Spellbound. A kuroshitsuji Fic. All standard Disclaimers apply.

Because Lizzy was awesome, this time around.


Ciel could do nothing but stare, not an inch of his body, capable of movement, as though frigidly paralyzed. So many emotions washing over him, he didn't even know what he felt, anymore.

Just at the moment he thought it would be the end...that he would lose her, that fear and despair would swallow him, over her loss...it happened.

Her wrist, her arm...the quickness, deftness...indeed the grace of each stroke that delivered an end to whichever unfortunate creature it reached...all of it delivered with such elegant finality.

In all the years he'd known her, despite the considerable affection he had for her (though he never voiced it and/or rarely showed it) if there was one thing that exasperated him to no end was her foolishness about "cuteness."

Her fierce eyes. the ramrod straightness of her back. her steely resolve. skirts and ruffles swirling around her like so many feathers, at that moment, Lizzy transformed right in front of his eyes into some kind of Avenging Angel.

She had never been more beautiful, more blindingly brilliant, more worthy of awe, than at that very moment.

And as he heard the words she spoke...as she informed their mindless attackers with the words...

"I am the daughter of the leader of the British Knights, Marquis Alexis Leon Middleford: Elizabeth! The wife of The Queen's Watchdog!"

...he wished that she could see how she was reflected in his eyes, and the eyes of the people around them. For him, even time has stopped, and nothing else existed. Not even the splatter of blood on her clothes.

No. For nothing could mar the perfection she was. Not now.

Ah, Lizzy. You never needed to be cute, when you were this Magnificent.