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couple: Yuri Shibuya and Wolfram von Bielefeld (did I spell it right? Sorry if I didn't).
the deed and will: A high school, completely alternate universed fic. Wolfram is completely out of character.
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the (lovely) authoress notes: Hello everyone. I'm taking a break from my usual Naruto antics, and so I've made the decision to produce another story of mine in High School Version. So remember this well: Yuri is not a king, Wolfram is not a Prince and they may (or may not, who knows? ;)) live happily ever after. Get it? Good. Enjoy the show.

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two-hundred & forty-five days of love & prospect

summary: Meet the new kid that questions the theory: "Wolfram von Bielefeld can make any guy fall for him in 245 days." Damn, he's screwed.
chapter oo1.
good luck magic




School lasts for two-hundred and forty-five days here in Shin Makoku High School; the school well-known for its reviews and intelligence in students. But there is secret hidden beneath those award-covered walls. And you're about to find out what it is, and why it makes the school so different.

Beep goes the digital alarm clock, signalling the awakening of the slumbering person. His name goes by Shibuya Yuri. His father is a millionaire and his mother is a warm-hearted cook and housewife. And his older brother, Shori, is his sort-of-idol. Mainly because Shori is Yuri's guide to life; and Shori is a genius. A prodigy. Meaning, as soon as he graduates, he has an all-access pass to being the new owner of his father's company.

While Yuri, the youngest of the Shibuya family, was just an average teenager. Travelling from city to city and now arriving in Japan; only making one friend in the process. Yes, his life was mostly, very lonely. Not making many "fan girls", not having any "fan girls" and no girlfriends all the way. He was pretty lonely.

Maybe this city will be better than before. His inner conscience commented, sticking on the positive side. Yuri could only sigh; he wasn't really sure about that statement. Who knows, maybe this school would be worse than all the other schools he has studied in. The only good thing about this school was his childhood friend Murata Ken; his best friend since seven, until he has to leave to study here in Tokyo.

Moving his frozen, laid-back body upwards, he couldn't help but fall back again. It was like he wanted to stay in bed forever and never let a single creature ruin his peacefulness.


Yuri sat back up and shifted side to side to look at the suspect making the mewing noise—it has been there since last night.

"Meow," it mewed again, this time it was louder and closer. He looked back down and saw a kitten with black fur and cream spots. It was small, meaning it could have crawled in to the window a few hours before.

The young boy picked it up, and settling it on his lap, softly caressing its plush fur. The kitten purred in delight, cuddling closer to the teen, and stroking its body with his.

"Meow," the teen could not help but smile at it. The voice was so feeble, like it could break any time.

Moving his gaze away from the murmuring kitten, he looked at the digital alarm clock. The clock read, 7:22.

"I guess I could make time for you, kitten." He returned his hand to the kitten, grazing its soft fur until it was fully asleep.

As soon as it was fast asleep, he carefully carried the baby cat on the edge of the bed and let it sleep there in peace, so he can finally bathe.

The shower stung his body; but he wasn't really complaining; he loved hot showers in the morning. The way the hot liquid drip down his body completely woke him up, ready for school.

He took one last rinse and stepped out of the shower, grabbing the nearest towel hanging on the towel holder.

After a while of drying, he walked out of the bathroom and on the mahogany doors, hiding his walk-in closet.

Then he finished, he was wearing baggy jeans and a blue shirt, hidden by his hoodie. He wore his favourite blue Converse sneakers to match his blue backpack.

"Yu-Chan, breakfast is ready! Hurry up or you'll be late for school, again!" His mother's voice rang from the first floor, incontestably from the large kitchen made for his mother only—courtesy of his father.

Seeing that his mother means business, he quickly gathers all of the items he needed for school—notebooks, pens, books, paper, and his wallet—and literally stuffs all of it in his bag.

He makes a run down from the stairs—not forgetting to make one last gentle caress to his kitten—and lands to kitchen. He saw his father reading the daily newspaper, and his older brother reading his Physics book while eating pancakes.

"Yu-Chan, sit down," his mother beckons him; Yuri agrees and takes a seat next to his brother. After a while, his mother places a plate of bacon and cheese omelette in front of it.

"Mom," he says, stabbing his bacon with his fork, "I have a cat upstairs and—"

"A cat? How did a cat get upstairs, brother?" His brother says, without moving an eye from his Physics book.

"Uh, it crawled in to the window probably, and I kind of... like it."

"You like the cat," he says, and this time looking at his foolish little brother, "I thought we couldn't have pets."

"Oh come on, just this once. Besides, it's a kitten and I'm sure it won't eat much."

His father was reading, yet he was listening too. "I don't know Yuri, cats aren't my favourite animals."

Seeing there was no help from his father and his brother, he turned to his mom for support. He was a mama's boy; his mother had a special connection with him. Call it what you will; favouritism, admiration, best-loved. But they both called it as a special connection.

He heard his mother sigh, and finally she smiles in defeat. "Alright, I'll take care of the poor kitten,"

Yuri smiled, "Thanks mom," and kissed her on the cheek as a sign of love and appreciation.

"Now, I have to go honey," his father states, rising up from his seat and leaving the folded newspaper on the table. He leaves the dining area and walks to the grand entrance.

"Yeah, I too mother," the elder brother nods and leaves, clutching the Physics book with him.

Yuri eyed them both, then fully finished his bacon, omelette and orange juice. "Hey mom, me too I have to go now, bye!"

He snagged his bag and flees outside and in the fresh air. He walks to the sidewalk, lost in his thoughts. He wonders if he would make a friend here at this new school. He wonders if he would ever have a girlfriend. He also wonders if this school could change his life forever.

"Shibuya!" Ah that voice, the voice he remembered from his memories; his best friend, Murata Ken.

"Murata, nice to—woah, you've grown!" He precisely inspected his old mate; from the black tuft of hair on his head to the very end.

Ken did the same, scanning his dear old colleague from a few years ago. Ten years was far too long for them both; they barely recognized each other. Ken clearly remembers that Yuri was a young, little boy who always clutched on his mother. And now, he's a grown teen, but still had black hair, black eyes, and a playful side to him.

"Thanks Shibuya," he moved closer to his old companion, "You've grown too."

The said teen smiled, and wrapped his right arm around his pal. "So, why don't you show me to Shin Makuko High School?"

Ken froze for a moment and removed his companion's right arm from his neck, "Good luck to you," he smirked in bane.

Yuri could only look at his friend and his baffling words.

They arrived methodically ten minutes before the bell rang, and at those ten minutes, they met Anissina von Karbelnikoff. A foreign girl who was a whizz at Science and Chemistry.

"Nice to meet you, Yuri-San," she shook his hand with a mighty squeeze; Yuri could only flinch at the red-head's robust grip. "And good luck to you." And she smirked; the same one Ken used earlier; baneful and terrifying.

What is with all those 'good luck' greetings? Don't kids usually say, welcome to Shin Makoku High School or something? These kids are a bunch of weirdos. His inner-self remarked towards the schoolmates he met today. He couldn't help but agree and disagree to the small voice in his head. He agreed that these kids are weird, unusual and a bit tacky—their clothes weren't the best, but that's beside the point. And yet he disagrees that all the kids may be peculiar. Some may be pretty cool.

"So, uh... Tell me more about this school." Ken and Anissina turned to each other, passive looks on their faces and also a bit albeit. After a while, they looked back to the new kid.

"Just... Good luck," they replied in unison.

After the bell rang, Yuri scrambled to find his room; room 316. His first class was Homeroom, and he was, well, lonely. Ken wasn't there and so was Anissina. It was going to be a long hour for him.

Just then, a man came to him and asked him for a few papers. He introduced himself as Yuri's homeroom teacher. "Introduce yourself, Shibuya-San. Give us your name, likes, dislikes, where you came from... And you know." The teacher, Hiroshi-Sensei, asked, while he walked silently to his desk and began digging for files.

"Uh right, I'm Yuri Shibuya. My likes are... Um, I like to travel and visit cafes—"

"Sissy!" Someone from the class yelled; seems like some people were listening. Yuri scowled, but quickly shrugged it off, remembering he had stuff to finish and a class to survive in.

"Uh, ahem and I dislike nuts and bugs—"

"Chicken!" The same voice bellowed, this time, Hiroshi-Sensei couldn't take it anymore.

"Mr. Masahiro, shut up before I give you detention!" The said student was quiet, but his playful grin never left. "Alright Mr. Shibuya, continue."

"Uh okay," Yuri said awkwardly, now all eyes were on him. He was still struggling on words though, "I-I came was originally from Okinawa, but my parents had to travel so I... I-I ended up here, in Tokyo."

The raven-haired male ended his speech and turned his face to Hiroshi, who seemed to be scribbling things on his files. "Ahem, H-Hiroshi-Sensei, I'm done." Said teacher looked up from the notes he has written and faced the young teen.

"Oh okay then, you may sit next to Wolfram."

A chorus of gasps erupted from the room. And whispers spread by quickly, girls had faces Yuri couldn't understand, while men had roguish smirks on their faces like the one Masahiro had.

Before he could walk and take a seat to Wolfram, Hiroshi-Sensei laid his right hand on Yuri's shoulder and whispered, "Good luck to you boy."

What the fuck? He's on in this too! Yuri could only mutter a distraught 'yes' to his inner voice.

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