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Chapter Two

Getting to the crossroads would have been a lot faster then by taking the Impala but even now Dean loved the car just as much as when he was still human and besides appearances were still everything right now.
Dean didn't even bother with the conventional way of summoning the crossroads demon and besides that would have been a waste of time when all Dean had to do was stand in the middle of the crossroads, close his eyes just as they turned completely emerald again and concentrate on calling it, knowing that it would not call any attention to him by doing this.

Dean opened his eyes that were once again back to normal as he stared down the road in front of him and then left and right.

"Oh come on already." Dean muttered irritated when it took to long for his liking for the thing to show.
"Show your face, you Bitch!"

"Easy sugar, you'll wake the neighbours." Purred a silky sweet voice from behind him.

Turning around, there was a beautiful black haired woman standing behind Dean and if it wasn't for the flash of red eyes, you would have thought that she was just another human and to Dean's great amusement the demon didn't have a clue who he really was, not even questioning how she was summoned which meant two things, one his acting skills over the last year was extremely convincing and two, Dean was gonna enjoy enlightening her to his true identity since everyone and everything thought that they had died all that many years ago.
When the pain of sorrow shot through Dean when he flashed on what had happened all that time ago he suppressed the memories quickly because he couldn't bear thinking about it at that moment. The wounds still to fresh and the rage it brought on were still to out of control.

"Dean, it's so, so good to see you. I mean it, look at you…" she said, words dripping with malice only confirming that she didn't have a clue who Dean truly was,"…gone and got your family killed, all alone in the world. It's too sweet."

By now Dean wanted banish the bitch on principle alone, she was playing with fire saying those things to him and she didn't even know that she was gonna get burned. Crossroads demons had always made his skin crawland he barely kept from flinching away in disgust as she whispered against his ear, "Excuse me, you're gonna have to give me a moment, sometimes you got to stop and smell the roses."

"I should send you straight back to Hell" Dean growled at her, inwardly he added, "or into oblivion"
Unfortunately he couldn't just yet because he needed the thighs help but it didn't mean her words didn't piss him off as he tried to keep himself from growling at her in anger.

The crossroads demon smiled as she brushed against Dean.

"Oh you should but you won't and I know why" She told him smiling smugly and just a little bit to confident for Dean's liking.

"Oh yeah?" Dean asked turning to face her, his curiosity peaked at what the demon thought she knew.

"Yeah, following in Daddy's footsteps, you wanna make a deal. Little Sammy back from the dead and oh let me guess you're offering up your own soul." She said smoothly, trying to taunt Dean with her words.

Dean couldn't help it, he burst out laughing making her look at him in bewilderment as that was definitely not the reaction she was looking to get from him.

Seriously who the hell did she think she was dealing with but then again who could blame her for being so ignorant, she was just a low level crossroads demon.
As far as the supernatural world was concerned he was still a Winchester, badass hunter and mere human.
If he was still human, still the hunter called Dean Winchester he was pretty sure that she would have been right but luckily he wasn't that person anymore and the bitch had nothing.
Oh Dean had no illusions that if things were different and he was still human and Sammy had been just his brother that he would still be right there trying to make a deal, that he would still sell his soul to get his brother back on the spot, consequences be damned.

"Oh God, that is hilarious. Do you honestly think that I would be dumb enough to sell my soul?" Dean managed to get out once he had himself back under control, smirking to himself as he took in the shocked look on the demon's face.
"Sweetheart, I am definitely not going the same route as John Winchester, throw in the fact that I don't need a deal to return to Hell when I please and besides you wouldn't be able to claim my soul even if I did make a deal with you."

Oh really, then what is it that you want form me?" The demon questioned slightly ticked off and very confused. Inwardly she admitted to herself that she was a little scared as well. Dean wasn't acting like the last time they had met and neither was he reacting like they predicted he would. He was just to calm, to controlled, she wondered if maybe Sam's death hadn't driven him insane.

"I'll tell you this; you are right on one thing though." Dean told her.

"Oh yeah?' Mimicking Dean's words from only a few minutes ago back at him.

"I want you to return Sam's soul to his body and bring him back…" Dean answered bluntly, voice holding no sign of amusement anymore," …and you are gonna do it without me making a deal with you."

"Really Dean, just what makes you think that I'd do something like that for you, what makes you so special, a mere human and a hunter on top of that?" The crossroads demon sneered angrily at Dean as she crossed her arms over her chest, challenging him to do something foolish.

"Oh, I don't know…" Dean answered, voice becoming dangerously low, "…but I think maybe that this might have something to do with it." And slowly dark almost black midnight blue wings tinted with gold and silver started to unfurl from behind him, casting ominous shadows on the ground in the light of the full moon as Dean slowly let the façade of being human drop and for the first time in nearly thirty years since he was forced to become human Deanél, former Archangel of Heaven, the general to Hell and consort to Hell's king, Samael, appeared in his true form revealing to the demoness just who and what he truly was…

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