Live Your Life

After the Legacy attacked John Morrison, things got out of hand. Gail Kim, the afterthought, stood her ground against the Legacy and her ex-boyfriend, Randy Orton. Little did she know that they would be after her seeking revenge. Randy/Gail & Melina/JoMo.

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"I entered this ring Randy Orton, Legend Killer, when all was said and done I left as Randy Orton, Legend." Randy Orton's smirk was cold and arrogant. He was standing tall in the WWE ring. He allowed his icy blue eyes swept over the distinct sea of angry faces of the WWE universe. The crowd continued to boo his stable but this only made Randy's smirk grow wider. The crowd was only making things worse, the Legacy fed off the emotion from the crowd. Monday Night Raw was the number one show and that's what Legacy were, number one. In his opinion, no one was better than the Legacy not even John Cena or the Guru of Greatness John Morrison. Speaking of the Guru, he lay, fallen in the corner of the ring after Sheamus had defeated him. Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jnr stood behind him their tag team belts hanging over their shoulders and their smirks evident on their face. Randy turned almost robotically, in the direction of the fallen man in the corner. He smirked as he saw John grab the middle rope for leverage. Prince of Parkour, John Morrison was helpless, the match with Sheamus had really taken a lot out of him. He attempted to fight off the Legacy but it was no use he was out numbered. The WWE universe yelled for The Shaman of Sexy to get up but it was no use, first Sheamus now Legacy, he simply couldn't escape this punishment. Cody and Ted did not need a quick glance or nod to know what Randy wanted them to do. The boos grew louder filling the arena as John found himself surrounded. He was not going to let these three men attack him when he was down. John was a fighter, even if he was on the losing end of that fight. This wasn't about sending a signal to the group's morst hated rival Triple H, anymore. It was a message to every Superstar and Diva backstage. No one messes with the Legacy, no one. The Legacy was number one and everyone else didn't matter.

In a swift movement, the Legacy attacked like a pack of dogs not letting John get a hit on any of the Legacy members. John crumpled into the corner, fighting back was useless now. Ted lifted him to his feet only for Randy to RKO him to the mat. Randy spoke to Cody Rhodes next who was standing with a grin on his face. A nod from the Superstar showed his was willing to do what Randy told him, and with that he hastily grabbed John's silky hair, whose body was limp from the RKO he received. He paused for a moment and took in the boos from the crowd while Randy and Ted watched eagerly, waiting for the Cross Rhodes to meet the Guru. There was no denying that the finisher was impressive. Cody smirked down at his victim who lay motionless on the mat. He took a moment to take in the crowd reaction and Ted's and Randy's congratulations. But as soon as that moment was over, Ted was there to shove the title into his chest. Cody held it tightly as he yelled something to the crowd making them boo louder. Their official business had been dealt with for the night. Showing their dominance and attacking John Morrison was the best way to do that. The Legacy had showed they were the hegemonic stable of the WWE. No one would dare mess with them. If anyone dared to, they didn't know what they were doing.

Departing the ring, Randy took a small amount of pleasure in seeing a rush of referees appear at the top of the ramp. They raced down to the ring, sliding in to check on the injured John Morrison. The crowd still hadn't settled. They were jeering all kinds of things to the stable, who pretty much couldn't care less who they hurt. What had John Morrison done to deserve this? He was a crowd favourite and the Legacy had ruined his flourishing career. As Randy congratulated Ted and Cody on the work they had done, he caught a glimpse of movement at the top of the ramp. He stopped dead in his tracks making Cody and Ted turn around to see what was wrong. Randy spotted her at the top of the ramp. Her being Gail Kim of course. She was full of concern when she made her way down to the ring. She stopped when she came face to face with Cody and Ted, trying to talk some sense into the them. Trying to stop the ridiculous things, they were doing recently. Something about Gail got to him during that instant. He did not know if it was the emotion in her eyes or just seeing her again. Whatever he was feeling, it had dug deep down into his heart and it actually pained him to see her this way.

As Gail brushed past him and slid into the ring, the arrogant smirk wiped from his face. His back was turned to her and Ted and Cody were ushering for him to join them at the top of the ramp. He decided to turn around to steal a quick glimpse of her but as he did, Gail cast a throwaway glance in his direction. Their eyes met for the brief moment but Randy felt as though he could see everything in that instant. As he stared at her, he felt somewhat strange, almost as if he still had feelings for her. That couldn't be it; he just was having a bad day that was all. She bit down on her bottom lip, creased her brows together in clear concern and then looked away. He felt the slightest bit of guilt during that instant. Guilt for her? She was just a useless Diva, why would he feel guilt for her. Looking at what he and his Legacy had done to her best friend made reality crash down onto his shoulders. Why did he feel this way? This is what he wanted right? Supremacy on the number one show right?

Rubbing the back of his neck, he ignored the rest of his precious Legacy, still staring at Gail and the referees tending to John Morrison. Cody and Ted were both exchanging looks wondering what was wrong with their leader; little did they know the history between Randy Orton and Gail Kim. He cast his gaze away, turning his back as he made his way up the ramp, bringing a hand up to his mouth while Cody and Ted were waiting for him patiently. He reached the top of the ramp and turned around to view the carnage he had left in the ring. Gail helped John up to one knee, he's face scrunched up in agony. She murmured what Randy must have thought were words of comfort and encouragement. Randy shook his head in order to take his mind off Gail Kim.

"Are you ok man?" Cody asked as the smirk slowly returned to Randy's face.

"I think I've figured out who we're going after next week. Just go to the locker room, I need to be alone." Both Ted and Cody nodded. Randy wondered around backstage, his mood completely changed. What was wrong with him? Why did he have to separate who he was just to be a success in WWE? He kicked one of the storage crates not knowing what was wrong with him. Where was the nice guy in him? He had become this arrogant and heartless Randy Orton. He had become so obsessed with Legacy and being champion that he had forgotten who he was. He sat down on the storage crate, burying his head in his hands for a few seconds in order to think about what had happened out there. How could he be so stupid? He knew she would be watching. He had to make a choice, career or Gail Kim.

She was anxious. Gail thought that was an understatement. She was in a panicked state. What was wrong with him? He was so wrapped up in his stupid Legacy that he didn't care who he hurt to be a success in this business. What was Melina thinking during John's beat down? That reminded her, she probably should go find her since John was rushed to hospital. Not to mention she probably needed a helping friend. Gail was usually a quiet Diva, not noticed by many and regularly referred to as an afterthought. That's what she was when she returned to the WWE. Many Superstars and Divas shot her concerned stares as if they knew she was in over her head. She was dealing with the Legacy. That didn't bother her. How much he had changed was bothering her. John was his friend, Melina was his friend, why was he doing this?

Her mind was clustered with thoughts swamping her brain. She felt a knot in her stomach as she thought of poor JoMo in the back of the ambulance probably going to be out of action for months. What would he be like when he woke up? He would want Melina there that's for sure but maybe he would want his best friend there too. That's all Gail could think about, being there when John woke up. She was sitting on one of the storage crates when she realised how quiet it was. So eerily quiet while she sat all alone. She bit down on her lower lip angry that this had happened the night she was going to battle it out against Maryse to see who would become number 1 contender for the title. The Legacy had to do what they did and they had not only ruin John's WWE career but Gail's too. What was the meaning of this? Instead, Kelly took her place but that was the least of her worries. She now had to make the horrible trip to the hospital and comfort a distressed Melina. Speaking of Melina, the Divas Champion was leaning against the wall with her arms folded against her and her championship, hanging over her shoulder. They didn't exchange any words. There were no words to exchange. Melina stared across the room at Gail with tears prickling at her eyes; meanwhile, Gail was gazing at the ground in front of her, thoughts still swamping her mind. The both of them swallowed nervously wondering who was going to speak first. Gail didn't know exactly what to say as this was quite devastating to her as well. Her voice was quiet as she spoke to Melina. "You know Mel, John's going to be ok."

"I know." Melina nodded reluctantly. There was a short pause and Melina let out a shaky sigh. "I just..." She was lost for words. "I can't stand the way Legacy are treating everyone, you know?" Gail nodded in agreement.

"They only care about themselves and no one else..." Gail licked her lips as she regathered her composure to speak. "I just can't believe how much Randy has changed" Gail her gaze locking with Melina's.

Another nod. "In all honesty, I never knew what you saw in him" Melina admitted making Gail flinch. "I mean all he cares about is his stupid Legacy." The words ate away at Gail's heart. That was the problem, the Legacy.

"He was a different Randy Orton back then" Gail spoke softly, almost as if she was defending him. "The kind and caring Randy that put others over his career but he has changed for the worst now." There was another silence between the two before Melina spoke again.

"What's the bet John will tell me I worried for nothing." Melina half-chuckled, then settled for a faint smile. "He'll be back to his parkour self in no time" Melina tried to reassure herself.

"He'll be giving you a tour of the Palace of Wisdom by tomorrow" Gail added a faint smile appearing on her face. There was another silence as thoughts swamped both the Divas' mind. Melina thinking about John and Gail thinking about...Randy Orton and how much he had changed.

"Do you want a lift?" Melina offered adjusting the pink and silver belt on her shoulder. Gail snapped out of it and looked back up at Melina. "To the hospital I mean..." Gail gave a little nod. "You know..." Melina continued dropping her gaze to the floor. "I have to go see John." Melina hadn't realised she was crying until she felt the warmth of the tears stream down her face. She wiped them away with the back of her sleeve just in time before the most-hated stable, the Legacy, stopped in front of the Divas. Gail moved her gaze from the ground and up to Randy's icy blue eyes. His mouth curved into that arrogant smirk that he always wore. His eyes darted from Gail to Melina who was tearing up in front of the stable that had put John in hospital.

"Can we help you?" Gail asked standing up almost protectively in front of Melina.

"Uh... not really but I'm starting to remember why I left you" His smirk deepened, as Gail flinched. He realised this and grinned slightly. "Did I hit a nerve Gail?" Randy asked as he turned to Ted and Cody who were smirking. "You're so pathetic..." Randy looked her up and down. She bit down on her bottom lip in rage.

"Hey Kim, keep us up to date with Morrison" Cody's tone was a mocking one while Ted turned his attention to Melina.

"The poor guy... he was just so helpless wasn't he" Gail didn't know what happened to her next. She had had enough of their taunting and their stupid mind games. She was sick of just sitting on the fence and letting her ex-boyfriend run the show and hurt people she cared about. Fortunately, just as she lunged forward, Melina predicted her move and grabbed her by the arm.

"They're not worth it" Melina replied in a hushed whisper. Gail stared daggers at Melina but she decided to take her friends advice. They were not worth it. The Legacy laughed at Gail's attempt to attack them. As the laughter died down Randy's icy blue eyes met with Gail's dark brown eyes. Gail felt tears prickling at her eyes and that's when Randy felt that feeling. That feeling of guilt. His smirk lightened up a bit as his thoughts ran wild. What was he doing? He was losing himself by the minute and the woman that once loved him. She looked away shoving Melina's arm off her as well. "Just stay away from us," Gail warned, mainly speaking to Randy seeing, as he was the leader and mastermind of the Legacy. She stared at the three idiots in front of her wishing she could just wipe their smirks of their faces once and for all.

"Gail let's just go..." Melina replied grabbing her arm again and turning around to leave.

"Just go pick on someone your own size" Gail spoke to the Legacy through gritted teeth. "Don't you have anything better to do than to pick on two Divas?"Gail's blood was starting to boil.

"Gail..." Melina spoke in a hushed whisper, "let's just go" Gail turned to her with her eyes ablaze. "C'mon let's go..." With that, the two Divas began to walk away not before Cody and Randy called out to them.

"You have a smart friend Gail!" Cody yelled out stopping Gail in her tracks. Gail turned around to speak to him but Melina convinced her not to.

"Gail! Speaking a bit tough for a Diva." Randy replied with an arrogant grin on his face. She glared at him wanting to just strangle him herself. How could he make these sorts of comments at this particular time? When Melina convinced her to just ignore the stable Randy called out to them again. "Fine! Run away and never come back! But I swear Gail if you make even one comment about us, we'll take action you hear me!"

Gail didn't want to hear him. Nor his yelling. She didn't she care what Legacy was going to do. John her best friend was in the hospital. That was her priority now. The Legacy were going to do what they always did. Hurt people in order to gain a status in the WWE. She tried to convince herself that what Randy said didn't matter. JoMo was the priority but the Legacy lurked about in her mind. The Legacy wouldn't approach two measly Divas again, would they? They had bigger things to worry about like Triple H and John Cena. Gail and Melina were most likely on the same train of thought. When Legacy said something they meant it and both Divas knew that their lives were seriously going to change soon... very soon.

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