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He stuck his head out of the kitchen to look at the dark haired boy standing in his living room with a big smile on his face and couldn't help but smile himself.

"Adrian." Sam acknowledged with a small nod while exiting the kitchen.

The boy took on a look of deep thought. "Car." He said pointing to a toy car on the floor.

"Yes." Sam smiled.

Adrian's face lit up. He pointed to a truck, and once more thought hard. "Truck?" he looked at Sam expectantly.

"Yes." Sam smiled nodding.

There was a knock on the door.

"Door!" Adrian shouted and ran over to open it.

Sam shook his head in amusement as he followed the young boy to his front door. It had been one month now. They were still adjusting.

Both Sam and Andy had spent the night in the hospital the night of the Petrov bust. Andy had left for work early in the morning and not a short while later a social worker had come in to assess the boy's situation.

Sam had asked her what would happen to him, and she had said that they would research his background as best they could but that he most likely would be put in the system as they assumed that he had been an orphaned street kid back in Romania before he was taken.

Sam had quickly decided that he didn't want the boy to go through any more unnecessary hardships and had therefore proceeded to question the social worker about becoming a foster parent.

She had said it was against her better judgment and the rules to let him take the boy home. Sam had made a quip about how he wasn't one for following the rules, and his loose tone and dimples had earned him a small smile from the woman. She had told him that she would see what she could do and get back to him.

It had worked out.

After a million tries Sam had finally been able to get the boy to tell him his name. Adrian. And since he had taken him home, after he had been cleared by the doctors, things had been good.

Adrian was eager to learn English and to spend time with Sam, and Sam was just as eager to teach him. He had made arrangements with Best that he would be coming back to 15th after an extended leave of absence to get Adrian adjusted to life in Canada and get fully enrolled in school.

"Andy!" Sam heard Adrian's voice exclaim, and as he rounded the corner he saw the two of them in a tight embrace. The view brought a smile to his face.

"Hey." Andy smiled at Sam as she let Adrian back down on his feet.

"Hey." Sam smiled back.

"Come!" Adrian said excitedly and grabbed Andy's hand pulling her into the apartment.

Andy yelped slightly at the sudden forced movement and stumbled after Adrian into the living room. Sam closed the door and walked into the kitchen to finish making Adrian's lunch.

Andy had been over almost every day. She gave him the low down of the goings on at 15th division and helped him with Adrian. They hadn't really talked about anything of importance unless it concerned the boy. It frustrated him, but they never really got any time to themselves. When she worked days, she came over after shift, stayed while Sam went shopping and got some things done and then she'd leave before Adrian's bed time.

Sam finished up the sandwiches, put them on a plate and brought them out into the living room where Andy and Adrian were crashing their toy cars into each other.

"What's that game?" Sam asked with amusement as he put the plate on the coffee table.

"I don't know." Andy said with a chuckle, looking up at him from her position on the floor.

Sam smiled and squatted down next to Adrian. He put a hand on the boy's head to get his attention, he then pointed over at the plate. "Want some food?"

Adrian smiled. "Samiches."

Sam chuckled. "Almost. SaNDwiches."

"Yum!" Adrian said before getting to his feet and hurrying over to the couch to eat.

"How is it going?" Andy asked looking over at Adrian on the couch.

"It's good." Sam sighed. "Trying to teach him more English."

"Nothing new there." Andy said smiling.

"No." Sam said looking over at her.

"How are you?" She asked, turning to face him.

He was slightly startled at her words. She hadn't asked him that since they were sitting in the hospital a month ago.

"I'm getting there." He told her honestly.


He shifted to a more comfortable seated position as he was starting to get cramps from squatting. "Some days are better than others. But having him here helps keep my mind off it." He shrugged.

They both sat there silently watching the six year old eat.

"Hey, McNally?" Sam said hesitantly.


"You want to eat dinner with us today?" He was extremely nervous. His heart was beating like crazy and it was taking a lot of effort just to keep his face neutral.

"Yeah, why not?" She said with no tone in particular.

"Great!" Sam said, in his oppinion a bit too enthusiastically. "I mean… Good. Okay." He got to his feet a bit flustered. "We're having pizza. It's Saturday so…"

"Pizza-day!" Adrian said with a huge smile on his face.

"You're teaching him the real names of the week days too right?" Andy said jokingly.

He shot her a that-is-not-really-funny look and went to get the menu for the pizza place so they could decide. It usually took forever to explain to Adrian what all the different toppings were. And because Sam's Romanian pronunciation was beyond horrible, the dictionary he had gotten from Jerry didn't help much, particularly since Adrian couldn't read.

The evening crept by and when they were all well fed it was soon time for Adrian to go to sleep. Sam followed him into the bathroom and helped him put toothpaste on his tooth brush before leaving him to get a fresh pair of PJs out of his room. When he had put them in the bathroom for Adrian to put on he went back into the kitchen where Andy had just finished putting away the dishes and was now folding the pizza box.

"Way to make it look pretty." Sam said sarcastically leaning on the kitchen counter.

"Like you could do a better job." She scowled at him.

He smiled and watched her stuff the bulky carton into his garbage. "It was nice today."

"Yeah." She said looking thoughtfully at the small picture of Sam and Adrian that was hanging on the fridge.

"You're doing a good thing." She said quietly.

"Well, you know…" He shrugged.

"No. Don't shrug it off." She walked over to where he was standing and stared into his eyes. "You're doing a really good thing."

He looked away. Out the window. Down the street. He thought about all the other kids out there. Not only on the streets of Toronto but in Romania, in Brazil, everywhere. What he was doing wasn't even a drop in the ocean. His mind drifted on to Max. It was his fault. He should have done more. He should have…

His cheek felt warm.

He turned back towards Andy whose hand was cupping his cheek. Her thumb was drying away the silent tears that were escaping his eyes. He couldn't believe he was crying.

She gave him a comforting smile. "Go sit down on the couch. I'll tuck Adrian in."

He smiled sadly.

A chill crept through him when her hand left his cheek and she disappeared out of the kitchen. He turned the faucet to cold and let the water run for a while before splashing some in his face. He dried off and went into the living room as he had been told to do.

Soon Andy was sitting next to him.

"Where did you go back there?" She asked quietly after a bout of comfortable silence.

"Nowhere." He sighed. He hated feeling vulnerable.

"You need to stop compartmentalizing."

"Yeah. I probably do." He admitted staring at the black TV screen.

They both sighed simultaneously and chuckled.

"It's just like when you were leaving." Andy commented with the slightest hint of humor.

He remained silent.

Her warm hand came to rest on top of his.

"That's the best medicine right there." He said with a small smile, looking down at their hands.


"This," He turned his hand over underneath hers like he had done that October evening and their fingers intertwined. "makes everything better." He looked up at her and smiled hesitantly.

"I guess I should do it more often then." She smiled shyly.

"You definitely should."


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She shouldn't be there. She lowered her hand and turned around starting to descend the steps. She was getting off the last step when she heard the door knob turn. She stopped mid movement, but her weight was already moving forward causing her to fall. She yelped and managed to turn in the air so that she ended up sitting on the ground facing the door. As the person behind it heard her yelp, it opened quickly revealing a dark haired boy. Her estimate had him pegged probably around thirteen.


Andy was still sitting on the ground. She was frowning at the boy and he was frowning back at her. She knew that expression. Her eyes widened as her mind started leaping to conclusions. Sam had a kid. How else could they look so much alike? The boy had Sam's hair, his eyes and his jaw line. He would have been the spitting image of Sam if it hadn't been for his nose and his mouth. How could he not have told her he had a kid?