Date: 8-24-2016

Scene: The Hospital-Obgyn's office-Ultrasound test

Situation: Twenty Five year old, Isabella Cullen is seven months pregnant with triplets. She discovers that she has lost one of the babies during a visit to her obgyn.

Obgyn(listening to the babies' heartbeats): The babies' heartbeats sound good

Bella(concerned): There are suppose to be three heartbeats. I only hear just two heartbeats instead of three heartbeats. I wonder whatever happened to the third heartbeat.

Obgyn(with a sad tone in her voice): One of the babies died

Bella(devastated): What?

Edward(shocked): What?

Obgyn(showing Bella and Edward a sonogram of the babies): Your daughters are still alive, but your son is dead

(All of a sudden a very heartbroken Bella starts crying. The obgyn leaves the room to tend to another patient. Bella turns to Edward for comfort and Edward holds her very tightly as she grieves)