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This was inspired by Kirallie's story Hell's Heir but I am going with a slightly different route them she did.

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This will be wincest and AU for ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE- PART 2 (figures, what else do you expect) and season 3.
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Chapter One

Dean was pissed.
No scratch that because that would have been an understatement, he was fucking lived.
Looking down mournfully at the body of his brother, his Sammy, Dean had to swallow back the heartbreaking tears at seeing Sam lifeless and dead like that.
The one person Dean's been protecting his entire mortal life just to have him ripped away like that.

Dean remembered his own life before that of Dean Winchester only a year ago when he came out of his come after the semi crashed into the Impala. The only reason Dean did remember who he truly was and have his powers was because he actually did die for a few seconds before being sent back by the YED.
The shock of finding out who Sam truly was had definitely not been one of his most memorable moments and finding him to be his own human brother made Dean's blood boil.
Dean was going to eviscerate them for doing that to them but before he could start planning his revenge he had to get Sammy alive, get him to remember so that they could reclaim their rightful place and who they once were.

God, he was so close, so damn close to reaching his goal and then that Yellow eyed bastard just had to go and screw up everything by convincing that Jake kid (Oh yes, Dean knew exactly who that kid was) to kill Sammy.
Fortunately for Azazel, Dean had bigger problems at the moment so he would make the demon pay later and by God was he going to pay for his treachery, Dean would personally see to it and when the time came Dean was going to be very, very creative in punishing Azazel.

Dean's already gotten rid of Bobby by telling him to just go, to leave him alone.
It had always surprised and fascinated him how mortals could be manipulated when you played the emotional aspect just right.
Dean needed time to think, to plan and having the older hunter around would not help to calm the extremely volatile mood he was currently in at all and besides he couldn't let the man find out his secret just yet.
He glanced back at Sam again and completely snapped.

"What am I suppose to do!" Dean screamed in rage and as he did so the chair he was sitting on only a few minutes ago lifted off of the ground, flew across the room and shattered into pieces on the opposite wall.
Taking a few calming breathes to get himself under control as to not lose it any further and do something immensely stupid like alerting those that he seriously needed to keep ignorant about his existence.
When calmed Dean's head snapped up as a plan suddenly formed in his head and he could have kicked himself for not thinking about it earlier instead of sitting there and beating himself up.

"Fuck Deanél get your shit together!" Dean growled to himself as a feral grin spread across his face and if anyone was around to pay attention to him they would have noticed Dean's eyes flash a dark jaded emerald for a few seconds before returning back to their usual bright green.

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