Rhys grabbed Allie and pulled her into a hug, he didn't care if anyone saw it.
"Hey don't worry it's gonna be alright I'm here for you."
Allie pulled out of the hug and Rhys wiped away her tears.
"Will you come with me when I have to identify her at the morgue?"
"Of course I will, when do you have to go?"
"In about 5 minutes."
"Ok just let me get a few things and then we'll go."
As he got out of his chair Rhys looked over at Allie and gave her a reassuring smile.
"Everything's going to be ok Al, trust me."