Still Doll

"How was school?" Aagwa asked. Anko and Kakashi weren't home. Weird.

"Not bad, overall awesome," Ino said, going upstairs. Temari came downstairs with a few books and went to the dining table. Hinata was nowhere to be seen but faint notes of the piano could be heard.

"And what did you do today for club?" Aagwa asked from the kitchen.

"Gym. And after checking that we had gym again on Sunday, I was like 'wtf,'" Sakura answered.

"Well, the next club won't be gym since it keeps shuffling for a month, so no worries,"

"I suppose," Sakura left it open for thought and searched the fridge. She expected nothing, but found it full instead. The pinkette laughed and took out a cup pudding.

"You need any other shopping done, Ginger?"

"What the hell did I tell you about that name?"

"I love it, don't you?" Motoki replied with a lopsided smile.

"No," Aagwa frowned.

Pretty hard to find a person that tolerant, Karin thought. Thankfully, Suigetsu and the others weren't around, so the girls were quite comfortable at the moment, wearing nothing but a tank top and shorts. They found out quickly enough that Motoki was pleasant to be around, what with his bearing personality and all.

The red-head sighed and went back to her homework that she refused to take help from anyone. It was better to learn and get over with it.

"Where's Anko anyways? I had some work with her," Temari said from the table. She discovered quite a lot, but she wasn't sure of anything until she cross-examined her finds with Anko. She could have the suspicions on the wrong person after all.


Tenten was busy with the TV set. She was switching channels between the sports channel and some channel with Happy Tree Friends on it. She was twitching as she popped one of the marshmallows in her mouth; decisions, decisions. She had a slight bit of homework left, but waited for Temari to finish her work with the laws and stuff.

Sakura was ready to teach her the methods, but Temari was ready to show them to her.

There was big difference between the two.

Besides, Tenten couldn't waste her time trying to figure out the dynamics behind the calculations. She'd rather spend a whole day writing notes with Sasori than actually learn the notes.

On the side note, she'd never wish that on anyone, let alone herself.


Ino was wandering the house. She really wanted to know what the heck was here in this insanely-huge mansion that was turning into the current hormone-loaded palace. Jeez. There had to be something even remotely interesting in the stupid house located on the top of a hill. Stupid horror movies. They drilled the thought that something was always wrong with mansions! Always!


So, sure you're not gonna jump him…?

For the 5th time, yes.

You forgot to mention the 'hundred.'

I would rather not, so as to preserve, well, technically my dignity.

Yeah, but he would be…fun~

Just because Motoki smiled at me, doesn't mean anything like that, retard.

You'd never know…

Bitch, he smiles at everyone! Even when no one is there!

Yeah, but don't see you denying Sasuke's interest in you.

Dude, just cause he lives literally next door doesn't mean he's interested!

Makes it all the easier for him when he needs to escape.

Escape for what?

When Motoki sees you too together, on the bed, all sweaty and-


I know you love them, stop denying!

Now it's me running after them. Seriously?


Annoying, someone thought. Annoying, annoying, annoying, annoying, annoying, annoying, annoying. It was a mantra, continuously poking at all possible spots on the thinker's brain.

Until finally, a line, twisted and stretched to the limit, snapped.

"SAKURA! How many times I told you to shut the hell up!" Temari shouted, her voice echoing to all the rooms in the ground floor.

"Can't really help it, lady!" Another voice boomed.

"LIES! Tell that blockhead in your head to stop yapping!"

"Tried already!"

"Then go have sex already!"

"Never will I d-"

"DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY, BUT WHAT I SAY GOES!" Aagwa interrupted. As much as she'd love to hear why Temari was shouting, she simply didn't want them shouting.

"LADY, don't involve yourself!" Temari shouted back. Sakura was quite, for her part. Aagwa didn't say anything; Motoki was busy holding her back, a hand clasped on her mouth as well.

Tenten had switched off the TV just to hear their answers. But it was too short. Oh well, there was always a next time. She sighed.


Hinata slid her hands across for one final time as she shut the lid of the piano. They had a small table on which there a few music sheets. Hinata went through them and found a few which she really wanted to try out. Placing them right in front, she played through Yiruma's Kiss the Rain, River Flows in You, Chopin's Minute Waltz and lastly, Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. They were quite calming for her mind.

Already mulling over yesterday's flashbacks, added with today's school and Naruto's exuberance, she found herself exhausted and restless.

The flashbacks had been a very common thing from before. She couldn't piece it together but from what she could tell, either she had forgotten her past life or these were the implanted memories that man had given. Both seemed very likely. But why would the faces be blank…?

Temari didn't know about it, that was for sure; Hinata simply didn't remember about it, unless she read her diary or had the 'attacks' recently. And Temari never actually reads their thoughts willingly; it's just that she's forced to hear unwillingly.

She sighed; being a girl was hard enough, now she had to deal with this!

But…it wasn't so bad after all. With a shake of her head, Hinata got up to go to the kitchen. She didn't eat anything since lunch in school and she was getting really hungry.


Ino stared at the hallway. It was bare, save for, well, the doors! And there were very few windows, probably cause this was the last floor before the roof.

It was completely plain, nothing but white-washed walls, plain brownish-black doors and tiled floors. It looked like a psychic ward over here. Ino walked, staring side to side and knocking each door along the way. There was no response but the echoes of her own feet on the floor.

Click, click, click.

Her kitten heels just simple clicked along the floor, the sound now starting to annoy her. This was turning very much into a horror movie now.

Blonde girl? Check.

Curious much? Check.

All alone? Check.

Walking along the corridor which happened to be a horrible lookalike of the psychotic ward? Check, check, check.

Ino shook her head, calmed her heart and thought rationally; Ghosts don't exist.


"AAAAHH!" Ino jumped into a random door and as she turned around, she found herself more surprised than scared, really.

You asshole. It just had to be you


She stared at her surroundings. There was a leaky pipe somewhere. Or maybe it was the sound of blood again. Useless; the others here were completely useless. Why would he even keep such trash?

If they had time to die, maybe they should've tried surviving instead.

She walked on the path, twisted and crooked with its bends and turns. The stoned floor was aged, moss growing in the nooks and the dirt stomped down to some level of flatness. There were nothing but the soft flickering fire guiding her to her beckoning.

Cages, jails and prisons. More and more were appearing; first scattered, now cluttered as if there was a freak-show for display. Which was curiously true.

Why won't the dripping stop?

That rotten stench; she was so used to it. The smell of death, the metallic scent of blood and the aroma of the earth mixed in, the end product still not pleasant no matter how much Mother Earth tried her best to make it so.

She exhaled the polluted air from her lungs and tried not to breathe it back in again. She continued her walk, this time faint screams accompanying her footsteps along the way.

Those painful screams still makes me wanna hide behind the cot.

But wait, these screams she knew. They were familiar to her ears. She hastened her walk, breaking to a jog as tension fogged her vision and hazed her hearing. Her body was becoming heavy; but she couldn't give up. No, she started running, her small feet slowly eating up the distance and travelling the long pathway.

Someone was calling for help; they kept calling her name. The whispers lingered but she couldn't get closer no matter how much her aching body ran. They were begging her; the screams, they called her, pleaded with her but she simply couldn't get closer.


Her eyes slowly blinked open. The brunette was dimly aware of the sweat running down her throat. She was panting heavily and as soon as that was registered in her brain, she snapped upright from her sleeping position on the back of the couch. She slapped a palm to her own forehead and checked her own temperature. Was she dreaming? Yes, so it would seem. Gladly a dream she'd love to wake up from, anyways.

She turned and saw Hinata sitting beside her and changing the channels for something interesting. She settled on a cook show as she ate a packet of cookies.

"Hey, Tenten, would you like to have one?" Her voice was gentler than usual, though blank. As if she already knew the unspoken.

Of course she would, Tenten smiled grimly, her heart still not calmed from the nightmare. She still took a cookie and turned her back towards the TV, staring at the counters of the kitchen directly opposite to the living room.

She bit into it reluctantly; something bad was happening somewhere, right now.


"What the hell are you doing here?" Ino shouted as Sai struggled to collect all the fluttering papers. There was a slight trace of blood on Sai's hand as well. "And you got a cut as well. How did you manage that?" Of look, a cracked glass paper weight is on the floor…

Ugh, Sai and his tendencies. For a dude, he was very clumsy. Or maybe it was because of Ino; she tended to be somewhat of a disaster-prone. Thank goodness her Baio managed to stay in one piece.

Sai was ignoring her. His back was facing her, and he seemed pretty intent on getting the papers. Or was he hiding it? It was a folder room so there were cabinets everywhere, and there was a desk with a few chairs for reading the files.

Why is such a place in the mansion in the first place? The blonde couldn't help but wonder. But what was Sai so crazy on hiding? Ino respected his privacy though; she didn't want to be nosy in his problems.

"I'm sorry for the ruckus. I'll be gone though, no worries…" Sai mumbled, minutes after he was done getting the papers back in a manila folder. There were quite a few of them on his hands already. Wait, when did he even get inside the house? Didn't he exit the building with his friends? She confirmed it with her eyes!

Sai turned to leave, his face flushed as he hurried towards the single door. Eh? What made him so jittery so suddenly?

As he fumbled to open the door, a small envelope managed to get out of his hands. It fell to the floor and the contents spilled out.

"Ah, I'll get that, Sai. You just open the door," Ino said as she crouched for the dropped item.

"No wait!" Sai exclaimed, but it was already too late by then.

Ino stared at the childhood version of herself, fighting with Sakura and Hinata. Beneath the photo was more, all of them random and blurred clicks. Most were pictures where they were either fighting, training or even having an argument. She picked up the envelope, only to find more.

Her heart rate quickened. She was hallucinating, surely. None of them had ever met a single one of the men except for Kakashi. And Anko never allowed him to take pictures either.

She flipped the envelope, and there in big red letters, 'Experiment #000' was written.

The blonde felt her heart drop down the pit of her stomach.

"…where did you get these picture, Sai…?"

Alas, the cliffy-hanger! I had planned not to do that onto my thinker, but alas, fate has subdued us finally! OH GOD. Jeez, it makes me sounds like a villain.

But anyways, just so you know, there were no signs previous to this chapter that the girls had met anyone one of them. Since they never acted like ol' pals or something during the first time meeting, they are strangers as established.

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