She stretched her arms over her head as she woke up. She broke into a smile when she saw Dean, he was lying on his stomach, his head was on her chest and his arms were wrapped tight around her. She lowered her hands and ran them through his hair. He rubbed his cheek on her bare chest and she put her hands over her mouth to stiffle the giggle that threatened to erupt as his stubble tickled her. She sighed softly and tucked one hand under her head as she played in his hair with the other. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been this happy. They'd spent most of the day in her bed and stayed up most of the night just talking about any and everything. They'd gotten into discussing bands and disagreed about something. She couldn't even remember what the disagreement had been about because as soon as the debate got heated Dean had all but attacked her lips with his and a very, "active, wordless debate" had taken place against her headboard. She felt like she'd known him forever, it was hard to believe they'd only met less than a month ago. Suddenly something occured to her and her eyes widened in horror. She counted back on her fingers and felt panic mounting in her chest, no, it couldn't be, could it?


Dean's eyes shot open as he woke up. He heard his phone ringing and began to look around for it. He frowned when he realised the bed was empty, he began to wonder where she was when he found his phone in the pocket of his pants which was hanging half off her closet door. He grinned when he remembered how she'd flung in there after practically ripping it off of him.

"Hello" he said as he answered the phone.

"It's over son." said John.

"What's over?" asked Dean in confusion as he sat on the bed, pulling his pants on.

"I got him, I got that yellow-eyed bastard." said John with a laugh, more humerous and light than he had been since Mary died.

"How? When?" asked Dean, hardly daring to believe what his father was telling him.

"He was going after Sam, I had a feeling something like this would happen when Sam said he wanted to go to college. Son of a bitch was stalking Sam across the campus, I got him with the colt." said John, the grin practically audible on the phone.

"Hang on, how did you get the colt, I thought that was just a bed time story." said Dean.

"Bobby got his hands on it, God bless that old man, one of his old contacts called him up and told him they got a lead on it and long story short, he drove over and gave it to me yesterday."

"It's really over?" asked Dean as it finally dawned on him what his father was saying.

"Yes son, it's finally over." said John.

"Does Sam know, I mean did he see you on campus?" asked Dean.

"No, I didn't talk to him." said John.

"Dad, he'd want to know." said Dean, shaking his head at his father's stubbornness, he could tell his dad was still peeved about Sam leaving them.

"I know, I know." said John, he sighed heavily. "I'm gonna head to your mother's grave, figure she already knows but I'd like to tell her myself. I'll be there in 2 days, pick up your brother and meet me there."

"I thought you were near the campus." said Dean.

"I had to return the colt, I'd have loved to keep it, it's a thing of beauty, but the owner needed it back." said John.

"See you in 2 days dad." said Dean, unable to contain the grin that spread across his face.

He put his phone on the nightstand and lay back on the bed, tucking his hands under his head. He closed his eyes and the sent of her filled his nose. He couldn't remember when last he'd smiled this much. He sat up and decided to go look for her. He stepped into her hallway when he heard someone talking in the bathroom. He walked slowly to the door and heard her repeating something to herself over and over again. He knocked on the door but her muttering didn't falter, she didn't even hear him. He slowly turned the knob and saw her pacing up and down the bathroom.

"Oh God, oh God." she was muttering over and over to herself.

"Hey, you ok?" he asked quietly. She jumped when she saw him and ran a hand through her long, black hair that looked like her hands had been run through it at least a hundred times already.

"I"m, I"m . . . oh God, oh God." she said as she started pacing again.

"What is it?" asked Dean curiously as he reached out and grabbed her arms preventing her from pacing. She looked up at him and bit her bottom lip.

"Remember that night we met at the club?" she asked.

"Yeah, how could I forget." said Dean with a grin.

"That night I was roughly about a week away from. .. from. .. from getting my period, and it's been almost a month and it never. .. " she trailed off as she turned away from him, afraid to see his reaction.

"You mean. .. ." he asked as it dawned on him what she was saying. She nodded.

"Have there been any other. .. " he began to ask. She looked him in the eyes as she shook her head.

"And before you ask, yes, I'm very sure there were no other guys, it's been almost 4 years since there was another guy." she said before taking a deep breath as she tried to calm herself. She was one step away from full-on-running-around-in-circles-screaming panic.

"Maybe you're just late?" offered Dean.

"I thought so, that's why I went and got this." she said as she handed him a long thin piece of plastic. Dean let go of her arms and looked at it.

"Wow." he said as he sat on the edge of her tub, staring at the pregnancy test that said she was indeed pregnant. She started pacing again.

"I'm so confused, what am I going to do now? I mean I know I"m not going to get rid of it but how will I take care of it. You're not going to be here, I get that, you explained your job to me and I totally understand. Oh God, you must think I'm such a slut, I was so damn eager for you I didn't even bother to check if we were covered and then even after that, damn you and your sexy hands and your sexy smile and your. .. Oh no, what if I get fired? I can't afford to lose my job, they wouldn't want a pregnant librarian, all those hours on the ladder and the heavy boxes of books and the . .. " she was cut off from her frenzied speech as Dean stood up and crashed his lips into hers. He slid his arms around her and pulled her close to him. He twined his fingers in her hair as he sat on the edge of the tub again, making her sit in his lap.

"Ok, first of all, I don't think you're a slut." said Dean.

"But I .. " she began. He pressed a hand over her mouth to silence her as he continued speaking.

"And second of all, what makes you think I won't be here for you if you're pregnant with my kid? Do I really seem like that much of a jerk?" asked Dean.

"mmphmmm." she said, her words muffled by his hand.

"oops sorry." said Dean as he took his hand off her mouth.

"You already told me you couldn't stay long and your job takes you everywhere. I know better than to expect anything from you" she said as she looked down at her hands in her lap.

"I just got a phone call, we just found what we were looking for." said Dean as he hooked a finger under her chin and tilted her face towards him.

"So that means. . . ?" she asked, her eyes hopeful for the first time since she'd watched the colours change on the pregnancy test.

"Means, I don't have to trek all over the country any more. I know we haven't known each other long but, there was a reason I wound up here a couple days ago. The past few days have been. .. . I can't remember the last time I was this happy and now I actually have a chance to see where this goes." said Dean. She stared at him with wide, unblinking eyes.

"I have to go somewhere in a couple days though, but I promise I'll be back right after that." said Dean. She looked down at her hands, the glimmer of hope that had been building inside of her was extinguished just like that. She thorougly believed that when he left he wouldn't come back. Dean frowned as he watched her face fall. He realised what she was must be thinking and hooked a finger under her chin.

"Or better yet, think you could get a few days off work and come with me? If we're having a baby, I think you should meet my family." said Dean, grinning at the shocked look on her face. Tears filled her eyes as she looked at up into his green eyes, practically shining with sincerity. She buried her face in his neck as she tried unsuccessfully to stop the tears from flowing.

"Whoa, ok, I know meeting the family can be a bit scary, especially when it's my weird-ass family, but they're actually really nice. .. . in their own way." said Dean as he stroked her hair. She laughed through the tears as she leaned back.

"It's not that." she said with a loud sniffle. "I'm just. .. happy." she said as she gazed at him. Dean grinned as he cupped her face with his hands and wiped her tears away with his thumbs. He hooked his hands under her thighs and shifted her so she was straddling his lap, her legs dangling over his sides and into the tub. He leaned up and captured her lips with his in a soft, sweet kiss as his hands slid over her back in a comforting manner.

"I'm not leaving you." whispered Dean as he kissed her again. He lay one hand on her neck and wrapped the other around her waist as he slowly eased himself into the tub. He leaned back against the wall, pressing her closer to him as he deepened the kiss. She moaned softly as his tongue slid against hers, probing, tasting. Suddenly Dean broke the kiss and looked at her intently.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"You're a librarian?" he asked as he tilted his head sideways.

"Yeah." she said slowly.

"I in a tub with a hot librarian." said Dean as he broke into a grin. She rolled her eyes and laughed at his delighted grin. He put a hand on the back of her head and pulled her face back to his as he unbuttoned her shirt with his other hand. She moaned softly as he palmed, one full, firm breast as his other hand unclasped her bra. He leaned back and pushed her shirt over her shoulders as she leaned down and unbuttoned his pants. He tossed their remaining clothes at the bathroom door before cupping her face again. Just as he was closing his eyes to kiss her again he caught sight of the faucet behind her. He grinned as he meshed his lips with hers and slid his arms around her waist as he turned around, placing his back to the side of the faucet.

"Turn around baby." he whispered in her ear as he reached behind him to turn on the tap. She turned without question and he pulled her back against his chest. He took hold of the detachable sprayer head and kissed the side of her neck as he ran it over the other side of her neck. She arched against him as he set it on pulse and moved it down between her breasts. She gripped the sides of the tub as he brought it lower and lower. He tilted his head so he could claim her lips as he moved shower head over her folds. He used his free hand to spread her folds and swallowed her moan as she felt the pulsing pressure of the water dance over her nub. She felt him slip a long, skilled finger into her and threw her head back onto his shoulder as he quickly found that sweet spot inside her that drove her crazy. He added another finger and she felt herself flying over the edge. She moaned out his name as her walls clamped down on his fingers. He groaned in arousal as she pressed back against him, her back arched as she road out her high.

"I love the way you say my name." whispered Dean as he eased his fingers out of her.

She opened her mouth to respond but all coherent thoughts flew out of her head as he rubbed his length against her before slipping inside her warm, ready entrance. She bit at her bottom lip and gripped the sides of the tub so tight she couldn't feel her finger tips anymore. He slid in and out of her at a slow, easy pace as she rocked down against him.

"Dean, yes, yes, right there." she moaned as his length began to press and rub against that sensitive patch of flesh inside of her.

She arched her back as her head fell onto his shoulder. She rocked down against him, her eyes squeezed tight as she moaned at the pleasure shooting through her body. Just as she thought she couldn't possibly handle any more, he switched up the power setting on the shower head, increasing the pressure of the warm water pounding on her nub as he began to move faster inside of her. She felt herself practically flying towards that blissful edge.

"You're so damn hot." said Dean in a husky voice as he moved faster and deeper.

She screamed out his name as she felt herself flying over the edge at practically breakneck speed. He slowed down a bit to let her savor her high, moving just fast enough to prolong it and push her further. He flicked the tap off before tossing the shower head to the side. He slid his arms around her waist and turned her so she was facing him. She immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and melded her lips to his in a feverant, passionate kiss as she slowly came down from her high. Her breath hitched in her throat as she felt him slip back inside of her. She felt his hands slide down to grip her hips as he plunged upwards into her. He growled as she kissed and nipped at the side of his neck. His growl revertebrated in his throat and intensified when she brought her teeth into play. She gasped as he began to plunge even deeper inside of her with increased vigor. She felt herself hurtling towards the edge again.

Dean gazed at her as she threw her head back and moaned. Her eyes locked with his and she grinned at him even as the breathy sounds escaped her lips. He could tell she was close and began to move even faster inside of her as he gripped her hips tighter, taking over completely as he felt her walls begin to spasm around him. She buried her face in the side of his neck and moaned out his name as she felt him tumble over the edge with her. He buried his face in her hair and groaned loudly as his body went slack. Dean slowly eased his hold on her hips and slid her hands up her back. He pressed his lips to hers in a soft kiss before leaning back. He brushed her hair off of her face so he could look into her eyes.

"No matter what happens, I'll be here for you and our baby." said Dean. She felt happy tears threaten to push past the back of her eyelids and leaned forward to kiss him. They shared a kiss unlike any that they had ever shared before, it was hot and tender but this time it was filled with a passion that neither of them had realised that they'd been holding back all this time. Dean felt something spark inside of him as her lips slid against his and her tongue flicked past his occassionally. Her hands twined in the hair at the nape of his neck and then he felt it. That feeling of total completion, like he was exactly where he was supposed to be at exactly the right moment. They slowly broke apart to breathe and she pressed her forehead against his to gaze into his gorgeous green eyes.

"I love you Lisa." he whispered as he brushed her hair off her forehead. She bit her bottom lip as she gazed at him for a momment, the suprise evident on her face before she broke into a happy smile.

"I love you too Dean." she whispered back as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his.


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