Date: 8-8-2016

Edward's p.o.v

Midnight is the bewitching hour controlled by witches such as Victoria. No matter how many times I pretend she doesn't exist, I can't get her out of my head. Victoria haunts

me in my dreams every night and I consider it to be hell on earth. She finds torturing me to be a form of entertainment. Our meeting tonight differs from our precious

engagements because it involves Bella and our unborn triplets. We are expecting two girls named Angel and Destiny along with the addition of a boy whose name will be

Owen. Strangely, Victoria knows our triplets' names by heart as if she met them before sometime in the future. Victoria prophesies Angel and Destiny will both be born with

disabilities in which breaks my heart. I am afraid to find out what kind of future Owen will have so I don't bring up the subject. My nightmare plays out before me like a scary

movie and I am having a mind out of body experience. "Bella, you have been in the bathroom for quite sometime. I wonder if you are ok?" concerned, I stress knocking on

the bathroom door. "Please leave me alone" sobbing, my pregnant wife yells from within the bathroom. "I am getting really worried about you. Do you mind if I come into the

bathroom?" I express with worry opening the bathroom door at a crack. "No, I don't care so come on in" choked up, she stutters barely clinging onto her sanity. I enter the

bathroom and stand in a puddle of my wife's blood, I am overcome with emotion. Crying, Bella is sitting on the floor clinging onto her bleeding clothes. "Poor Bella, you are

bleeding so much. The puddle of blood speaks volumes to me" I cry helping my wife up onto her feet and I thought I heard my heartbeat stop for a moment. "I don't know

why I have been bleeding so much. It is not normal for pregnant women to bleed. I hope it isn't what I think it is, a miscarriage. Whatever is happening to me, I want it to

stop right now" she prays trying to gain her composure and balance. I am mad at myself for not being able to heal Bella and to our make circumstance to go away. I hate

seeing Bella in pain so I rush her over to the hospital where we discover Owen has died leaving behind my blind Angel and my deaf Destiny. I have been living in a

dream world for so long that reality seems to be a blur and things never appear to be any clearer for me.

Date: 8-9-2016

Bella's p.o.v

"We are here" Edward sighs parking the car in The Cullens' driveway. We haven't seen the Cullens in a long time because we worried about how they would

handle the pregnancy. We are adults, but we still care about their opinions since they are our family members. Joyfully, Renesmee jumps out of the car and

skips toward the front door. Seven months pregnant with triplets, walking is not easy for me. I depend on Edward for assistance twenty four seven. I feel

like a cow that is heading for the slaughterhouse. Renesmee rings the doorbell and we embrace the circus. Bittersweet describes the mood in the

atmosphere. I try to keep an open heart and mind. Edward's sister, Alice holds the key to my future and fate. In Alice's vision, one of the babies doesn't

survive the pregnancy. I am depressed until I feel my precious beloved babies kick.