Prompt: "You are the last person I want, as you so quaintly put it, to save me. I can save myself now - I don't need you anymore."

Based on the ninja who stalks Sakura to confess his love and give her a love letter in the manga. I figured that, with everyone she's saving, he probably wouldn't be the only ninja sending her love letters and what not. After all, war's a time for emotions to run high. ... which is probably what her admirers were when they wrote the particular letters quoted in this fic. ;) Enjoy. :D

"... Holy shit, Forehead, are you sure those aren't medical records?"

Sakura sighed, hefting the cardboard box into Ino's eager arms. "I wish."

The blonde, however, in lieu of listening was merrily filtering through the passionate poetry and heartfelt promises. "Oh my god," Ino began, holding up a particularly long missive. "Is this one seriously all about your boo-"


Green eyes flicked towards the entrance of her tent. There Naruto stood, huffing with the effort of the weight on his shoulder. Sasuke. Out cold. "I... I kinda sorta stole a few pills from the pharmacy tent. I SWEAR I THOUGHT THEY WERE HANGOVER PILLS. Teme was just being such a douche, and I thought hey, might as well -"

"That's all right, Naruto," Sakura said, so breezily it might have been a sigh. "I've got it. Set him down on the cot."

A week-long festival, rife with food and lots and lots of drink, was being held in honor of the Ninja World's newfound peace. This wouldn't be the first time the smells of alcohol and idiocy pervaded her tent this morning.

Awkwardly, Naruto shuffled towards the cot and eased Sasuke onto it. Without bothering to examine her patient, Sakura sauntered out of the tent. "I'll be right back," she called out as she exited.

Meanwhile, Ino hadn't moved an inch. "Oh my god, get this. 'Beloved: My hands ache without the fullness of your-'"

"Ne," Naruto interrupted, his hands also having gone exploring in the depths of the box. "What are these?" He picked up one of the sheets, eyes widening as they scanned the contents.

Undaunted, Ino continued. "'Get down and dirty with me, shawty. So broken without you, need your healing fingers on my co-'"


In the pharmacy tent, Sakura browsed the shelves for the antidote. Thankfully, her expertise was such that she hadn't needed to take a closer look at the Uchiha to determine which pill Naruto had pilfered. Sakura wasn't quite sure she could manage a closer look at her childhood love.

This had been her first glimpse of him since the end of the war. Naturally, she'd encountered him on the battlefield at some point, and again she'd attended to him amidst the mass of broken bodies she was to mend. However - so much for Team 7, she thought, her lips a wry curve - it had been Naruto who had played saviour.

She sighed again as her hands finally wrapped around the medication Sasuke needed. She really should have expected it. She knew she was no pushover by any means - the looks of awe that followed her everywhere she went proved she'd established herself in the ninja world. (That, or her ass really did look great in her skirt.) But there was something Naruto and Sasuke shared that she'd never be a part of. Something etched in strength and brotherhood.

Really, it was all too naive of her to expect Sasuke to swoop down and attempt to save her. But did she fantasize. She'd even had a well-rehearsed reply: "You are the last person I want, as you so quaintly put it, to save me. I can save myself now - I don't need you anymore." Of course, she'd be changing her tune once his hands not-so-quaintly lingered under her -

Two high-pitched screams interrupted her cogitation.

"What. The. Fuck."

Ino and Naruto, frozen, fingers in the air and eyes wide and wary, a pile of ashes in between them -

Yeah, definitely what she'd been expecting to see when she'd rushed back into the tent.

"You have five seconds."

A flurry of shaking blonde heads and emphatic blue eyes began.

"The letters -"

"- the box -"

"- your boobs -"

"- ON FIRE!"

None of the three, of course, noticed the patient roll over, a happy grunt escaping his lips.