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Late October

It had only been three weeks.

Time was moving slowly and he was already starting to question his decision of going back undercover.

He knew it was going to be risky going back under, but he thought that he could manage. He didn't expect not being able to leave his "real" life behind. He thought he'd be able to leave her behind.

But as he now sat, in his newly "decorated" rat nest of an apartment, he couldn't focus. He was supposed to go over the details again, the same details he had been going through for weeks now while starving himself and working on his tweaked look. They were in his head, he knew it, yet all he could think about were those brown eyes and her smile.

"Snap out of it!" He said loudly. Almost jumping at the sound of his own voice. He let out a loud sigh, and went over to the window. The street on which he now resided was a dirty one. His building was filled with druggies or people who just couldn't afford better, usually with kids. He frowned at the thought of living there for the next year. He had no idea how long it would take, but he wanted to see the case through. He really did.

Now, if he could only focus and stop questioning things.

"I am Sam. My life went south two years ago. I have no job. I get my money from dealing, but I am also a recreational user because my life sucks and it gives me an escape. I don't do the hard stuff though, mostly coke."

He had yet to fully develop his new profile so he just went through what the Guns and Gangs-unit had informed him was his new identity. They'd wanted to name him Joel. Sam had refused.

From experience he knew that going under with a different name, made it a lot easier to mess up in the beginning. Imagine not responding to a name you're supposed to have been responding to your whole life. It was also troublesome when you went under for long periods of time. You really became a different person all together. You started automatically responding to your new name and that made it all the more difficult to come back up.

That was the reason he had insisted that he'd keep his own name. It would also make it easier to not get blown in the off chance that someone from his real life would recognize him and talk to him on the street.

"Okay, okay. Mark." He racked his brain for the images and information he'd studied so intently over the last couple of weeks. "Rueben Petrov. Big boss drug and gun importer, but most importantly pimp and child smuggler."

This guy made Anton Hill shake in his pants, in fact, Hill had skipped town as soon as Petrov had ordered a hit on most of Hill's muscle which had resulted in a vicious shooting at Hill's restaurant and Hill's instant departure.

Petrov smuggled children as young as 6 into the country. From his base in Toronto, he oversaw the sending of said children to child predators all around the world in the end leaving them scarred with horrible prospects for their future. That was if they even lived that long.

It made Sam sick just thinking about it, but he knew that if he could do something to stop Petrov, to keep those children safe, he would do it no matter what he had to give up in the process.